Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Shore Club and other S4A Plus Size Swimwear Under $30

In S4A’s Sale department, with their current 30% off discount these Shore Club, Tropiculture and Beach Belle plus size swimwear styles are all under $30!

While they have many nice Beach Belle blouson tankini tops there for $22.98, as well as even cheaper Shore Club tankini top styles.

Here is a look at

Some S4A Plus Size Swimsuits Under $30

Tropiculture’s Split Front Peplum tankini’s tops are still available in sizes 18, 20 and 24 and the bottoms in our choice of sizes 10 to 24, now just $22.98.

 Tropiculture Black Split Front Peplum Tankini 

Shore Club’s twist front swimdress is now $28.98 and available in sizes 10 to 22.

 Shore Club Moonstruck Twist Front Swimdress 

This is just one of the many different types of swimdresses by Shore Club in S4A’s sale department for less than $30.

They have other brands of swimdresses there too, by Longitude and Beach Belle, possibly more!

This is just below is a picture of Shore Club’s Locals twist front underwire swimsuit. The other pictures here can be clicked on to go straight to these swimsuits at S4A.

You can find this underwire swimsuit in S4A’s Sale department now for $28.98 and still available in sizes 12 to 18!

Tropiculture’s black / bronze twisty bikini is now just $19.98. This highly rated plus size bikini is still available in our choice of sizes 16 to 24 for both the tops and bottoms!

 Tropiculture Black/Bronze Twisty Bikini 

The one piece swimsuit in this style above is also in the sale department, for $22.98.

They also have Swim Sexy bikinis for under $25 and some less than $20!

I do not know how long these styles will be available with S4A’s current discount, but this is the time of year to browse S4A, and other online store’s, for swimwear sales!



Saturday, September 26, 2015

New and Sale Fit 4 U Plus Size Swimwear

Always for Me has been carrying Fit 4 U swimwear in sizes 16W to 24W for a while now. Currently they have a new blouson tankini top and flounce swim skirt by them, as well as a nice selection of sale swimwear styles!

One thing I noticed about most of the styles I choose to show here today is that they tend to have nothing but 5 star reviews. Perhaps this is because Fit 4 U’s Pattie Byrnes is known as the “Fit” expert, but the reviews are pleased with more qualities besides than great fit in these reviews!

New Fit 4 U Swimwear

This new blouson tankini top has adjustable straps and a racer-back style. Its current reviewer likes the way it covers her tummy and gives ample bust support!

 Plus Size Swimwear Fit 4U Separates Brushstroke Blouson Racerback Top 

This new ruffle hemmed swim skirt already has 4 excellent reviews! Two do indicate you might want to order a size up. They also mention:
  • Stays with you, rather than floats around, in the water
  • Its tummy control really works
  • Hides belly bluge
  • Dries Quickly
  • Adorable!

 Fit 4U Plus Size Swimwear - Separates Flounce Swim Skirt 

These swimwear styles might be more expensive, especially those of us who have purchased, (and wore once), a swim skirt that looked, (and acted), like a pool of material around her in the water, perhaps they are worth it?

Fit 4 U Swimwear on Sale

50% Off but down to Size 16W

Strangely, this pretty skirtini is the one style with other than just 5 star reviews, yet it too is down to just 16W and now just $29!

$29 for both the mesh inset high neck tankini top and mesh hemmed swim skirt!

 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Fit 4U Hi Neck Mesh Inset Ruffled Skirtini 

Actually most of its current 12 reviews are 5 star…

This swimdress is now $63 at 50% off and reviewers find it super flattering. One would by it again in other prints.

 Plus Size Swimwear Fit 4U Morocco Framed Swim dress 

Also quick drying was mentioned.

Some of Fit 4 U’s 25% Off at Always for Me styles, currently available in sizes 16W to 24W.

This high neck, princess seamed sleeveless rash guard style comes with a shelf bra with foam cups.

 Plus Size Swimwear Fit 4U Separates Sleeveless Rashguard 

Like many Fit 4 U swimwear styles, perfect for giving your D├ęcolletage a break from the sun!

This tankini top’s pretty front inset pleat helps hide one’s tummy. It provides molded bra cup bust support and has adjustable straps. It’s current reviewer loves it and finds it especially cute with solid black boy short.

 Plus Size Swimwear Fit 4U Separates Dolce Pleated Tankini Top 

Always for Me has a few more sale styles by Fit 4 U and plenty of other brands in their sale department.

You can find excellent full figure swimwear in sizes 16W to 26W at Always for Me any time of year!



Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Underwire Fly Away Styles from Shore Club Swimwear

Not only does Shore Club Swimwear have new swimdresses, which I posted here earlier this month, now they have new tankini, skirtini, shortini styles of various sorts.
They also have a new sarong front swimsuit, but more on that later.

