Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Beach Belle Swimwear at 40% Off

S4A’s current 40% to 70% Off Clearance sale actually includes New Swimwear by Beach Belle, or at least swimwear by them I have not seen before, at 40% Off!

Their Shore Club and other swimwear appears to be the same prices I posted recently here. Checkout our Best Sellers and save up to 40% off SITEWIDE!! Shop Now! is still on as well. Both of these sales will end on August 2nd, so enjoy them soon!

Here is a look at some of the new sale plus size swimwear I found using the link at the end of this post.

New Beach Belle Swimsuits for $26.40 to $40.80

Beach Belle's new Carnation Empire Plus Size Tankini top is just $26.40 at 40% Off. The swim top separately or in two piece swimsuits, also all at 40% off at this sale, comes in sizes 10 to 26! The skirtini swimsuit with this tankini top’s swim skirt comes in sizes 10 to 34, the shortini’s shorts come in sizes 14 to 26. Beach Belle Carnation Plus Size Empire Tankini Top
 I love the square neckline styling and bright to dark color arrangement of this On the Lanai one piece bathing suit below! It is now just $40.80 and comes in sizes 10 to 24! Beach Belle On the Lanai Square Neck One piece
This High Neck, with perhaps a lager keyhole, or small portrait, style back, already has mixed reviews. All Pros / All Cons to the: Perhaps this would fit someone else much better end. Worth reading before deciding to buy.

These high-neck swimsuits are available in the same sizes and sale price as the square neck style above.

You can see how the prints, in both the above and this swimsuit below, are engineered to visually slenderize our waists.
I think this one’s visual effect is somewhat blown by the closer in neckline…
What do you think? Beach Belle Santa Fe High Neck One Piece
This raspberry Fireworks V-neckline swimsuit also comes in a taupe print which you can see below. Both come in sizes 10 to 24 and are on sale at 40% Off! Beach Belle Raspberry Firework V Neck One Piece

 The taupe fireworks print is also available in a halter sarong front swimsuit which is on sale for $34.80 and available in sizes 18 to 26. Beach Belle Taupe Firework Plus Size Halter Sarong Front
You can use this banner to go straight to this sale!

These are just a few Beach Belle swimwear styles currently on sale at 40% off that I have not seen before.
There are more and plenty of other swimwear at this sale which is well worth browsing, until it ends on 8/2/14.



Monday, July 28, 2014

Avenue Plus Size Swimwear Under $30

Swimsuits under $40 and a Tiered Discount is Available

Currently ALL Avenue Swimwear is on sale at up to 60% Off. This means we can get plus size tankini tops starting at $20, Swimsuits starting at $37 and their cover-ups are all under $20!

As if that is not enough, they have this 15% Off 1 Item, 20% Off 2 Items, 30% Off 3 Items With Code AVSHOP30! Discount good until the end July!

Here is a look at some of these sale full figure swimwear styles. These styles below are available in at least 4 and in sizes 14 to 28!

Under $30 Tankini Tops

This ruched, with tummy control tankini top has adjustable straps and is on sale for $19.96 and still available in sizes 20 to 26!
 Avenue Coral Palm Swim Top with Tummy Control 

This blue palm print tankini top has the same attributes and is available in sizes 18 to 26 and on sale for $21.96.

Avenue Blue Palm Shirred Swim Top 

They have two other tankini tops on sale for just under $25 too.

Swim shorts and skirts to go with these styles are on sale from $15 to $17.

$30 to $39 One Piece Swimsuits

Their Jungle Blouson halter swimsuit is the only one piece I am finding for under, (Just under), $30 at this sale. It is comes with removable halter strap and is still available in all sizes 14 to 26!
 Avenue Exotic Jungle Blouson Halter Swimsuit 

This flyaway one piece gives us adjustable straps, for added lift and tummy control. It is on sale for $36.96 and available in sizes 16, 18, 22, 24 and 26.

 Avenue Palm Print Flyaway Swimsuit with Tummy Control 

This style is also available in solid black, Avenue Solid Triple Tier Swimsuit with Tummy Control, both in sizes 18 to 28 on sale for $34.96!

