Tuesday, February 24, 2015

30% Off Tropiculture Swimsuits and More at S4A

S4A current discount includes the swimwear in their Curves In Bikinis Campaign, Shore Club, Chlorine Resistant, Beach Belle, Swim Sexy, Tropiculture and more!

It includes most of the swimwear styles at S4A and they have some new Tropiculture swimwear in too. Just use their Everything on the site is 30% off, no code needed, at SwimsuitsForAll.com!, and I understand this offer is good until the end of this month!

Here is a look at more 2015 Tropiculture Swimwear styles that came in!

Twisty Black and Bronze Swimsuits

This is just a picture, I would use the discount link above, of their new black / bronze twisty one piece swimsuits.

Today we can order these Tropiculture swimsuits in sizes 10 to 24, to ship on March 25th.

This style offers soft molded cup bust support with side boning.

They have a Fleur Chevron print Twisty one piece as well!

This is the picture of the bikini in this style. Its tops and bottoms are also available for pre-order in sizes 10 to 24. The bikini top is also soft molded cup, with side boning.

This bikini top’s strap end up in a self-tie halter style.

Swimdress and Sheath styles

You can click on this adjustable side tie sheath below to go straight to it at S4A. This style can be worn halter or strapless and it is available in sizes 10 to 24!

 Tropiculture Crimson Sheath Bandeau/ Halter Swimsuit 

This cross-over swimdress also appears to be available in black, (listed separately).

You can click on this one’s picture below to find it in sizes 10 to 24. It has wide straps, front and back, plus a relatively high back which should give us extra bust support!

 Tropiculture Smokey Crossover Swimdress 

They have a few more new one piece bathing suits in by Tropiculture now too!

Tropiculture Underwire Swimsuits and Bikinis

These are just pictures of the following styles.

This Electric Tone Contrast Cup Bikini, and one piece, pictured just below it, both have:

  • Adjustable / Removable straps
  • Molded Soft Cup Bust Support
  • With Hidden Underwire and Side Boning. 

They are both available in sizes 10 to 24, for shipment on March 25th.

This is a picture of their new Diamonds Busted Bikini style.

It has adjustable straps, hidden underwire with soft molded cup bust support and ships on March 9th in sizes 10 to 24

It might be worth it to take advantage of this 30% discount on these styles and pre-order or purchase them now.

I am just glad to see the more Tropiculture swimwear and more full figure bikini styles in!



Friday, February 20, 2015

30% Off All S4A Swimwear

In celebration of Swimsuits for All being in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and the success of their Curves In Bikini campaign, we can all enjoy their current Introducing #CurvesInBikini! Everything on the site is 30% off, no code needed, at SwimsuitsForAll.com! on Shore Club, Beach Belle and of course their Swim Sexy and other swimwear lines!

I have been enthusing about full figure bikini styles at both this blog, such as Gabi Fresh and Elomi swim bras, and its sister site, (DD+ Swimwear, Elomi, Curvy Kate and earlier Panache and Fantasie swimwear for some time now.

Glad to find ‘curvaceous women in bikinis’, as a concept, is the success I always guessed it would be! Here is a look at some new Swim Sexy Bikinis that did not make it into that post earlier this week!

Swim Sexy String and Underwire Bikinis

I am getting the impression that this black string bikini is actually a style used to promote S4A’s Curves in Bikinis campaign. We can pre-order this bikini in our choice of top sizes 14 to 22 and bottom sizes 10 to 24 to be shipped March 9th.

Can it be that some top sizes are already sold out on this black string bikini top?
Somehow this would not surprise me…

This self-tie string bikini top, (interesting back style shown below), also gives up adjustable leg ties in sizes 10 to 24 both tops and bottoms!

Swim Sexy Pearl Island Triangle String Tie Bikini
This is just a picture of the above-mentioned interesting back style of this bikini top.

This Snow Leopard print underwire bikini actually has 2 excellent reviews so far and is also available in sizes 10 to 24, (our choice of course), for both tops and bottoms.

 Swim Sexy Snow Leopard Underwire Bikini

They have an vast selection of plus size bikinis for us now!

I am not sure just how long S4A’s site wide 30% off discount is on for so…



Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chic Print Swimwear styles based on Best-Sellers

Every year it seems Always for Me creates a few prints or variations, or adds new colors to their best-selling Illusion Swimsuit and Twist front mini swimdress and / or tankini styles.

Currently I noticed not just the above mentioned, but a bestselling, solid color, retro-sheaf swimsuit style is going out of stock in one print, while at the same time, looks to be back in another.