I think their three, so far, prints in this new flyaway underwire tankini top style are exceptionally nice and so…

Flyaway Underwire Tankini Styles

So for Shore Club only has these as just the tankini tops, or the tankini two piece swimsuit, in our choice of just swimwear sizes 10 to 24 or sizes 10, 12, 14 or 16D/DD and sizes 18, 20, 22 and 24E/F for the tops. If you want the whole tankini the bottoms sizes are 10 to 26.

Beyond that, these tankini tops have:
  • Hidden Underwire Bras 
  • with Removable Soft Cups
  • Adjustable Cross-Back Straps
  • A high straight back, which should add bust support!
  • Flattering Draped Flyaway styling! 

This is their Edgelands print in this style

 Shore Club Edgelands Flyaway Underwire Tankini 

and this is their Flutter print version of it.

 Shore Club Flutter Flyaway Underwire Tankini 

This is just the top of the solid black version of this style. I felt it shows this modified for the fly away part version of the empire waist of this style in better detail than one could make out in the prints above.

 Shore Club Black Flyaway Underwire Top 

Naturally this black is also available as a tankini too, just as the tankinis above it are available as just the tops.

The tops are $54 and the tankinis $73 at full price.
At S4A’s current discount they are $40.50 and $54.75 for the tankini swimsuits!

Shore Club also has new side shirred, H back and tie halter tankini, skirtini and shortini styles / prints in too! Looks like Shore Club still has new 2015 swimwear for us this year and I am all for it!



Thursday, September 17, 2015

Elomi’s new Plus Size Underwire Bikini / Tankini Line

I like that Elomi has taking to making underwire bikini tops as well as their underwire swim bras, in full figure sizes! Bigger Bras has Elomi’s new Rhapsody swimwear collection in! These, like their previous ones this year include an underwire bikini top that can be worn as a bikini top or swim bra underneath their Tankini tops!

Here is a look at this new Elomi Swimwear collection!

Rhapsody Elomi Bikini and Tankini Collection

These are just pictures in this post, but you can find these styles at Bigger Bras, whose link is in the right column.
This is the Rhapsody underwire bikini top now you can find it in Sizes 36 to 40E to HH, 42DD to HH and 44DD to H.

This is a picture of this bikini top among the New With Tags Elomi Swimwear styles at Buy it Now prices, (this one for $21), at this 10/11/16 update, at eBay stores!

These styles are pretty much  gone from regular on line stores at this part of 2016...Bigger Bras has the one piece in this collection, for $109, all sizes 16 to 26. Their link is in the right column.

This is the gathered swim brief you can wear with these bikini and tankini tops, also available in sizes 16 to 26 now at Bigger Bras!

Bigger Bras also has Elomi’s Night Fever, Kariba, (whose link takes you to our sister site DD+ Swimewar), Kissimmee and other Elomi swimwear collections, including their underwire full cup and underwire strapless bandeau swim bras as well!


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New, Unexpected, Beach Belle Swimwear

Beach Belle has new blouson tankini styles, sarong front swimsuits which I had shown here in July. These, like their V-neck swimdresses often become best sellers and continue to come out in different prints!

I just found a new Surplice swimsuit by Beach Belle, very much like Longitude surplice swimsuits.

They also have princess seamed lingerie strap swimdresses, (in sizes 10 to 26!), with overall print, rather than the more typical, and best-selling black lingerie swimdress with accent twin straps and empire waist accents in bright colors.

They also have two new prints versions of Beach Belle’s Flared tankini, shortini, skirtini styles available now too!These come in sizes 10 to 26 and one skirtini bottom style comes in sizes up to 34!

Beach Belle Surplice Swimsuits

So far one difference between Longitude and Beach Belle surplice swimsuits is the prices:
  • Longitude some $69 and mostly $82
  • Beach Belle’s one surplice style so far: $68 full price. 
These all being at S4A, they are all quite often available at a discount!

Click on this picture of Beach Belle’s Wavelength Surplice Swimsuit now and you will find it available in sizes 10 to 24, $51 at S4A’s current discount and too new for reviews…

 Beach Belle Wavelengths Surplice Swimsuit

Lingerie Strap with Mesh Panel Swimdresses

A main difference between the best-selling black version of this swimwear style, which I will show below, and these new overall print versions is the mesh panels to accent torso mentioned in their descriptions at S4A.

Sadly, I cannot make out from the photos of these swimsuits how well these mesh panels work visually, but I like the idea of them.
What do you think?

Like the black bestselling version both of these styles come in sizes 10 to 26.