Somehow the solid black version looks quite different…
Avenue Plus Size Blue Python Triple Tier One-Piece Swimsuit 

They have other one piece styles too, many of which look like tankinis but are one piece, and a few empire waist swimdresses.

They also have swim bottoms and a swimsuit cover up dress, among the sale styles, in sizes 30 and 32.

None of these swimwear styles have reviews…

Remember, the sale prices above are Before you use the tiered discount code.

I do not know about you, but I love getting things I need or want on sale with an additional discount!



Thursday, July 24, 2014

30% to 40% Off S4A’s Tropiculture Swimwear

Tropiculture is S4A’s luxury, cutting edge, high fashion at a reasonable price swimwear line. The Shore Club, Beach Belle and Aquabelle swimwear styles that come up when I use S4A’s current Checkout our Best Sellers and save up to 40% off SITEWIDE!! Shop Now! link are discounted at 25% to 30% Off,
Tropiculture’s styles are on sale at 30% to 40% Off! Their swimwear comes in sizes up to 24 too! Here is a look at some of their chic full figure swimwear styles!

Tropiculture Swimdress and One Piece Bathing Suits

This is just a picture of their black handkerchief hem halter swimdress. These swimsuits are on sale at 30% off and have a 4 star, out of 6 reviews, average.

You can find this swimdress by using the up to 40% off Best Seller text link above, then sorting by brand at Swimsuits for All for Tropiculture.

If you click on this click on this elegant mesh halter bandeau style you can find it at 30% Off and available in all sizes too. Tropiculture Plus Size Black Draped Mesh Halter Swimsuit I like the flattering dropped waist and one reviewer likes the way the draping of this plus size swimwear style covers her tummy!
She does caution that this is likely not for those of us who need strap bust support:
  • More of a strapless style
  • The mesh halter is just for show. 
Tropiculture has two underwire plus size swimwear styles, which I am showing a bit further down.

They also have an elegant halter black one piece with taupe, near princess seaming accents, and gently gathering at its V-neckline and bust areas. Those swimsuits are on sale at 40% Off!

Tropiculture’s Plus Size Tankini Swimwear

This peplum tankini currently has 4 excellent reviews and as one woman put it: ‘This is the 1st tankini top I will be proud to wear in public’. To me, that says so much.

This swimsuit is on sale for $47.60 and like other S4A swimwear, we choose the tops and bottom sizes separately, (when ordering a whole 2 piece swimsuit), and sizes 10 to 24 are available for both! Tropiculture Plus Size Black Split Front Peplum Tankini The tankini top is sold on its own as well, has one excellent review and is still available in all sizes 10 to 24 now on sale for $30.80.

This tankini top has one excellent review and is on sale at 40% Off, $28.80 and still available in all sizes! Tropiculture Plus Size Cat Call V-Neck Handkerchief Tankini Top We can also purchase this as a whole tankini, which is also on sale at 40% Off, $39.60! It has 3 great reviews and No Cons!

They also have a black bandeau tankini, or just the swim top, on sale at 30% off. These styles have great, (4 star), to excellent, (5 star), reviews!

Underwire One Piece Styles

I believe these two underwire swimsuits get mixed reviews because if the fit is not perfect, it just will not work.
If you really need excellent bust support, then sizing is already an issue. If you need bras sizes in the G to K range, I would recommend our sister site’s DD to K cup plus size swimwear page. That said, the bra sized swimwear shown there tend to be quite pricey.

However, these Tropiculture underwire swimsuits have detailed reviews which will help you decide if they might work for you, now at %30 Off.

This cross back stripped style is just $47.60 and has a 4 star average out of its current 5 reviews! Tropiculture Plus Size Black and White Striped Colorblock Underwire Swimsuit
This too is a cross-back swimsuit with color blocking engineered to visually slenderize your torso! It too is just $47.60 and has a 3.5 star average out of its 3 current reviews… Tropiculture Plus Size Black And Taupe Cross Back Underwire Swimsuit Both of these plus size swimsuits provide full, smoothing power-net tummy control, which at least one reviewer that I recall was very pleased with!

I personally like the sleek styling of many of these Tropiculture styles and think it is great that they are on sale at 30% to 40% off!



Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Elomi Swimwear on Sale

One very direct way for full figure women to get excellent bust support is to wear an Elomi Swim Bra under a tankini top or swimsuit. You can learn a bit about these in our Elomi Bandeau and Full Cup Underwire Swim Bras post.
Both full cup and strapless / bandeau, (that comes with removable, convertible straps!), swim bras are getting great to excellent reviews at Her Room.

Here is a look at some of their Tankini tops and swim bottoms currently on sale at Bare Necessities and Her Room.

Sale Elomi Tankini Tops

These swim tops are designed to be worn over their swim bras. That said, many of the women who reviews I read of their swim bras said they have taken to wearing the swim bras, alone, as bikini tops too!

Elomi’s Rara-Convertible Strap, (Shoulder, Cross-Back or Halter), tankini top is available in the most sizes, and colors, of these sale styles!

This tankini top is on sale in aqua, red and black, all with white polka dots, in sizes 16 to 24 for $48.99!

Her Room has this style above in its black with polka dots, in all sizes12 to 22 at full price $98.
It has no reviews at Her Room and two excellent reviews at Bare Necessities!

The rest of these tankini tops are down to two sizes… 

This bandeau tankini top is down to sizes 22 and 24, has an excellent reviews, and is on sale at 53% off, $42.99!

Her Room is down to sizes 12 and 14 in Elomi’s Panzara bandeau tankini tops which are on sale for $39.99.

They also have their flared tankini top in this Panzara print in size 12 for $49.99

Neither of these have any reviews there, but the fact that they are nearly out of stock might be indicative of well liked!

Elomi Swim Briefs and Skirts on Sale

These Isis Shaping Swim Briefs are available in the solid red and aqua, to match the Rara, polka dot, tankini top at the top of this post, in sizes 18 to 26 for half price as well, $23.99 at Bare Necessities!

Her Room has Elomi’s high waist swim brief in black in sizes 12 to 22. It gets great reviews but is full price at $60.

Her Room does have their Isis Skirted Swim briefs on sale in aubergine $42.92 and black full price, $68 in sizes 12 to 22. It has great reviews at Her Room.

Bare Necessities has it in black in sizes 22 to 26, only full price…

The styles shown at Bare Necessities qualify for free shipping, even though they are under $70, their normal free shipping minimum! They have this:
Free Shipping on Your Entire Order when You Buy Swim on Bare Necessities' Swimwear page!

Her Room actually has several other Elomi tankini tops, all full price still, which at least means they might have more sizes available than one of two.

The arrangement of buying:
  • A swim bra
  • A tankini top 
  • and A swim bottom 
Might seem pricey, but judging by the reviews I have read about Elomi tankini tops and swim bras, it is apparently worth it.

It also seems to be a subtle way to gently try out wearing a bikini. Aiming to wear their swim bras under a top, you happen to have ready.
This way you can go either way, as reviewers of Elomi underwire swim bras often tend to do!



Friday, July 18, 2014

30% Off Longitude and Delta Burke Swimsuits

S4A is having an Up to 40% Off Best Sellers Site-wide discount this month. A great way to get tried and true full figure swimsuits for less!

Naturally Longitude has many bestselling swimsuits at this sale such as their empire tie-front and other swimdresses, sash tank swimsuits, bold graphics and skirted sarongs swimsuits at 30% off!

Delta Burke’s newer twist front, ruched swimsuits and their longtime popular, No Cons, Always Highly Rated nautical grommet accent swimdresses, which come in sizes 12 to 34 are 30% off at this sale!

Use this S4A Checkout our Best Sellers and save up to 40% off SITEWIDE!! Shop Now! link to go straight to this sale!

Some 30% Off Longitude Best Sellers

Surplice cut swimsuits have been very popular Longitude swimsuits and there are plenty at this sale! This mesh ruffle version is available in all sizes 10 to 24 and has great reviews and is $48.30 at this discount! Longitude Zany Zebra Plus Size Mesh Ruffle Side Tie Surplice Swimsuit
 Robby Len / Longitude swimwear has long been appreciated for their vividly printed and graphic styles.

This style was a best seller a few years back, I believe, and is back again!