Update 4/2016: Looks like the print styles featured in this post have become standard stock, rather than limited edition prints of 2015!

Here is a look at some of these best sellers and print versions of them!

Two Print Swimsuits Based On Solid Best-Sellers

This twist front leopard print is available in all sizes  16W to 26W! It has adjustable / removable straps.
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Prints Serengeti Twist Front Bandeau Swim Mini 

 The above style is based on Always for Me’s best-selling twist front bandeau, which is available in 7 colors in all sizes 16W to 26W and always seems to have a 5 star review average!

 Women's Plus Size Swimwear -  Always For Me Chic Solids Twist Front Bandeau Swimsuit 

This one piece swimdress with draw string adjustable hip / variable ‘skirt’ length, it actually says it is designed along the same lines as the solid version I put just below it here.

 Plus Size Swimwear Always for Me Chic Prints Maraba Swimsuit 

This solid version has been a bestselling swimwear style at Always for Me for, (I believe), years! These are available in all sizes, in black, turquoise and plum solid colors.

 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Solids  - Retro Halter Swimdress

2015 Print of The Illusion Swimdress

This Altamira print of the Always for Me Illusion swimdress style has one excellent review so far. Not surprising, as the swimsuit it is based on has been a best seller for years! This swimdress is down to sizes 16W, 20W and 24W, also $69, at this 4/21/16 update.

 Plus Size Swimwear Always For Me Chic Prints Altamira Swim dress 

The solid best-selling version of this swimsuit has its own page here!

There are other 2015 Always for Me Chic Prints, as well as new swimwear in their other lines, and by other designers at Always for Me.

These are just ones I noticed were based on swimsuits that have been bestsellers for years!


Most recent update: 4/21/16
Originally written 2/18/15

Monday, February 16, 2015

More 2015 Swim Sexy’s Curves In Bikinis

Normally I concentrate on bust support here. Yes, there is a reason why this blog’s sister site is DD+ Swimwear. With all the great new plus size bikini styles available to us now, and even in regard to when we wear tankini and one piece swimwear, we all want to show our backsides at their best.

Thankfully I ran into this excellent post that covers all kinds of botties and what the best ‘bikini bottom’ style is best for each type.

This info can be easily used in regard to all swim bottom concerns! Click here to check out Sugar Pops Best Bikini Bottoms for Every Type of Butt post!

S4A Swimwear has plenty of new Swim Sexy and Gabi Fresh bikini styles for us this year, with a variety of different bottom types.

Some 2015 Swim Sexy Plus Size Bikinis

You can see the black version of this white triangle string bikini in motion in the Curves In Bikinis campaign video at S4A’s site.
This is just a picture of this style below, but you can use this Swim Sexy White Triangle String Bikini link to go straight to it, where it is currently available in sizes in 10 to 24 in both tops and bottoms for pre-order or currently at S4A!

You can just click on this halter / bandeau bikini, (yes, you can wear it strapless!), with twist front bottom’s picture below to go straight to it!

Currently it is available in sizes 12 to 24 for the tops and sizes 14 to 24 for the bottoms at S4A!
 Swim Sexy Red Bandeau/Halter Twist Front Bikini 

This scuba mesh high neck bikini style is available in all sizes top and bottoms 10 to 24! It has an H back style.
If you click on its picture and check out its current one, (5 star), review you can find out not just how much the woman who reviewed it likes it, but she gives some good sizing info about this style as well!

 Swim Sexy Indigo Scuba Sweetheart Fishnet Bikini 

They also have a similar sexy, yet full coverage, high neck and waist bikini like the one above, but with a chevron print.

In fact we can now shop bikinis there by:
  • Underwire
  • High Waist
  • Mid Waist
  • Low Waist
  • Separates
  • Gabi Fresh for Swim Sexy 
  • and of course Shop All 
At S4A now!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

5 Star 2015 Shore Club Swimwear styles

Currently these new underwire, sarong front, twist front, shortini swimsuits and tankini top Shore Club swimwear styles all have, granted one review each, and they are all 5 stars!

Being S4A swimwear line, they are often on sale and usually available in sizes 10 to 24 too! All of these styles below have adjustable straps too!

Current Top Rated 2015 Shore Club Swimwear styles

You can click on any of these swimwear styles below to go straight to them at S4A, but do look around, (usually top or right side), their pages before for current discounts! Clicking on them seems to activate them.

The woman who reviewed this twist front, shirred swimsuit tells us the underwire support really does keep the girls in where they need to be. She also likes the fit, color and coverage!

