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Improved Skirted Sarong by JMS

Just My Size says it: You Asked. We Listened. That was in 2013. At this 5/6/2016 update JMS no longer has these in stock.
They are on sale, as in looks to be Clearance at Swimsuits for All, by Longitude...

By this I mean this type of skirted sarong in general, not even with the all around skirt that JMS had for a while...

From the original 2013 post: We asked for a stylish skirted sarong swimsuit with skirting front and back. JMS has these new swimsuits just as requested!

Read below to learn about the Longitude Skirted front sarong that likely inspired this request, and how very well that reviewed!

All Around Skirted Sarong Swimsuits; Gone by 2016

These 2014, fully skirted swimsuits also came in a black version This brown one is still available in sizes 14W to 26W Just My Size.

I am finding some by Longitude, which are Skirted in the front only, plain tank swimsuit back style, using this Longitude Sarong Swimsuits New With Tags at Buy it Now prices link.

If you click on the picture of Longitude's Nairobi Sarong Swimsuit at this 5/6/16 update you can find it for $24.98, in size 18 only at S4A...

Longitude's Skirted Sarong One Piece Bathing Suits

This is one of the two, new for 2014, versions of Longitude's skirted sarong-front swimsuits.

Now, (6/2/14), both this and a version in a bias, brown tone, abstract animal print come in sizes 10 to 24, are getting great to excellent reviews and are on sale at Swimsuits for All for $48.30!
Longitude Kitten Plus Size Tank Sarong SwimsuitJust remember, this only has skirting in the back.

The following is from an article I wrote when the longitude version came out.

At this writing Always for Me is completely out of this swimwear style.

The following is from the original article.

When Always for Me carried this Longitude style in 12/2010, they called this a hybrid.

It is a cross between a tank and a sarong swimsuit, yet it is skirted in the front, (only).

Since then Swimsuits for All, (s4a), has had this Longitude style in various prints and now, in 5/2013 they it back in this ‘Maneater’ animal print.

One Stop Plus also has this style in the same print and sizes, except at OSP, their discounts may not apply. At s4a their own, in the column to your right, discounts will qualify!

Skirted Sarong Front Plus Size Bathing Suits

No matter what you call them, these full coverage swimsuits are stylish and elegant. From the front they have this fun skirted look, from the back, a classic black one piece swimwear look.

Except for its skirt, the front part of this swimwear style has a print. They have scoop neckline and provides power-net tummy control panel.

This style gives us soft cup bra bust support on an empire band, good for C/D cup sized fit in sizes 10 – 16 and D/DD cup fit in sizes 18 – 24.

The front skirting is closer to a very loose pleat, or very gentle gather, rather than a frilly skirt. Its skirt hangs low on one hip, with a tie detail a bit higher up on the other. The skirt gives us a bit of extra coverage, with a flirty twist!

The overall visual effect of this swimwear style gives is streamline, yet playfully elegant transition from our hips to our thighs! This sweet skirt is solid black.

Like all Longitude Swimwear styles, these are designed with extra length to prevent riding up and shoulder binding. If you have any doubt as to what size you s4a, and other online stores, offer a link to size charts at each swimsuit’s description.
Reviews of these Swimsuits
I recall this swimwear style had good or excellent reviews. This was before I started making brief summaries of the reviews available for each style.

It does say something that between 12/2010 and now I have seen not just Longitude make this style in at least 3 different prints, (Giraffe, floral and an Big Cat print), but s4a’s own Beach Belle swimwear line now makes a version of it, in 3 prints.

Latest Update: 5/6/2016
Originally written: 12/15/10.


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