Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Delta Burke Swimwear

Both Always for Me and S4A, (Swimsuits for All), have new swimwear by Delta Burke!

New One Piece Bathing Suits

Delta Burke’s Karma Plus Size Twist Front Mio has a sweetheart neckline and twist front styling to enhance your bust. Its empire waist and front shirring will visually slenderize your torso as will its front dropped waist effect.
This is just a picture of this one piece swimsuit, but you can find it, currently in sizes 16 – 24, at S4A, whose link is to your right. 

Both Swimsuits for All and Always for Me have this same cut in solid colors as well.

While we usually find a wide variety of surplice cut tank swimsuits by Longitude, this new one by Delta Burke is getting great reviews. You can click on its picture to find it in sizes 18 – 24 at S4A. Delta Burke Linked In Plus Size Surplice Scroll down to view a swimdress with this same Linked In print by Delta Burke, also available at S4A.

New Delta Burke Swimdresses

These new color block styles are similar to many Delta Burke color block swimdresses in the past, except better.

These have the side color blocks that made this style visually slenderizing, but with empire waist shaping and adjustable straps!
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Delta Burke Color Block Swimdress 

Clicking on this color block swimdress will take you to Always for Me, who also has this style in its pink stripe color in sizes 16W to 24W.

Always for Me also has this Peasant Dress style swimdress in from Delta Burke. It too has adjustable straps and comes in sizes 16W to 24W.
 Delta Burke Plus Size Peasant Swimdress w/ Studs #826 

This drape front swimdress also has adjustable straps and comes in sizes 18, 20 and 22 at Swimsuits for All. It already has great reviews! Delta Burke Linked in Plus Size Draped Front Swimdress

I do not know why Delta Burke one piece tank suits do not have adjustable straps yet, but their swimdresses do…

Maybe later?

Best wishes for the New Year!


Monday, December 30, 2013

New Graphic Print Longitude Tank Swimsuits

Swimsuits for All has many new swimwear, plenty from Longitude in sizes up to 24. While there are swimdresses, surplice one piece bathing suits and other one piece styles, this post is just a look at some of the new graphic tank suits which Longitude is well known for.

New X-Back Styles

This new Fine China and their Mandarin print style, which you can currently check out on our Longitude page, have an X-back designed to give additional bust support. Longitude Fine China X Back Swimsuit
Some of their new X-back styles, such as Heatwave design, also come in a high neck and keyhole back version. Longitude Heatwave Plus Size X Back Swimsuit

New Cross Stripe Graphic Swimsuits

This bandeau swimsuit style can also be worn with its halter strap bow tied in the front for a strapless style. Longitude Purple Plus Size Bandeau/Halter Swimsuit

This style is also available with a white striping. The cross stripes are engineered to visually slenderize your waist and break up your torso. Longitude Lavender Panorma Tank Swimsuit

Floral & Other Print One Piece Bathing Suits

This style’s floral print will break up our torsos beautifully. A nice break from the classic black bathing suit, it has a fairly deep, (just above ones waist), scoop back. Longitude Pink Beautiful Tank Swimsuit

This style also has a near waist scoop back. Its high neckline if great for those of us who are tired of putting sunscreen on our cleavage, yet want it protected for some of our swim time. Longitude Camelot Plus Size High Neck Swimsuit

This is one of the most unusual color block swimsuit styles I have ever seen. It says the color block is engineered to be visually flattering, which I do not doubt. Longitude Turq Curvaceous Plus Size Tank

Longitude has been making flattering color block and graphic print swimwear for a long time, They come out with new versions all the time because they likely know how to do that quite well!

All of these swimsuits seem to provide power-net tummy control. Many of them provide soft cup bust support for cup sizes C / D in swimwear sizes 8 – 16 and D / DD cup sizes in swimwear sizes 18 - 34.


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Plus Size Underwire Swimwear at Always for Me

A few weeks ago I wrote about new underwire tankini styles in full figure sizes at Swimsuits for All, and by Simply Sole at Always for Me. Recently Always for Me has been getting in more underwire tankini tops by Coco Reef, It Figures and their own plus size swimwear lines!

Always for Me’s Underwire Skirtini and Tankini Tops

These are just pictures below, but you can find a link to Always for Me in this blog's right column.

Many of Always for Me’s swimwear styles, whether soft cup or underwire, come with side boning for extra bust support! This tummy hiding swimwear style also has this, as well as totally hidden underwire bra, with hook and eye back closure come in sizes 16W to and 26W.

This underwire tankini top has adjustable straps we can also wear cross-back and has removable cups! These tankini tops also come in pink and jade in sizes 16W to 24W.

