Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New, Unexpected, Beach Belle Swimwear

Beach Belle has new blouson tankini styles, sarong front swimsuits which I had shown here in July. These, like their V-neck swimdresses often become best sellers and continue to come out in different prints!

I just found a new Surplice swimsuit by Beach Belle, very much like Longitude surplice swimsuits.

They also have princess seamed lingerie strap swimdresses, (in sizes 10 to 26!), with overall print, rather than the more typical, and best-selling black lingerie swimdress with accent twin straps and empire waist accents in bright colors.

They also have two new prints versions of Beach Belle’s Flared tankini, shortini, skirtini styles available now too!These come in sizes 10 to 26 and one skirtini bottom style comes in sizes up to 34!

Beach Belle Surplice Swimsuits

So far one difference between Longitude and Beach Belle surplice swimsuits is the prices:
  • Longitude some $69 and mostly $82
  • Beach Belle’s one surplice style so far: $68 full price. 
These all being at S4A, they are all quite often available at a discount!

Click on this picture of Beach Belle’s Wavelength Surplice Swimsuit now and you will find it available in sizes 10 to 24, $51 at S4A’s current discount and too new for reviews…

 Beach Belle Wavelengths Surplice Swimsuit

Lingerie Strap with Mesh Panel Swimdresses

A main difference between the best-selling black version of this swimwear style, which I will show below, and these new overall print versions is the mesh panels to accent torso mentioned in their descriptions at S4A.

Sadly, I cannot make out from the photos of these swimsuits how well these mesh panels work visually, but I like the idea of them.
What do you think?

Like the black bestselling version both of these styles come in sizes 10 to 26.

This is the Bolivia Print

 Beach Belle Bolivia Lingerie Strap Swimdress 

This is the Panama print in this newish style

 Beach Belle Panama Lingerie Strap Swimdress

and this is the classic best-selling version.

 Beach Belle Cerise Lingerie Swimdress

They are all too new for reviews and the flirty twin shoulder straps are not adjustable…

New Flared Tankini Top styles from Beach Belle

Like many, if not all now, Beach Belle styles, these plus size tankini tops are available:
  • by themselves, ($36.75 at current discount, $49 full price)
  • and as two piece
  • tankini
  • skirtini
  • shortini styles 
  • in our choice, (tops and bottom each your choice of sizes!), sizes 10 to 26, for both the tops and bottoms
Except, in this Flared Skirtini style, the swim skirts come in sizes 10 to 34! 

This is their new City Lights tankini top print as a Flared Skirtini style.

 Beach Belle City Lights Flared Skirtini 

This is there new, as a tankini top style, St Lucia print. This print came out earlier this summer as a Sarong Front swimsuit by Beach Belle, which you can view about ½ down the above mentioned July post about New Beach Belle Blouson Tankini and Sarong Front Swimwear styles.

 Beach Belle St. Lucia Flared Cargo Shortini 

They also have some solid black new scoop neck skirtini, cargo skirtini, flared skirtini and tankinis!



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