Sunday, May 29, 2016

More New Beach Belle and Shore Club Swimwear

I have been meaning to show a few of these styles here and not getting around to them. I felt it was wrong, especially as they are available at excellent prices due to the current 35% to 60% Off Memorial Day Sale.

Others by both Beach Belle and Shore Club, are so new they are only available for Pre-order, then again, this might be their best prices for the season, so why hold back when you could get them during the Memorial Day Sale! Free Upgrade to 3 Day Shipping Plus 35-60% Off Sitewide at! Valid through 5/31- Shop now!!

Beach Belle’s Wild Flower Print Swimwear Styles

I am quite taken with this Beach Belle print, both in this blouson tankini top with swim skirt version
 Beach Belle Windflower Blouson Skirtini

and this tie-front swimdress.
 Beach Belle Windflower Tie-Front Swimdress
Both the swimdress and the tops and bottoms of the skirtini above are currently available in sizes 10 to 24! Both provide wide non-adjustable straps and wire free bust support.

Some Beautiful Swimwear I had not Shown Here Before

Beach Belle Nigella blouson cargo shortini’s tops are available in our choice of sizes10 to 24 and the cargo shorts our choice of sizes 10 and 18 to 26, with sizes 12, 14 and 16 available for pre-order, due to ship 6/30/16.
 Beach Belle Nigella Blouson Cargo Shortini

Shore Club’s black handkerchief halter shortini is available in our choice of sizes 10 to 24 for its tankini tops and sizes 10 to 26 for the bottoms.
 Shore Club Black Handkerchief Halter Boy Shortini
I believe this is also available as a tankini, listed separately, as well.

I also believe the tankini tops in these two piece swimsuits are likely available as just the tops. I would check Separates for this.
I know this black halter handkerchief tankini top above is.

I also see S4A has some new swim skirts and shorts in too! All very nicely priced!

Beach Belle and Shore Club Swimsuits for Pre-Order

All of the following swimsuits are available for Pre-order to ship July 6th 2016. They are also available in sizes 10 to 24 and provide wire free bust support.

I believe they have this Shore Club sarong swimdress style in solid black and grape listed separately…
This style provides adjustable straps and the skirt, differs from Beach Belle’s best-selling sarong front swimsuits, as it continues all the way around this swimsuit!

The following are just pictures, but you can find them in New Arrivals at S4A!

This new Beach Belle color block swimdress is also available with a rose color block as well as this version below. This style also provides adjustable straps.

The above swimdress, like this high mesh neck Beach Belle one both have the oh-so-flattering princess seams!

This Spruce print Mesh swimdress does not have adjustable straps.

I believe it is also available in black, listed separately. I also found some new Swim Sexy bikini styles, but I’ll save that for another post…

Also: while I like plenty of the new Ashely Graham swimwear line, those styles are not discounted at this sale.

The above swimsuits are!



Friday, May 27, 2016

S4A's up to 60% Off Memorial Day Weekend Sale

S4A has a wide variety of excellent full figure swimwear brands, such as Beach Belle, Swim 365, Shore Club, Tropiculture and more, as well as Longitude and other swimwear!

They also have great prices and discounts any day of the year.

At their Memorial Day Weekend Sale we can enjoy 30 – 60% Off Site Wide, as well as a Free Up Grade to 3 Day Shipping!


This sale is posted as ending on 5/31/16, so I would browse it soon…

Also, their SwimsuitsForAll’s Up to 80% Off Sale Department has swimwear for under $20 and in some cases even under $10, and even more under $25!

 As I mention here often, S4A is always worth browsing for swimwear at great prices!


Have an Excellent Holiday Weekend!


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Few Zip Front Swimsuits

I hope to have a chance to scope this out at other online stores in the near future, but I noticed that at S4A, I had seen blondish mod styles, other chic one piece and bikini versions and color block chlorine resistant one piece and tankini of these front zipper swimsuits.

These being S4A swimwear styles, their 30% Off or More Site Wide is still on, as is their get 40% Off for referring a friend!

Not only is the styling nice visually, but these all have totally functional front, (and in one case, other parts), zippers. So this makes them easy on and off swimsuits!

Here is a look at their current styles of this ilk by Ashley Graham, Swim Sexy, Robyn Lawley and an Aquabelle, (Chlorine resistant), zip front swimsuit.

