Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Earth Friendly Plus Size Bikini and One Piece Swimwear

Wow! This was a nice surprise to find this morning! These Laura Wells underwire and soft cup swimwear styles come in sizes 10 to 24 at S4A and are on sale, ($62 to $65 today, full price they are $88 bikinis and a $92 one piece), too!

These swimwear styles are made from recycled, eco-friendly fibers and are beautiful, but too new for reviews…

Laura Wells Underwire Bikinis

Actually S4A has these styles as Laure Wells for Swim Sexy, but either way, like Swim Sexy bikinis you get to order your tops and bottom sizes separately for the whole bikini!
While the top of this bikini’s zipper is fully functional, for easy on and off, it also has a 3 position S-hook back clasp!
Both of these underwire bikinis provide underwire, with side boning, bust support from C to DD cup sizes, depending on size.

 Laura Wells Coral Reef Zip Front Bikini 

This is just a picture of unique back of this swimsuit. 

If these ever come in larger than G cup sizes this is the one, above, I would try, even to wear around the house, as well as swimming! My shoulders need the break, love the front opening style and high neckline. A woman can dream…

This tie-halter underwire, on a mesh lining, bikini top has double adjustable, S-hook back closures, which creates a keyhole back, as S4A puts it, or a trendy strappy back style!

The draw strings of these bikini bottoms in this swimsuit are fully functional so you can adjust them to the leg cut just right for you!

 Laura Wells Underwater Bikini 

This is what I meant about the strappy back style of this bikini top.

You can click on any of the front pictures of these swimsuits to go straight to them at Swimsuits for All!

If you are interested in underwire swimwear in sizes 16W to 26W check out this Underwire swimwear at Always for Me page.

Soft Cup Halter Bikini and One Piece Swimsuits

This tie-halter bikini top provides removable molded foam cup bust support and the under-bust band is a tie style too.

 Laura Wells Coral Reef Halter Bikini 

All the other bikinis above have fully lined swim briefs. It would appear, (if you look at the other pictures of them at S4A), the bikini bottoms of all these styles can be worn high waist of folded down a bit too!

This one piece style provides soft molded cup on a shelf bra bust support. Laura Wells Seascape One Piece 

 I like its triple strap shoulder style that turns into this strappy back style pictured below.

I love the colors and many of the design features of these swimsuits.
I hope these beautiful swimwear styles get excellent reviews.
I also hope we see more of these beautiful recycled material swimwear styles!



Monday, April 27, 2015

Full Figure Underwire Racerback Sports Bra Bikini Tops

So far I have mostly shown Swim Sexy, by S4A swimwear, Elomi, Always for Me and a few other brands of plus size bikini styles they carry here.

Recently I saw this picture on G+ and found these are bikini tops and bottoms by Next,
which come in sizes up to 38D and Large at Swim Spot!

I set this up so that if you click on this picture you will go to these bikini tops & bottoms page at Swim Spot.

 Good Karma Underwire Racerback Sports Bra 

These swim separates also come in a pink they call coral and a medium blue, as well as the black shown.

The size chart links are right next to the size selection of these bikini tops and bottoms.

You can find slightly more detail about these swim tops and bottoms to left of their pictures at Swim Spot.

At Swim Spot we can enjoy this Save 10% and get free ground shipping to the continental US orders with orders of $99 or more! Valid with code TIME4SWIM through 5/15. deal until 5/15/15 too!

Recently I have not seen much of what I consider full figure sizes at Swim Spot, but the picture above suggest otherwise. 
I have not had the time to really check out their size charts of each of the brands they carry…



Friday, April 24, 2015

4 Beautiful New Plus Size Tankini Styles

Always for Me has some new swimsuits in their Chic and more affordable Always 4 Me swimwear line!

They all come in sizes 16W to 26W and one of them is their new Fortaleza Underwire swimsuit, which you can view on the Underwire Plus Size Swimwear at Always for Me page I am slowly working on…

Solid Wrap Front Medallion Tankini

This tankini only comes in this color so far. You can click on its picture to learn more about it and see more views of it, which I find helpful.

