Longitude Plus Size Swimwear

Why Choose Longitude Swimwear

Longitude swimwear for plus size women is cut with extra length. This prevents the leg cut riding up and binding at your shoulders and why it is considered long torso swimwear.

If you are tall and require long torso swimwear, Longitude is also known as Robby Len by Longitude Swimwear and is a great brand to try.

Longitude Swimwear Features

Longitude vibrantly colored graphic print and color block tank swimwear styles. They have a wide selection of one piece and some princess seamed or empire waist style swimdresses. Their swimwear styles have X-back, scoop and keyhole back styles.   I usually find Longitude swimwear in sizes up to 24.

Who Carries Full Figure Longitude Swimwear

This best selling high neckline tank swimsuit is a great example of Longitudes use of color and graphic prints.

Click on its picture to find it on sale for $62.40, (9/29/18), but now down to sizes 16, 18 and 20 left. Like most Longitude swimwear styles it came in sizes 8 to 24 at S4A!

Longitude Desert Oasis High Neck Swimsuit

S4A has a wide selection with many sales and discounts all year!

Swimsuits for All usually has some Longitude Swimsuits in sizes up to 26W.

Amazon also carries plus size Longitude Swimwear styles!

Brand New Longitude Swimwear at eBay Stores
I never saw Longitude two piece or separate swimwear styles until I looked for Brand New Longitude Plus Size Swimsuits with Buy it Now Prices at eBay stores.

Using the text link above, (9/29/18), I found 256 Longitude Plus Size Swimwear styles, new at Buy it Now prices.

You can shop by price ranges now!

9/29/18 the given price ranges are:

  • Under $35 where I found 23 swimwear styles
  • $35 to $75 found 220
  • Over $75 14 swimwear styles

Most of these are whole, one piece, swimsuits. Tank suits and swimdresses usually.

In general:
  • Many are sold by Top Rated Plus Sellers, which is reassuring, 
  • Plenty have Free Shipping
  • Most of these swimsuits are in the $35 to $75 range
Longitude Swimsuits are often on sale at Swimsuits for All, (S4A), for around $64…a good a price to gauge eBay store prices by.

For what it’s worth, I have never had a problem with my purchases from eBay sellers.
Best Selling Plus Size Longitude Swimwear styles
Listed below are some Longitude swimsuit styles that have gotten excellent reviews from full figure women quite a while. Most have been around for years and come out often in new colors and / or prints.
 I do not think I have ever seen two piece swimsuits by Longitude.

Last Update: 9/29/18

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