Zip Front Full Figure Swimsuits Currently at S4A

This is one of the new Ashley Graham X Swimsuits at Swimsuits for All, (S4A). This one is available for pre-order, shipping 7/11/16, and even so is down to sizes 10 to 18.

If you click on its picture to view it at S4A you will find the horizontal side zippers are functional too, meaning you can have a plunging, or zipped up high neck one piece as well as a cut-out swimsuit with this one!


This is a bit too pricey for me, but is one of my favorites among her unique one piece swimsuits at S4A. I have noticed the one piece styles tend to be in sizes 10 to 24 and her bikinis in our choice of top and bottom sizes 10 to 24. Some of her styles there are in stock, some for pre-order…

Swim Sexy’s The Medalist, Keylime Swimsuit is available in all sizes 10 to 24 at this posting and is much more affordable.

It is also highly rated and has adjustable wide straps with wire free molded cups on a shelf bra bust support.

 Swim Sexy The Medalist Keylime Swimsuit

This Robyn Lawley Mint Chlorine Resistant swimsuit is is the other blondish style I mentioned above. It currently has one, (5 star), review which tells us,
  • On the one hand, it has less give than the swimwear she is used to
  • On the other it holds it all in!

This swimsuit is available in sizes 10 to 22 and provides built-in wire free cup bust support.

 Robyn Lawley Mint Chlorine Resistant Zip Swimsuit

Swim Sexy’s The Rebel currently has a 4.7 star average out of its current 3 reviews. It is also down to our choice of sizes 12, 14, 16 and 22 for the tops and 10 and 14 to 24 for the bottoms. The swim top of this bikini provides soft, wire free removable bra cups.
 Swim Sexy The Rebel Rashguard Bikini

This is one of Aquabelle’s Xtra Life Lycra color block one piece styles. They have this in a variety of different contrasting color stipe versions. They are all listed separately.
 Aquabelle Xtra Life Lycra Pink Zip Swimsuit
They also have zip front tankini tops. This is their Xtra Life Lycra Mint Zip Top.
It also comes in a coral and a white contrast strips versions, listed separately.

Besides the fully functional sports zipper, it provides wire free molded cup on a shelf bra bust support, has great reviews and is available in sizes 10 to 26!
 Aquabelle Xtra Life Lycra Mint Zip Top
Let me know if you are interested in seeing more front zip styles here. If so, I will pursue this further.

I like the look and love the easy on and off part of this kind of swimwear styling!



Monday, May 23, 2016

Beach Belle Tankini and Skirtini styles with Color Swim Bottoms

Among the many new Beach Belle swimwear styles I have yet to post here, I was enthused to find some cargo shortini styles with color coordinated swim shorts, rather than black!

Also, S4A’s 30% or More Off Site Wide deal is Still On!

Here is a look at a few of

Beach Belle Cargo Shortini with Matching, but not Black, Swim Shorts

So far I am finding these with both their beautiful blouson and flared tankini tops!

Their Bluegrass Blouson Cargo Shortini is available in sizes 10 to 24 for the tops and 12 to 24 for the swim shorts. All of these swim shorts in this post have functional pockets with Velcro front closures and built in swim briefs. Beach Belle Bluegrass Blouson Cargo Shortini

This is their Petunia Cargo Shortini, currently available in our choice of sizes 10 to 24 for the tops and 14 to 24 for the swim shorts.
 Beach Belle Petunia Blouson Cargo Shortini

Beach Belle’s Areca Flared Cargo Shortini is available in sizes 10 to 24 for the tops and 12 to 24 for the bottoms.
 Beach Belle Areca Flared Cargo Shortini
As much as their usual black swim shorts, briefs and skirts look great, I love having the option to have a different color swim bottom!

Is it Me or are these Swim Bottoms Navy

It could be the picture, or just me, but perhaps some of Beach Belle’s skirtinis will come with color coordinated swim skirts and / or shorts as well.

If the cargo shorts of this shortini Beach Belle Hosta Classic Cargo Shortini
Or this skirtini are Navy in color,
rather than black,
perhaps this is the start?
 Beach Belle Maroubra Blouson Skirtini

They have some other beautiful prints in tankini tops and swimdresses I had planned to show here today, but got side tracked upon noticing the matching swim short styles!