This swimsuit provides foam cup, with side boning, bust support. It wrap front is styled to the best draping and movement and is flared to give an hourglass shape!

 Plus Size Swimwear Always For Me Chic Solids Wrap Front Medallion Tankini

Black and White Trend Always 4 Me Tankinis

These two new styles are just $69, as opposed to Always for Me’s more typical $79 to $89 swimwear styles.

This Blanca skirtini has a tie-front detail that creates a modest keyhole in the front. Click on its picture to view that, and other details, better than the shot below can.

You can wear the adjustable shoulder straps of this style regular or cross back. This tankini top provides foam cup bust support. Its swim skirt has an attached brief.

 Plus Size Swimwear Always 4 Me Blanca 2 Pc Skirtini 

This Marbella Tankini has the same bust support and adjustable straps you can wear straight or cross back too. It swim briefs are fully lined and provide full coverage.

 Plus Size Swimwear Always 4 Me Marbella 2 Pc Tankini 

Always for Me has a wide selection of beautiful swimwear that time and events have not let me get around to posting about here as much as I would like.

They are always worth browsing, carry other swimwear designers and an excellent sale department!



Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Tropiculture, Beach Belle and S4A Swimwear

Just found new Tropiculture handkerchief hem tie-halter swimdresses, a new Beach Belle blouson tankini top style and new Stretch board shorts in four colors by Swimsuits for All.

Pleasantly, although new, these are all included in S4A’s current discount! The new tankini tops and board shorts are under $30 at this discount!

Tropiculture Handkerchief Hem Halter Swimdresses

The Tropiculture black handkerchief swimdress I posted about here last summer is back in this new cranberry color! The black version is listed separately and both are available in sizes 10 to 24.
 Tropiculture Cranberry Handkerchief Swimdress 

These swimdresses come with a separate, rather than attached, high waist swim brief, which I think is great!

Beach Belle’s Havana Daydreaming Blouson Tankini Tops

This new Havana Daydreaming print in Beach Belle’s every popular blouson tankini top style is available in sizes 10 to 26!

 Beach Belle Havana Daydreaming Blouson Tankini Top 

This print is also available in a princess seamed Beach Belle swimdress style. This swimdress already has 2 excellent reviews and comes in sizes 10 to 26!

 Beach Belle Havana Daydreaming Princess Seam Swimdress 
This swimdress style is available in several other prints now too!

Stretch Board Shorts by S4A

These are intended for wearing over your swim briefs, but they do have a 5.5 inch inseam.
They also have:
  • One functional cargo flap pocket
  • Flat front elastic back styling
  • Velcro fly with drawstring closure 

These board shorts come in sizes 14 to 30.

 Navy Stretch Board Short

The other colors, black, white and pink, are listed separately.

Swimsuits for All also has new tunic and kimono style swimsuit cover ups in now too!



Thursday, April 16, 2015

New and $43 Coco Reef Swimwear Styles

Besides the Coco Reef plus size swimwear styles I posted here in January, Always for Me has two new underwire tankini tops and swim briefs in.
Also, you can find their swimwear with a discount and free shipping too, which I wrote about here.

Always for Me has sale styles in limited size, two of which I will show below.

New Coco Reef Underwire Tankini Tops and Swim Briefs

Always for Me has both of these new tankini tops in black and marina blue prints. They both provide underwire with adjustable strap bust support and come in sizes 16W to 24W and your choice of cup sizes C, D and DD.

 Plus Size Swimwear Coco Reef Separates Sahara Underwire Tankini Top 
This one’s between your breasts tie detail is adjustable! Its tiny dots are actually yellow in the blue version and appear to be white in the black one. This tankini top has side ruching. Plus Size Swimwear Coco Reef Separates Valley Dot Underwire Tankini Top

These new side-tie bikini bottoms also come in solid black in sizes 1X to 3X.