This is the Bolivia Print

 Beach Belle Bolivia Lingerie Strap Swimdress 

This is the Panama print in this newish style

 Beach Belle Panama Lingerie Strap Swimdress

and this is the classic best-selling version.

 Beach Belle Cerise Lingerie Swimdress

They are all too new for reviews and the flirty twin shoulder straps are not adjustable…

New Flared Tankini Top styles from Beach Belle

Like many, if not all now, Beach Belle styles, these plus size tankini tops are available:
  • by themselves, ($36.75 at current discount, $49 full price)
  • and as two piece
  • tankini
  • skirtini
  • shortini styles 
  • in our choice, (tops and bottom each your choice of sizes!), sizes 10 to 26, for both the tops and bottoms
Except, in this Flared Skirtini style, the swim skirts come in sizes 10 to 34! 

This is their new City Lights tankini top print as a Flared Skirtini style.

 Beach Belle City Lights Flared Skirtini 

This is there new, as a tankini top style, St Lucia print. This print came out earlier this summer as a Sarong Front swimsuit by Beach Belle, which you can view about ½ down the above mentioned July post about New Beach Belle Blouson Tankini and Sarong Front Swimwear styles.

 Beach Belle St. Lucia Flared Cargo Shortini 

They also have some solid black new scoop neck skirtini, cargo skirtini, flared skirtini and tankinis!



Friday, September 11, 2015

More New Shore Club Swimdresses

S4A has even more new swimdress styles by Shore Club!

Some of these seem very much like print versions of Always for Me’s Best-selling Illusion Swimdresses and halter / bandeau twist front swimsuits.

That is a good thing because these are very flattering swimsuits and the more available, the better!

Always for Me puts out their own print versions of their Illusion swimdresses and twist front bandeaus mini-swimdresses too, in sizes 16W to 26W.
The bestselling ones versions of theirs come in a good range of beautiful solid colors!

Shore Club Keyhole Swimdress Styles

So far these keyhole swimdress styles are available in this Flutter print, currently sizes 14 to 24 Shore Club Flutter Keyhole Swimdress

and this Cloud break print in sizes 10 to 24!

Shore Club Cloudbreak Keyhole Swimdress 

Plus, S4A’s current discount applies to all these new styles!

Shore Club Twist Front Halter Bandeau Swimdresses

Like the Always for Me versions of this swimdress, these Shore Club styles provide adjustable / removable straps! This is their Edgelands Bandeau Swimdress, currently available in sizes 14 to 24
 Shore Club Edgelands Bandeau Swimdress 

and their Tahitian Bandeau version, in sizes 12, 16 and 20, as I write this.

Shore Club Tahitian Bandeau Swimdress 
They have a solid black version as well, in sizes 16 to 24

I just looked at Shore Club earlier in the week.
These styles were not there.
I can only think that rather than these swimdresses going out of stock swiftly,
they are, perhaps arriving in stock in limited sizes.

I also saw a new Beach Belle swimdress too, but that was it so far there and no new Tropiculture swimwear as yet…

Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Shore Club Swimdresses and One Piece styles

I was pleasantly surprised to find new Shore Club swimwear on sale today, along with most of everything else at S4A, 30% off, until 9/15

Here is a look at their two new swimdress styles and two new twist front maillots!

All four of these new Shore Club swimsuits are available in sizes 10 to 24 and are on sale for $54 to $58.50 at this current discount!

Flamingo Cami and Ruffle Swimdresses

Their new Flamingo Cami swimdress has a hidden underwire bra with removable soft cups and adjustable straps! Its empire waist and princess seamed skirt make this a very flattering swimsuit for many women!

 Shore Club Flamingo Cami Swimdress 

The side shirring and tiny print of Shore Club’s new Ruffle swimdress will flatter many figures as well as accent curves! This style provides soft cup support with adjustable straps.

Shore Club Ruffle Swimdress

Twist Front One Piece Swimsuits

Shore Club’s new Coastal twist front on a sweetheart neckline maillot with side shirring appears to have wider comfy straps! These are adjustable and this swimsuit provides soft cup on a shelf bra bust support.

 Shore Club Coastlines Twist Front Maillot 

Their Swell Lines geometric print maillot has the same nice features as the above one piece swimsuit.
 Shore Club Swell Lines Twist Front Maillot 

All of these swimdresses and maillots have their signature power-mesh tummy control for instant slenderizing!

I was a bit surprised to find new Shore Club swimwear this late in the summer!

Nice to see one of these is an underwire style, with removable soft cups!

If you need underwire swimwear in sizes up to 26W, I believe Always for Me’s underwire styles are on sale now!
If you need larger, bra sized swimwear styles, Elomi is an excellent brand to try, though pricier…