Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Chic Maillots by Tropiculture Swimwear

Recently I have posted here about some of S4A’s Tropiculture 2016 control underwire swimsuits and shown some of their new blouson and one shoulder swimwear styles.

Here are a few more of their new blouson, one shoulder and their new, based on best-selling Tropiculture swimsuits, fringe bandeau and high-mesh neckline chic maillots for 2016, all of which come in sizes 10 to 24.

Also; S4A has a 30% or More Off Site Wide Sale is still on!

A Few 2016 Tropiculture One Piece Swimsuits

Their Grenada blouson one piece gives us adjustable straps and a high, tunnel strap, neckline we can adjust as well. It also gives us soft molded cups on a plush elastic under-band shelf bra.
 Tropiculture Grenada Blouson Swimsuit 

Their Hvar one shoulder maillot also provides molded soft cup on a shelf bra bust support and has flattering side-shirring. The back is solid black.

 Tropiculture Hvar One-Shoulder Swimsuit 

They also have a mesh cut out and other one shoulder swimsuits too! 

This is the vigneto color version Tropiculture’s best-selling black fringe bandeau swimsuits. This bandeau comes with a removable halter strap and has soft cup on shelf bra bust support.

 Tropiculture Vigneto Fringe Bandeau Swimsuit 
This fringe style is also available in solid olive and white colors, listed separately. 

This high-neck mesh inset swimsuit gives us built-in soft cup support and has a keyhole back with S-hook back closure.
 Tropiculture Ibiza Mesh High-Neck Swimsuit 

This is a great time to browse S4A and possible pick up great 2016 swimwear for less, while their site wide sale is on, by Tropiculture, Shore Club and more!



Thursday, January 28, 2016

2016 Always for Me Swimsuits

Always for Me had some beautiful new tankini swimsuits in November and new swimwear by Maxine, Christina, Miraclesuit and Beach House since then.

Finally they have more of their own swimwear which has been designed based on years of feedback from full figure women and research, and it shows!

Here is a look at just a few of their new, beautiful 2016 swimdresses, and

Always for Me Laser Cut Bikini

This is their Sundance bikini, available in sizes 14W to 26W in royal blue and black. It has removable / adjustable straps we can wear straight shoulder style or cross back, foam cup, with side stay, bust support, fully lined swim brief
and of course the laser cut boho style that one might want to wear with jeans or cut offs as well as for swimming!

Always For Me Sales

S4A's Swim Sexy has quite a selection of plus size bikinis in now too!

Dixie Halter Form Fitting Swimdress

This bandana like print side ruched swimdress comes in sizes 14W to 26W and features a nice keyhole in the front, foam cup on a shelf bra with side stays bust support and attached, fully lined swim brief.

  Always For Me Sales

Sea Glass Two Piece Swimdress

This two piece swimdress’ cut appears to be similar to their Best Selling Salem swimdress from their In Control collection.
This one is from their Chic swimwear line and features foam cup bra bust support, tie halter strap and a very high waist, tummy control swim brief. This swimdress is available in sizes 16W to 28W. Always For Me Sales 

Always for Me also has some new, richly colored solid mesh high neck and twist-front underwire one piece styles and a beautifully printed bandeau swimdress in now too!

More Later!



Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Versions of Best-Selling Shore Club Tankini Swimwear

Noteworthy: S4A, where clicking on these swimsuits below will take you, has 30% Off or More Site Wide discount on as I write this!

 I am pretty sure I have shown some of Shore Club Swimwear 2016 versions of their best-selling underwire tankini styles, as well as tie-front and twist front tankini, shortini, skirtini styles here already. Here is a look at some of

Shore Club’s 2016 V-Neck Halter Tankini Swimwear

All of these halter tankini styles below come in our choice of sizes 10 to 24 tops and 10 to 26 bottoms.

They also all, tend to come in tankini, skirtini and shortini versions! This is their Grenadine print in this halter tankini style.

They have more new prints in both of the swimwear styles featured in this post!

 Shore Club Grenadine Halter Boy Shortini 

Their new Raven print below is new yet already a best-selling swimwear style!