 Plus Size Swimwear Coco Reef Separates Tie  Swim Brief 
This high waist version comes in solid black and navy in the same sizes.
 Plus Size Swimwear Coco Reef High Waist  Swim Brief

Some $41 and $43 Coco Reef Tankini tops still available

This underwire tankini top also has adjustable straps and is on sale for $43.
It is still available in sizes:
  • 16W DD
  • 18W DD
  • 20W DD
  • 22WC, D, DD
  • 24WD and DD

 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Coco Reef Separates Zambia Garden Underwire Tankini 
This style above has two reviews, which disagree entirely regarding cup sizes:
  • The 3 star one says the D cup is too big
  • The 5 star one says the D cup is true to size 

This now $41 underwire tankini top is only available in turquoise in sizes 22W C cup size and navy in 24W D cup size. Its current 6 Reviews all give it 5 stars!
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Coco Reef Separates Peasant Underwire Tankini Top 

For what it is worth, I like the two new styles in their black versions better. You can see them by clicking on their pictures which will take you to them at Always for Me.

Always for Me has a few other sale styles by Coco Reef, but I believe the sizes in those styles may be more limited...



Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Swim Sexy’s Jungle Book Underwire Bikini

Reviews When I first posted Swim Sexy’s Underwire Jungle Book swimsuits, they and the bikinis in this style had no reviews.
Now the bikinis have a 4.1 star average out of their current 15 reviews
The one piece style a 4.4 star average out of their current 13 reviews.
Not surprisingly, the sizes on both these beautifully styled and printed bikinis and one piece swimsuits are becoming limited…

Summary of Current Jungle Book Underwire Bikini Reviews

Most of the reviews for this bikini are very descriptive and helpful! I would click on this bikini’s picture and read them yourself before purchasing.

Naturally, where we are showing the most skin, sizing becomes even more important!
Pleasantly, S4A now shows both the
Most Helpful Favorable and
Most Helpful Critical reviews
at the top of their Review sections!

Even the most Favorable Review tells us to:
Use The Size Chart.
She says she normally wears a size 14 in regular apparel,
but ordered a size 18 for both this bikini’s top and bottom
and tells us they both fit great!

The most Critical review tells us:
Awesome print! Fun and Flattering. Bottoms fit well and she finds them surprisingly flattering!

Her cons are the fit of this bikini’s top.
Says she usually wears a 38D, so she ordered a size 16 for the top.
She says the cups fit great, but everything else was off:
  • Strap Length and position
  • Band fit well but gave little support
  • The material is thinner than she is accustomed to… 
Says if she had the time before needing this for her vacation, she would exchange this for a size 18…

I do not think this would help much because in my experience, if I do not have enough support, I want a smaller band size. Is that just me?

Other reviewers also have top issues, some nicely resolved and to me this is no surprise.
When it comes to underwire bras, they have to be the right size and style for you to fit and feel just right.

I very much suspected this would be the case in underwire swimwear.
If you are certain of your bra size, and especially if you need larger than G cup sizes, I would, well I do, get bra sized swimwear by Elomi, Fantasie, Panache, Bravissimo and the like. You can read more about that on our sister site’s DD+ Plus Size Swimwear page.

Re the swim briefs: Most reviews are favorable on these, however, fit is everything on bikini bottoms too, so this too is rather individual. These current reviews are refreshingly helpful though and worth checking out if you are considering getting this bikini style!

Also possibly helpful when considering plus size bikini styles is this Loey Lane’s bikini haul video. She thoughtfully gives the stores / brands of the styles she shows us.

I hope this is the one I intended here. She has a few!

This is also quite helpful, as are the reviews of the bikini above, in alerting us to issues that we might not think of regarding style and fit, until we are trying a bikini on!