It Figures’ Underwire Swimdress and One Piece Swimsuit

This surplice swimdress gives us underwire support with removable foam inserts! Its adjustable straps can also be worn cross-back! Its surplice styling accents our waists in beautiful colors!

This retro-sheath one piece bathing suit can also be worn cross-back for extra bust support. Its draped front shirring will help hide bulges while its moderate leg cut helps elongate our legs!

These swimdresses and one piece bathing suits are available in sizes 16W to 24W at Always for Me! They have other, soft cup as well as underwire, swimwear styles there too.

Coco Reef’s Underwire Tankini Tops

Coco Reefs new underwire tankini tops are available in sizes 16W to 24W and you also get to choose from cup sizes C, D or DD when you order them.

While they have some differences in their bust support styles, they all come with adjustable straps.

Their Zambia Garden style’s blouson style top is excellent for those of us who a self-conscious about our tummies. This tankini top provides foam cup with underwire support and hook and eye back closure.

This tankini top is shown with their adjustable leg cut, with tummy control, swim briefs. They come in sizes 1X to 3X in solid black, navy or turquoise at Always for Me.

Their Kenya Zig-Zag tankini top provides underwire support with removable foam inserts and its draped styling below its more fitted bust line will also do much to disguise our bellies when we do not feel like having them show!

This tankini top is shown with Coco Reef’s, inch slit at each hip, swim skirt, which is currently only available in black.

Always for Me also has Coco Reef’s new Peasant underwire tankini top in both solid navy and turquoise colors.

They also have some Coco Reef underwire tankinis, (as in really comes with swim briefs), two underwire tankini tops and a swim skirt, all on sale at 50% Off!
How do You Feel about Underwire Swimwear
I realize that just because I prefer underwire bust support in swimsuits does not mean everyone does.

Please let me know if you have:
  • Tried underwire swimwear
  • Would like to try it
  • Tried it and did not like it 
Just comment below, if you have a few moments to do that, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!

updated 3/3/2017

Saturday, December 21, 2013

New Ruffled Tankini and Tankini Tops Styles

There are many new, as well as tried and true, form fitting plus size swimsuit styles. If you prefer a tummy hiding style, there are new ruffled tankini styles, both swimsuits and swim tops for 2014!

Always for Me’s Tidal Wave 2 Tankini

This plus size tankini style seems to be based on their beautiful and highly rated Tutti Frutti tankini and like it comes in two color prints in sizes 16W to 26W!
 Plus Size Always For Me Chic Prints Tidal Wave 2 Pc Tankini 
Both are from Always for Me’s Chic Prints plus size swimwear collection. Both also:
  • Have Adjustable Straps that can be worn Cross-Back
  • Provide foam cup bra on elastic with power-mesh bust support
  • Have ruffles front and back
  • Swim briefs are lined both front and back as well!

Just My Size’s Ruffled Tankini Tops

So far I am finding just these two ruffled tankini tops in Just My Size’s 2014 Swim Preview. Both come in sizes 14W to 26W and cost $47.99.

This fuchsia one
 icon icon 
And this blue print style
 icon icon 
  • Have 3 tiered of ruffles, front only
  • Have Adjustable Straps
  • Provide Supportive, No-Show, Built-in Soft Cup Bra bust support 
  • They are both made of a stretch, yet silky material made to dry quickly to keep us comfortable. 

So far, I am not seeing any of this kind of ruffled tankini style at Swimsuits for All, but if you want tummy hiding tankini, shortini or just their swim tops their Blouson tankini tops and two piece swimwear might work wonderfully for you.

These highly rated styles come in solid Black and a myriad of prints, like this Oasis print style!

The two piece versions of those blouson styles often, (such as $42 for the tankini and $46.20 for the shortini at this writing), cost less than the just the tankini tops at JMS.

What do you think of the New for 2014 full figure swimwear you’ve seen so far?


Friday, December 20, 2013

Improved Skirted Sarong by JMS

Just My Size says it: You Asked. We Listened. That was in 2013. At this 5/6/2016 update JMS no longer has these in stock.
They are on sale, as in looks to be Clearance at Swimsuits for All, by Longitude...

By this I mean this type of skirted sarong in general, not even with the all around skirt that JMS had for a while...

From the original 2013 post: We asked for a stylish skirted sarong swimsuit with skirting front and back. JMS has these new swimsuits just as requested!

Read below to learn about the Longitude Skirted front sarong that likely inspired this request, and how very well that reviewed!

All Around Skirted Sarong Swimsuits; Gone by 2016

These 2014, fully skirted swimsuits also came in a black version This brown one is still available in sizes 14W to 26W Just My Size.