 Shore Club Raven Halter Tankini 

This is the Best Selling Rosewood version of this swimwear style.

 Shore Club Rosewood Halter Tankini

More 2016 Shore Club Tie-Front Two Piece Swimwear

In these tie-front styles the tankinis and shortini come in our choice of sizes 10 to 26 for the bottoms. The skirtini swimsuits in these shown below come in swim skirt sizes 10 to 24.
All of them come in our choice of sizes 10 to 24 for the tankini tops!

This is their Baltic underwire boy shortini. This tie-front style is a best seller among Shore Club’s underwire swimwear as well as soft cup swimwear.

 Shore Club Baltic Tie-Front Underwire  Boy Shortini 

This is their new Limeaide print tie-front tankini is a soft cup style.

 Shore Club Limeaide Tie-Front Tankini 

This Moonstruck slit skirtini is a bestselling version of this tie-front two piece swimwear style.

 Shore Club Moonstruck Tie-Front Slit Skirtini 

As mentioned above, these are just a few of the many new prints we can find in these, and other, best-selling swimwear styles available at S4A now!



Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Underwire Core Control One Piece Styles from Tropiculture Swimwear

While Tropiculture also has new underwire one piece swimsuits with their regular power-mesh tummy control lining, these two new one piece swimsuits feature their new

Core Control Design
Instantly Smooths for a sleek, yet comfortable, (No Squeeze!), Feel!
This utilizes a unique 4-way stretch control fabric.

These two Tropiculture swimwear styles are available for pre-order, in sizes 10 to 24, and will ship on 1/30/16.

Their Monaco Control Underwire Swimsuit which has adjustable straps.

 Tropiculture Monaco Control Underwire Swimsuit 

Their Charcoal Underwire Swimsuit has wide, non-adjustable straps .

Tropiculture Charcoal Control Underwire Swimsuit 

Both of these styles’ feature power-mesh shelf bra frame with an S-hook back closure.

S4A has an amazing selection of 2016 plus size swimwear styles for us to browse now.
I wish I had more time to dedicate to posting them here.
Hopefully soon…

Do not wait for me, check them out yourself!
Their link is near the top of this blog’s right column.



Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Plus Size Tankinis from Shore Club Swimwear

S4A has a myriad of 2016 swimwear styles for us by all their brands as well as new Gabi Fresh Swimwear in now too. I have recently shown some of their new Shore Club swimwear styles and find there is more already!

They have changed their web site around a bit and I am finding the most Shore Club swimwear there concentrated in the Tankini Sets and Contemporary Looks sections.

That said, we can find Shore Club styles under Underwire, Swimdresses, One Piece and no doubt other sections at S4A as well!

Here is just a small sampling of some of their new Tankini, which also come as shortini, skirtini and just the tankini tops at S4A!

Three New Shore Club Tankini Swimsuits

All of these three tankini styles are available in our choice of sizes 10 to 24 for the tops and 10 to 26 for the bottoms!

Their Tangy Convertible Tankini is a flattering shirred, twist-front bandeau which can be styled strapless or as a halter tankini!

 Shore Club Tangy Convertible Tankini 

This one provides soft cup support on a shelf bra.

Their Crayons Tie-Front Underwire Tankini is styled much more like their best-selling underwire styles. Shore Club’s newer fly-away front underwire tankini styles are also beautiful, in a different way, and well worth scoping out!

This tie front style provides underwire support with removable soft cups and adjustable straps!

 Shore Club Crayons Tie-Front Underwire Tankini 

Their Kaleidoscope Twist-Front Tankini has the beautiful combination of princess seams combined with center ruching!

 Shore Club Kaleidoscope Twist-Front Tankini 

This style gives us soft cup on a shelf bra, with wide non-adjustable straps bust support style.

I picked these because they are also available in other prints in these beautiful and flattering cuts.

These are just a small selection of some of the new Shore Club Swimwear styles in now at S4A!



Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Some 2016 Swim Sexy Plus Size Bikini styles

S4A has plenty of 2016 swimwear in now by Tropiculuture, Shore Club, Longitude, and more! While I have shown some of the new Tropiculture and Shore Club, Beach Belle swimwear styles here I have totally neglected Swim Sexy.