Currently it is available in sizes 14 to 24, has a 4 star average out of 11 reviews and is $48.30 at this sale! Longitude Twister Plus Size High Neck Swimsuit

Some 30% Off Delta Burke Swimsuits

This shirred swimsuit gets great to excellent reviews and is available in a blueberry color, which is listed separately. The blue is available in less, and this pink version in most sizes in the 12 to 24 size range, at 30% Off! Delta Burke Pink Plus Size Shirred Swimsuit
For graphic print I prefer the rich color saturation of many Longitude styles. However, many women give excellent reviews to Delta Burke’s graphic stripe swimsuits and have for years!

This is one of the most highly rated among the variety of Delta Burke Graphic Tank swimsuits I found at this sale. They are all on sale I believe..

This high neck surplice stripe one piece bathing suit:
  • Is available in sizes 12 to 24 for $62.30
  • Has 6 out of its 7 current reviews give it 5 stars!
  • The 7th gives it 4 stars
  • None give it Cons
 Delta Burke Splice City Plus Size High Neck Swimsuit This basic style also comes in two other, listed separately, colors and one shoulder versions. All are highly rated and on sale at the same price!

There are two pages of Longitude and Delta Burke swimsuits at this sale at 30% off.
I am also finding:
  • 30% off Beach Belle and Aquabelle swimwear
  • 25% off Shore Club, Swim Sexy and GabiFresh 
These are just in the first of the 16 pages of these sale swimwear styles.

I will be looking into what is actually on sale at 40% off shortly.
If you are shopping swimwear, do not wait for me!
You can:
  • Use the text link to the sale above
  • Sort by price low – high
  • Then browse by your swimwear size 
to get your best prices and selections from this best seller sale!



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

40% to 70% Off Shore Club and other S4A Swimwear

Until the 19th we can find highly rated 2014 Shore Club, Aquabelle, (chlorine resistant), Beach Belle and other S4A Swimwear Starting at 40% Off and going Up to 70% Off in Clearance at Swimsuits for All!

Actually the highest priced swimwear style there is $48 and the lowest price style is $9.98 at 80% Off! Here is a look at some styles I believe were just recently added to Clearance at S4A

Twist Front Swimdress Styles

This raspberry convertible strapless / halter twist front swimdress has great reviews and is still available in sizes 12 to 24, now at $46.80. Shore Club Raspberry Plus Size Bandeau/Halter Swimdress
This black side panel twist-front swimdress has excellent reviews, is still available in sizes 10, 18, 20 and 22 and is on sale at $46.80.
This is just a picture of this swimdress at S4A 

Two Beautiful Plus Size Tankini

Among the many tankini, skirtini, shortini and tankini tops now in Clearance, I think this is the first time I have seen these two…

This Peplum tankini has mostly 4 and 5 star reviews out of its current 8. Its available in sizes 10 to 24 and now on sale for $44.40! Shore Club Plus Size Wild Rose Peplum Tankini
This Fluer tankini is also available as a shortini, skirtini and just the halter tankini top.
All are on sale in clearance now at excellent prices!

In this halter tankini style, the tops are available in sizes 10 to 22 and the bottoms in sizes 10 to 26, now on sale for $38.40! Shore Club Plus Size Fluer Halter Tankini
These are just a few of the styles I have not seen in the Sale or Clearance department at Swimsuits for All before.
There are also many styles by:
  • Swim Sexy
  • Tropiculture
  • Beach Belle
  • Aquabelle
  • Longitude
  • Delta Burke 
 and possibly others I might have missed there too, at 40% to 70%, some times more off, until 7/19/14.



Monday, July 14, 2014

New Beach Belle and Shore Club Swimwear

Here it is not even mid-summer and S4A has new swimwear for us! Not only that, it is currently on sale at 25% to 30% Off!

Beach Belle’s

If you liked their popular sarong front swimsuits, but like a bit more versatility in a swimsuit, check out the new line of Beach Belle one piece swimsuits that come with matching mesh sarongs!

Currently there are four different prints in this style, that appear to come in the 10 to 24 size range, except not one of them has all sizes available, and they are all $40.60 at 30% off!

This is just a picture of one of these new swimsuits with matching mesh sarongs.

to find this and the other prints in this beautiful plus size swimwear styles, on sale! 
These styles are all too new for reviews, have scoop neckline and backs. They provide molded cup bust support on a plus empire band. These also have smoothing full power-net tummy control.