Saturday, May 21, 2016

B2G1 Free Best Selling Swimsuits at Always for Me

Not only can we get best-selling, and other, Always for Me swimwear included in this Buy 2 Get 1 Free swimwear offer they have currently in their sale department,
these swimsuits are In their Sale Department and plenty of the bestselling swimsuits, (not separates), are on sale for $44. Some for $49 or $64… but many actually are $44, some less.

Also; This is one of Two ways to Save at Always for Me now!

We can use the code at the top of their pages for the above mentioned B2G1 Free sale swimwear deal.
They also have a 30% Off your whole order discount code, so it’s Our Choice!

A few $44 Always for Me Best Selling Swimsuits

These swimsuits are all highly rated, and both on sale and eligible for Always for Me’s B2G1 Free swimsuit deal!

Their Palm Party Bandeau mini swimdress has adjustable / removable straps, and side boning. It also has nothing but 5 star reviews. Not surprising as it is like so many of their best-selling bandeau / strapless twist-front swimsuits.

This swimsuit also is available in a green print and still available in all sizes 16W to 26W!

 Always For Me Palm Party Plus Size Swimsuit 

This is one of two high mesh neckline swimsuits I saw on in the top rows of Always for Me’s Sale department. The other is a swimdress now down to $64.

This one is down to $44 but is still available in all sizes 14W to 26W and also comes in navy and green colors!

 Always For Me Provence 1 Pc Plus Size Swimsuit 

Always for Me’s Sundance bikini also comes in a medium blue and is available in sizes 14W to 26W.

 Always For Me Sundance 2pc Plus Size Bikini 

It did occur to me that either one of these discount would be a nice way to build or add to a swimwear wardrobe… I have no idea how long these discounts will last…



Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Brief Look at Beach Belle 2016 Best Selling Swimwear

Well it has taken me over a week to get back to this but as promised in the previous post, I am getting around to the new bright and beautiful Beach Belle styles available at S4A now! What I am finding is, not too surprisingly, and who could blame them, new prints of previous long time best-selling Beach Belle swimwear styles!

I also see S4A still has a 30% Off or More site wide banner and a 40% Off when you refer a friend deal!

Best Selling and New Beach Belle Swimsuits

First some of their many best-selling swimwear styles! Beach Belle’s Poppies lingerie strap swimdress is a best seller and available in sizes 10 to 26. S4A also has other beautiful swimwear styles in this print! Beach Belle Poppies Lingerie Swimdress
This City Lights Sarong front is available in all sizes except 16 in the 10 to 24 size range.
 Beach Belle City Lights Sarong Front Swimsuit

Their Cerulean V-neck swimdress is available in all sizes 10 to 24 and I know I saw a classic tankini top in this print as well.
 Beach Belle Cerulean V-Neck Swimdress
Now this new Snowdrop Elegant Swimdress is available for pre-order, to ship 5/31/16 in all sizes 10 to 24. It is very much like many of Longitude’s best-selling swimdress styles in design.

This is just a picture of this swimdress but you can find it in Classic Collection at S4A to pre-order it if you like.

The Snowdrop lingerie strap swimdress is in stock in sizes 10 and 14 to 26!
 Beach Belle Snowdrop Lingerie Swimdress
 They have plenty of other swimwear styles by Beach Belle for 2016, this is just a tiny sampling…

A few new Blouson Tankini and Tops

This is their Bismarck print of their oh-so-popular, and handy, blouson tankini top. I do not know if it is still marked New, but I am pretty sure I never posted it here before, and I think its lovely. This tankini top is available in sizes 10 to 24.
 Beach Belle Bismarck Blouson Top
 Their Technicolor Oasis Tankini is a current best seller! It is available in sizes 10 to 24 for the tops and 10 to 26 for the bottoms!
 Beach Belle Technicolor Oasis Blouson Tankini
 Their Coconut Grove Blouson Top is also a current best seller and available in sizes 10 to 24. Beach Belle Coconut Grove Blouson Top
 Both of these bestselling styles have excellent ratings!

Every time I check out the new blouson tankini styles I cannot help but think how great they would be for hot summer days as swimwear as well as
  • with cutoffs
  • nicer shorts
  • jeans
  • pencil skirts 
  • and perhaps other styles as well! 

While I was checking these out, in S4A’s Classic Collection and New Arrival sections, I noticed new Shore Club and Swim 365 styles in too!

Swimsuits for All is always a great place to browse beautiful swimwear and they tend to have discounts!



Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Swim 365 Plus Size Swimwear at S4A

This morning I noticed I had not checked out Beach Belle swimwear in quite a while, so I put Beach Belle into S4A’s search engine. That search sent me to their “Classic Collections page which includes, Beach Belle, Longitude and Swim 365.

Here is a look at some of the one piece Swim 365 full figure swimwear styles I am finding at the Classic Collection page at S4A.

These are fairly modest swimdresses, for a nice look at 2016’s flirty and on trend styles, I recommend this excellent Looking for a Great Swimsuit? Here are 25 Plus Size Swimdresses to Rock this Summer! Post by The Curvy Fashionista!

Some Swim 365 Swimdress Styles

All of these Swim 365 swimsuits I have seen so far have soft molded cups on a shelf bra bust support. They also have signature power mesh tummy control.

Their Tropical Princess Seamed swimdress has adjustable straps you can also wear cross-back, or straight shoulder style.
I like the square neck and the back is just as high, providing a bit more bust support! These swimsuits are currently available in sizes 14 to 24. Swim 365 Tropical Princess Seam Swimdress

 If you click on this picture of their Honolulu Pink A-line swimdress it will take you to this swimsuit in sizes 16 to 24. You can also use this Swim 365 Honolulu Pink A-Line 26-34 Swimdress to find it in larger sizes! This A-line swimdress style has non-adjustable straps. Swim 365 Honolulu Pink A-Line Swimdress
 I also found blue geo print versions of this A-line swimdress at S4A!

Their City Lights Bodice Print Swimdress is one of several swimdress styles like this with different twist front bodice prints. This swimdress has adjustable straps. Swim 365 City Lights Bodice Print Swimdress
There are other swimdress styles by Swim 365 there too.

A few Swim 365 Sarong Front Swimsuits

These three sarong front swimsuits are available in sizes 14 to 24 at this posting, but they are also too new for reviews.

Similar, but different: Beach Belle Lightning Bug Sarong Front Swimsuit, a polka dot sarong front style, currently a best seller with a 4.6 star average out of its current 10 reviews, but is down to sizes 14, 20, 22 and 24…

Unlike the Beach Belle versions of Sarong Front swimsuits, this Whirlpool Sweetheart Sarong front style has adjustable straps.
 Swim 365 Whirlpool Sweetheart Sarong
This Purple Abstract Floral Swim 365 Purple Abstact Floral Scoop Neck Sarong Swimsuit and Abstract Butterfly ones are more like the Beach Belle style in that they have non-adjustable straps. Swim 365 Abstract Butterfly Scoop Neck Sarong Swimsuit
These styles are sweetheart and scoop neck lines and the Beach Belle ones tend to be V neck lined swimsuits…

I like seeing more choices in sarong front swimwear!

They have plenty of other Swim 365 plus size swimwear too!



Thursday, May 5, 2016

New Shore Club Tankini Styles

I really like S4A’s various swimwear lines and have been seeing many of this year’s styles I have shown here when they are new are currently best sellers.

Many of these are Tropiculture Handkerchief tankini styles, and now I see a few more handkerchief and a bold new tiered tankini tops by Shore Club!

Three New Shore Club Tankini Styles

Their Lapis Handkerchief Halter tankini is not actually new, but it is the first time I am showing it here!
While still too new for reviews, it is also still available in all sizes 10 to 24 for the tops and 10 to 26 for the swim briefs!

This self-tie halter tankini provides molded soft cup bust support on an plush elastic under band, full encircling shelf bra.


Their Parade Tankini top provides the same bust support and is available for pre-order, (to be shipped 5/13/16), in sizes 10 to 22 for the tops and 10 to 24 for the swim briefs.


Shore Club’s Stripe Tiered Tankini provides molded cup on an encircling power mesh lining bust support with adjustable straps.

The tankini top’s relaxed fit triple tiered front does not continue onto its back. Both the tankini tops and swim briefs in this swimsuit are available in our choice of sizes 10 to 24!


In past years we could browse Shore Club and other S4A swimwear lines easily by their names at Swimsuits for All.
I found these tankini styles currently in their Contemporary Looks under Tankini Sets at S4A.
I also find I can still put Shore Club, Tropiculture and other S4A brand names in their search engine, with varying results…

Regardless, they still have great swimwear styles at excellent prices and are always worth browsing!