Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Beach Belle Plus Size Swimwear styles

Today it appears all S4A, and Longitude, swimwear is available at 30% Off!

This includes their Tropiculture, Shore Club, Aquabelle swimwear as well as the numerous new Swim Sexy bikinis featured in their #CurvesInBikinis Campaign.

It also includes their Beach Belle swimwear, which I have not gotten around to showing much of yet this year. Beach Belle has many new prints and styles for us this year!

Naturally they have beautiful new prints in their popular sarong front swimsuits, blouson tankini tops, structured V-neck swimdresses and more!

Here is a look at styles I do not believe I have seen by them until recently!

2015 Beach Belle Swimwear styles

One significant change, browsing Beach Belle this AM is I find that all the two piece styles, (not just tankinis), I looked at, so far, come in sizes 10 to 26 for the tops, and in some cases up to 34 for the bottoms!

I do not believe I had seen twist front tankini top styles by Beach Belle before.

This skirtini version of this style comes in sizes 10 to 26 for the tops and 10 to 34 for the swim skirt. Also, this is available in black with white dot print, cargo shortini or just the tankini top!

 Beach Belle Hawaiian Breeze Twist Front Skirtini 

The Dot twist-front print is also available as a tankini, but I am not seeing this for their Hawaiian Breeze print show above, yet…

This V-neck cargo shortini is available in our choice of top and bottom sizes 10 to 24, as it is as a tankini version.
As a skirtini we can choose up to size 34 for the swim skirt, and it is available as just the tankini top.

Beach Belle may have had this V-neck tankini top style before, but I do not recall it and so far, this is the only print I am finding this cut of swim top in.

 Beach Belle Fly With Me V Neck Cargo Shortini 

I believe these twin lingerie strap tankini, shortini and skirtini styles are modeled after a popular and highly rated princess seamed swimdress we can find by Beach Belle and Longitude, perhaps other brands as well, for years. This year’s Longitude versions are prints, so far…

This cut of tankini top is available in at least 2 other prints, as just the tankini top, skirtinis, tankinis, two different shortini short styles and in solid black with accent, shown here just below this one. This tankini comes in top and bottom choice of sizes 10 to 26!

 Beach Belle Exotic Grace Lingerie Tankini 

I can well understand making a two piece version of the oh-so-flattering princess seamed swimdress. In this black with cerise piping skirtini version you can see better why I believe these are two piece styles modeled after the swimdress I am showing directly below.

This one comes in top sizes 10 to 26, swim skirt sizes 10 to 34!

 Beach Belle Cerise Lingerie Skirtini 

 Here is Beach Belle’s current Mint lingerie strap swimdress which I believe is the style these new two piece versions are modeled after! This one has plenty of excellent reviews so far, and is less than the current Longitude version.

 Beach Belle Mint Lingerie Swimdress 

These swimdresses always seem to have excellent reviews no matter who makes them!
So far these lingerie strap styles are too new for reviews.

 S4A has some more newer styles and plenty beautiful new prints in old favorites. This is a nice way to get them for less with their current 30% off discount!



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