Actually they have plenty of new Swim Sexy Bikinis and some one piece cut out and bandeau styles too!

Just a few 2016 Swim Sexy Bikinis

These styles below come in our choices of sizes 10 to 24 for the tops and bottoms!

This Celebrity Tiki underwire bikini top also has adjustable straps and a double keyhole back closure. This is similar to a Swim Sexy print from last year and this year is available in a similar print of different colors.

 Swim Sexy The Celebrity Tiki Underwire Bikini 

This is their Madame Everglade underwire bikini style, whose top has the same features as the bikini above.

 Swim Sexy The Madame Everglade Underwire Bikini 

They have plenty of solid colored bikinis styled as this Everglade print one above too!

This Rebel Rash Guard bikini provides soft wire-free removable bra cups and a fully functional zipper for easy on and off!

 Swim Sexy The Rebel Rashguard Bikini 

Swim Sexy’s Prima Donna Stripe Bikini is halter style that can also be worn strapless! It provides wire-free soft foam cups on power mesh lining.

 Swim Sexy The Prima Donna Stripe Bikini 

A similar stripe pattern, (as the above bikini top), by Swim Sexy is available in a one piece bandeau!

Actually they have a wide selection of:
  • Geometric prints 
  • Eastern India prints 
  • Some print styles I could not describe, but beautiful! 
  • Florals 
  • Polka dots 
  • Solid colors 
In bikini styles
As well as some other, besides the above mentioned, one piece swimsuits new for 2016 in Swim Sexy Swimwear!



Wednesday, January 6, 2016

$40 Off $100 and 2016 Lane Bryant Swimwear

Lane Bryant swimwear includes many styles with built in underwire bras, which I like for the support.

They have more new swimwear in and they also have a $40 Off $100 Discount Code on their pages, which ends tomorrow…

It is an online only event. This is one of their new underwire tankini tops, which is available in sizes 36 to 46C to DDD.

 icon icon 

As this discount ends tomorrow, I will post this as is to up the odds of more of us seeing it in time to take advantage of this excellent deal.

The discount is not only for Lane Bryant’s swimwear either, and they also have other excellent sales and discounts running too!

Enjoy! 1/6/16


Sunday, January 3, 2016

New 2016 Beach Belle Swimwear

In size ranges 10 to 24 - 26 and 26 to size 34!

S4A’s Shop Now at Swimsuits for All and 21-60% off Sitewide + Free Shipping! discount is still on!

Not only that, I am finding new Tropiculture swimwear, Swim Sexy bikini styles, even Swim 365, (like their Swim 365 26-34 Black/Mint Skirtini Swim Set which also comes in the 14 to 24 size range!), which is in with Beach Belle under Classic Collection and new at S4A.

Here is a look at some of these new swimwear styles in sizes 10 to 26 and some in sizes 26 to 34 now at S4A too!

2016 Beach Belle Tankini swimwear styles

This is their new Morning Glory tankini top in a Cargo Shortini swim suit. If you click on this picture of it below you will find it in our choice tankini top sizes 10 to 24 and cargo swim short sizes 10 to 26.

This tankini top style is also available as a regular shortini, skirtini and just the tankini top.

These swimsuits, and tankini tops are also available in the 26 to 34 size range, as are some of the new blouson tankini swimwear and other styles now by Beach Belle!

 Beach Belle Morning Glory Cargo Shortini 

Their Sago Flared tankini style below also comes in top sizes 10 to 24 and swim briefs 10 to 26. This Sago print also is available in a regular and cargo shortini, skirtini and just the tankini top.

 Beach Belle Sago Flared Tankini 

So far I have not seen this particular print as a size 26 to 34 size range style…

However this mixed print Hesper blouson skirtini style below comes in both size ranges!

 Beach Belle 26-34 Hesper Blouson Skirtini 

These are just a few of the new 2016 Beach Belle tankini swimwear styles available, (for less!), currently at S4A.

Enjoy the extra discount soon!