I am finding some by Longitude, which are Skirted in the front only, plain tank swimsuit back style, using this Longitude Sarong Swimsuits New With Tags at Buy it Now prices link.

If you click on the picture of Longitude's Nairobi Sarong Swimsuit at this 5/6/16 update you can find it for $24.98, in size 18 only at S4A...

Longitude's Skirted Sarong One Piece Bathing Suits

This is one of the two, new for 2014, versions of Longitude's skirted sarong-front swimsuits.

Now, (6/2/14), both this and a version in a bias, brown tone, abstract animal print come in sizes 10 to 24, are getting great to excellent reviews and are on sale at Swimsuits for All for $48.30!
Longitude Kitten Plus Size Tank Sarong SwimsuitJust remember, this only has skirting in the back.

The following is from an article I wrote when the longitude version came out.

At this writing Always for Me is completely out of this swimwear style.

The following is from the original article.

When Always for Me carried this Longitude style in 12/2010, they called this a hybrid.

It is a cross between a tank and a sarong swimsuit, yet it is skirted in the front, (only).

Since then Swimsuits for All, (s4a), has had this Longitude style in various prints and now, in 5/2013 they it back in this ‘Maneater’ animal print.

One Stop Plus also has this style in the same print and sizes, except at OSP, their discounts may not apply. At s4a their own, in the column to your right, discounts will qualify!

Skirted Sarong Front Plus Size Bathing Suits

No matter what you call them, these full coverage swimsuits are stylish and elegant. From the front they have this fun skirted look, from the back, a classic black one piece swimwear look.

Except for its skirt, the front part of this swimwear style has a print. They have scoop neckline and provides power-net tummy control panel.

This style gives us soft cup bra bust support on an empire band, good for C/D cup sized fit in sizes 10 – 16 and D/DD cup fit in sizes 18 – 24.

The front skirting is closer to a very loose pleat, or very gentle gather, rather than a frilly skirt. Its skirt hangs low on one hip, with a tie detail a bit higher up on the other. The skirt gives us a bit of extra coverage, with a flirty twist!

The overall visual effect of this swimwear style gives is streamline, yet playfully elegant transition from our hips to our thighs! This sweet skirt is solid black.

Like all Longitude Swimwear styles, these are designed with extra length to prevent riding up and shoulder binding. If you have any doubt as to what size you s4a, and other online stores, offer a link to size charts at each swimsuit’s description.
Reviews of these Swimsuits
I recall this swimwear style had good or excellent reviews. This was before I started making brief summaries of the reviews available for each style.

It does say something that between 12/2010 and now I have seen not just Longitude make this style in at least 3 different prints, (Giraffe, floral and an Big Cat print), but s4a’s own Beach Belle swimwear line now makes a version of it, in 3 prints.

Latest Update: 5/6/2016
Originally written: 12/15/10.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Simply Sole Plus Size Swimwear

I just saw this beautiful underwire tankini top, a blouson tankini top and a nice swim skirt to go with both of these styles at Always for Me! They all come in sizes 18W to 24W!

Bermuda Paisley Tie-Front Underwire Tankini Tops

Simply Sole’s Paisley plus size tankini top gives us adjustable strap, and front-tie! It also provides removable foam inserts for its underwire bust support in this tummy hiding, bright and beautiful swimwear style!
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Simply Sole' Separates Bermuda Paisley Tankini Top 
The back view of this swim top, at Always for Me, shows it has a fairly high back. This will also increase its bust support a bit too. I like the side of bust coverage this style provide, as well as its beautiful print, especially with their swim skirt!

Halter Bandeau Blouson Tankini Tops

This abstract print tankini top is said to show compact tall building rising for the earth at close range. It looks great with black swim bottoms you likely already have, or Simply Sole’s new pink swim skirt below.
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Simply Sole' Separates City Lights Blouson Bandeau Top 
These swim tops provide foam cup on a power-mesh 360 degree band, with side boning for bust support! It also has adjustable / removable halter straps and is designed to disguise our tummies beautifully!

Pretty Pink Swim Skirts

This vertical front ruffle 13 inch swim skirt gives us with power-net tummy control. Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Simply Sole' Separates 13" Skirt w/ Front Ruffle 
Together with their swim tops we can be sure we are looking our best at the pool and beach in Simply Sole’s unique swimwear styles!

Always for Me also has one piece, swimdress and swimsuit cover ups by Simply Sole on sale at 25% Off too!
These all have mostly, (especially the swimdresses and covers!), reviews!

I find their styles original, bright and pretty.

What do you think of Simply Sole Swimwear so far?


Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Always for Me and TYR Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Awhile back I posted about the two TYR chlorine resistant swimsuits at Always for Me. Now Always for Me has TYR tankini tops and bottoms and a new chlorine resistant style of their own in!

New Chlorine Resistant Tankini Swimwear

These tankini tops come in black and navy and have all the high performance qualities as the ones I wrote about back in November, that you can read about here! These come in sizes 16 – 24, adjustable straps and foam cup bust support.
 TYR Separates Twisted Bra Tankini Top 
This is the TYR wrap swim skort to go with them. These come in the same colors and sizes. They have a boy shorts under the skirt and the slit of this wrap skirt opens at your left thigh. Plus Size Swimwear - TYR Separates Wrap Swim Skort 
These both ‘look’, (in as much as you can tell from a photo), soft, are said to be extremely comfortable.

They are too new for reviews so I guess we have to wait and see or try them ourselves. The tankini tops are $47 and the swim skort $42.

Always for Me’s Sport Swimwear

Always for Me’s Sport swimwear line has solid chlorine, salt water and sweat resistant swimwear. This is their current print version of their racer-back, built-in sports bra tank top.
All these tops have very flattering princess seams tend to get excellent ratings!
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Sport - Animal Print Princess Seam Racer Back Top 
They do have 2 more of these printed, in clearance, but they are both down to size 0X, (14W – 16W).

They have many more solid colored ones, as well as sports bras, brief and short, all which can be worn as swim or sport wear.

  • They are also made to retain both color and shape well
  • Provide 50+ UVA and UVB protection 
  • Be quick drying / low moisture absorbing 
 Pricey, but a good buy all around, and made to be dual purpose! Always for Me has plenty of new swimwear in their Chic swimwear lines in too. You will see these styles here soon!
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Plus Size Swimsuits Shown by The Curvy Fashionista

Here is a look at some styles from The Curvy Fashionista’s Ultimate Plus Size Swimwear Guide: 40+ Swimsuits and Bikinis to Strut This Summer, which are definitely worth checking out. It was written back in May of 2013, while some of the styles, such as Always for Me’s best-selling halter / bandeau twist-front mini swimdress and their Tutti Frutti tankini, many of Swimsuits for All’s form fitting one piece swimsuits and other styles are still available, some even on sale, others are not but may well lead us to swimwear sources we might want to consider in the future.

Interesting Swimsuits from TCF’s Post

Here are some pictures of the beautiful swimsuits I only seen in The Curvy Fashionista’s article, and their sources! This is a picture of Asos’ now out of stock Blanket Print Bikini tops and bottoms.

Here is a link to Swimwear at ASOS, to scope out what they have now!

Some of the most unique and interesting swimwear styles I saw inTCF’s post are by Nakimuli. Like this Serengeti-two-piece-Swimsuit! This is just a picture but using this Curvy Swimwear at Nakimuli link I am finding equally fine, yet more vividly colored styles along the same lines as this style pictured below!

While this Lacey retro sheath style is still available, at Cute Plus Size Swimsuits at ModCloth, it is only available in sizes up to 1X, with a runs small in some places warning, (details available!). I do like that ModCloth warns us up front! There is no doubt in my mind this style would be quite flattering on many women!

ModCloth has many one piece bathing suits and some bikini tops and high waist briefs. Their other swimwear styles come in sizes up to 26!

Sale Swimsuits featured in TCF's post

Besides the Always for Me Swimsuits mentioned at the top of this post, The Curvy Fashionista does show several Swimsuits for All styles, that were part of their Swim Sexy collection this past summer.

The ones that are still available are on sale! Like this one shoulder mesh cut-out style, in both black and pink, on sale today for $19.98.

This black one is still available in sizes 16, 20, 22 and 24 and this style in pink is down to size 20… Tropiculture Black Mesh Plus Size One Shoulder Swimsuit

Many of the former Swim Sexy swimsuits are now on sale at that price, but some are now referred to as being from their Tropiculture collection…I do not know why.

I do believe at least one of the other Swim Sexy cut out styles were also in her post…but after looking at over 40 swimwear styles, it is hard to recall which one…

So here are a couple I believe were: also on sale for $19.98 today and actually available in sizes 10 to 24! Swim Sexy Eclipse Plus Size Monokini with Hardware

I think this bandeau which apparently comes with removable halter straps, was also one of them. These are also on sale for the same price, but down to sizes 10, 16 and 20… Tropiculture Cinnamon Color Block Bandeau/Halter Swimsuit
I believe of the many bikini style featured in that article, there were at least a few from S4A, which appear to be all out of stock…

I believe the plus size bikinis will be back in force in 2014.

I think that is a good thing!

What do you think?