New Shore Club Tankini and Skirtini

As a big fan of underwire swimwear myself, I am thrilled that Shore Club has a new tie-front slit plus size underwire skirtini!

This one has hidden underwire support with removable soft cups, adjustable straps and comes in sizes 12 to 24 and is on sale for $54, currently at 25% off!

Shore Club Garden Party Plus Size Underwire Tie Front Slit Skirtini
It has the same side of bust adjustability feature that their first underwire tankini tops had earlier this year!

This Shore Club swimwear style is available as a tankini top, below, and also as a skirtini and tankini too!

It has nearly all 5 star reviews no matter which way it has been reviewed so far.

This twist-front, ruched bodice
  • tankini top is currently on sale for $34.50
  • tankini for $48 
  • and the skirtini for $52.50, 
  • all currently at 25% off 
  • and in the size 10 to 24 size range.
Shore Club Plus Size Rosebud Shirred Tankini Top Shore Club’s new Trinity skirtini is also on sale at 25% off and available in sizes most of the 10 to 24 size range. Shore Club Trinity Beach Plus Size Tab Slit Skirtini
As with all S4A swimwear, and now other brands as well, when it comes to two piece swimsuit, we get to choose the tops and bottoms separately!

Swimsuits for All also has a good selection of new Beach Belle shortini, skirtini and, on sale for less than $30 tankini tops!

They also have some new Aquabelle chlorine resistant swimwear in too!



Friday, July 11, 2014

S4A’s Up to 40% Off Sale Continues

We can still find Designer swimwear at 50% Off and plenty of S4A swimwear brands, Beach Belle, Aquabelle, Swim Sexy and Shore Club, have plus size swimwear under $30 at Swimsuits for All’s continuing sale!
Here are a few of the under $30 swimwear styles I have not shown here before.

Below are just pictures of these swimwear styles. Use the Swimsuits for All link near the top of the right column. Once there click on their Site Wide up to 40% Off Sale banner at the top left of their page to browse this sale!

Shore Club, Beach Belle, Swim Sexy Swimwear under $30

Shore Club’s Rosewood print of their, always highly rated plus size tie-front halter tankini top styles, is now $28.50 at this sale, as is the solid black with pink empire waist tie accent version!

This adjustable side shirred tankini top is one of the many chlorine resistant swimwear styles by Aquabelle at this sale. These, and others, are available for $19.98 now!

This is a Aquabelle racer-back tankini tops, now $26.40 and still available in all sizes 10 to 24. This style has excellent reviews!

This bikini top also comes in solid black and a python print with black halter tie strap versions, all currently $22.50. This one is available in sizes 18 to 22

If you are feeling timid about wearing bikini tops, or just like this style visually, these crop tops are now just $22 and available in all sizes 10 to 24!

Just some of the many under $30 swimwear styles at this sale!

Some other Sale Swimwear Worth Considering

There are plenty of swimsuit cover ups, as well as swim bottoms and board shorts under $30, I almost never show here, at this sale.

Here is a brief look at a few.

Word about these board shorts, while highly rated, is to buy 2 sizes larger than your norm. They are just $19.60 and available in all sizes 12 to 30 at this sale!

Ultra-light, quick drying, Not Stiff and the flat front and elastic waist back make a good fit. One woman has two of these board shorts and another is considering doing the same.

This dress style swimsuit cover up has a 4.5 star average out of 11 current reviews. These are just $25.20 and available in all sizes 10 to 20 now!

One reviewer says it is good as a swimsuit cover-up, even better as a dress!

Some reviewers of this cover-up say this is true to size, other say it is a bit snug…

This Tropiculture tankini top is now $30.80 at 30% off and available in sizes 10 to 24 and has one excellent review.

It is from S4A’s designer swimwear department, where they have other tankini tops at this price and $33.60 and whole tankinis starting at $43.40.

We can find plenty of whole swimsuits for less at this sale, but I am just showing this as an example of sale styles from their Designer Swimwear department.

This Site Wide up to 40% off sale posted as ending on 7/15 and well worth browsing for great values in full figure swimsuits and separates.