Thursday, April 9, 2015

2015 Plus Size Swimwear Under $30

Its Swimsuits for All’s 10th birthday so they are giving us 30% Off site wide all month, no discount code needed!

Also I found 2015 Beach Belle, Shore Club, Tropiculture, Swim Sexy and Aquabelle, (chlorine resistant), swimwear styles for largely just under $20 and $30, sorting by Sets from $9.98 after using this Shop Deals and Steals for swimwear starting at $6.98 at! link today! Here is a look at some of these plus size swimsuits

Some 5 Star Swim Sexy Bikinis under $30

These are just pictures below of these bikinis but you can use the link and directions in the 2nd paragraph above to quickly find them at S4A.

Swim Sexy’s Metallic Underwire Halter Bikini is available in our choice of top and bottom sizes 10 to 24 and has two 5 Star Reviews so far!

This blue Ripping Waves Macramé bikini, with removable halter strap, is available in the same size choices and has three 5 star reviews at the moment!

This pink version of the same has four 5 star reviews currently and is also still available in the same size choices!

You will find other bikini styles with no reviews, or 3.5 to 4.5 star reviews in this sale section, and they are all, like the above swimsuits, $29.98!

Under $30 Tropiculture Tankini Tops

Tropiculture’s ruched bodice, Sail Away Tankini top is still available in sizes 10 to 24, has, looks like adjustable, removable halter strap and is on sale for $25.98!

Their Tribal V-front tankini top is available in the same sizes, has adjustable shoulder straps and is on sale for $29.98

You can also browse S4A’s clearance section by your size and by:
  • One Pieces from $24.98
  • Swimdresses from $29.98
  • Cover Ups from $17.98
  • Clearance 
  • and of course Shop All 

Shopping All I find, (many more 2015 swimwear styles!), the styles with the lowest prices tend to have the least sizes available.
Therefore browsing by our swimwear sizes could be the best way to go with this sale section.



Monday, April 6, 2015

30% Off Longitude and S4A Swimwear

I just noticed that S4A’s 30% Off site wide discount is still on! This includes their own swimwear lines, such as Shore Club, Tropiculture, Swim Sexy bikinis and more!

It also includes their 2015 Longitude swimwear styles that I first posted about here in December and the other styles they added by February 2015 and more! Their current discount, according to their site, ends tomorrow, so I will make this brief.

If you click on Longitude’s 2015 print of their popular skirted sarong front swimsuit below you will find it in sizes 8 to 24 with currently one excellent review and you can see their site wide discount banner at the top left side of their page there too.

 Longitude Nairobi Sarong Swimsuit 

Sorry about not posting here as often as I would have liked.
Often ‘life’ takes up All of Ones Time.
In the event that I have not posted here for a few days:

The stores at the top of this blog’s right column are always good to browse for:
New full figure swimwear styles.
S4A is especially also good for discounts.

If you know where to find the Day and Energy extender, please comment below!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

30% Off S4A Swimwear until 4/4

Right now we do not need a discount code to get 30% off Shore Club, Swim Sexy, Tropiculture, Beach Belle and other great S4A swimwear!
Just use their #CurvesInBikinis - Everything 30% off at!

You might also want to check out their Shop Deals and Steals for swimwear starting at $6.98 at! while getting your swimwear wardrobe ready for holiday and summer beach and pool time!

Here are some of the featured styles from the popular #CurvesInBikinis campaign I do not believe I have shown here before.

More Swim Sexy Plus Size Bikini Styles

Click on their Vintage Americana plus size halter twist front bikini now and you will find it available in our choice of sizes 10 to 24 for both the tops and bottoms!

Their Purple Bandeau Halter twist front bikini below is down to sizes 18, 20 and 24 for the tops and sizes 10 to 24 for the bottoms. Not surprising as these bikinis currently have nothing but 5 star reviews!

Just to be clear, you get your choice of bikini tops and bottom sizes, but still pay one low price(which is $40.60 as I write this), for these bikinis with Swim Sexy swimwear!