 Shore Club Locals Only Underwire Twist Front Swimsuit 

This sarong front style does not say it has adjustable straps, but you can see it does in the back view at S4A. The reviewer of this sarong front swimsuit says this is her top pick out of the three swimsuits she purchased for a cruise vacation!

 Shore Club Palm Tree Hugger Sarong Front Swimsuit 

This twist front Mio below is apparently out of stock in size 10 now…

Its current reviewer tells us: Excellent quality for price, well made, good fabric.
She especially likes the wider than average, adjustable straps.

This women then goes into some sizing detail, regarding how she, as a pear shaped woman, orders swimwear, (this and other styles), that fits her well from S4A.

If you are pear shaped, and plan to order, you might want to read this part of her review first.

 Shore Club Blue Crush Twist Front Mio 

The woman who reviewed this shortini so far simply tells us she loves it!
The way it looks on her, the fabric, just loves it. Gives it an overall High Quality and Great Value ratings!

 Shore Club Perfect Storm Sweetheart Boy Shortini 

The woman who reviews this tankini top likes it so much she says she will get it in other colors if available!
She also tells us she needs a D cup and found the coverage good in this tankini top! Finds it Comfortable, Flattering, and gives it a general rating of: High Quality and Great Value.

 Shore Club Coastal Breeze Sweetheart Tankini Top 

I did see a few other 4.5 star reviews of 2015 Shore Club Swimdress styles within the first 2 pages when sorting by Review there too.

I think I might do a separate Shore Club swimdress post for those…



Monday, February 9, 2015

Free Shipping On Longitude Swimwear 2015 and More

Right now, until I believe the end of Wednesday, we can get Free Shipping on purchases of $100+ at Always for Me! That appears to good on all their vast selection of plus size swimwear, intimates and active wear too.

If you click on the Longitude swimsuits picture below you will find the discount code is at the top of Always for Me’s pages!

They have many new swimwear arrivals by their own swimwear lines, Kenneth Cole, Coco Reef, TYR chlorine resistant swimwear and more.

They also have 2015 Longitude Swimsuits that S4A does not currently have. I have already shown plenty of new Longitude swimwear at S4A here recently, so…

2015 Longitude Swimsuits at Always for Me

Always for Me carries all the following swimsuits in sizes 16W to 24W, and they are all too new for reviews.

It seems to me that Longitude makes at least one mesh neckline plus size swimsuit each year.
This time it is this oh so flattering princess seamed swimdress! Also different, (I think they have been tank suits in recent years), is the lace in the mesh! Nice touch!

 Plus Size Swimwear Longitude Sheer Love Swimdress 

This silver and gold accent square neck tank swimsuit is a beautifully flattering unique twist on the classic black swimsuit we might all enjoy in our swimwear wardrobe!
 Plus Size Swimwear Longitude Fan Tank Swimsuit 
I especially like the wide comfy shoulder straps and the moderate leg cut.
Also, I find, being full busted, square necklines work better for me in general.
Does anyone else have any experience with that?
Is it just me?

The princes seaming, front and back, of this twin strap Longitude swimdress is the same as the sleek black one at the top of this post. A very flattering and visually elongating swimwear style for many women!

 Plus Size Swimwear Longitude Royal Scroll Princess Seam Swimdress 

This Royal Scroll Lingerie Tank swimsuit by Longitude has adjustable straps! I noticed some of the other lingerie strapped swimsuits by them at S4A also have adjustable straps!

The front ruching and moderate leg cut are nice for when you want a tad more coverage in your swimsuit.
 Plus Size Swimwear Longitude Royal Scroll Lingerie Tank  Swimsuit 

I recall wide, comfy shoulder straps and a long torso cut have been the norm for Longitude for some years, except for their lingerie strapped styles of course.

Perhaps they are looking to fit average and petite height women as well as tall women better now! I can only hope they make more adjustable strap styles.
This way more of us can enjoy their high quality, highly rated and beautifully colored and designed swimwear with an even better personal fit that adjustable straps give us!

 For what it is worth, I noticed today that now Swimsuits for All, (S4A), has even more, this time graphic print tank swimsuits in by Longitude!

Also: Always for Me does have 6 tier asymmetrical mesh ruffle swimsuit in black and eggplant on sale now for $44.50.

Enjoy the Free Shipping at Always for Me soon if you see anything you like.
They do not offer this all that often,
and the swimwear styles they carry for us are usually highly rated!

They sure know how:
of plus size swimwear for us!