Wednesday, January 29, 2014

S4A’s Plus Size Sarong Front Swimsuits

Beach Belle and Aquabelle, (the chlorine resistant swimwear), are S4A’S, (Swimsuits for All), swimwear lines. Both swimwear lines get consistently great to excellent reviews on their sarong front swimsuits, which tend to be available in an ever changing array of beautiful prints!

Beach Belle’s Best-Selling Sarong Front Swimsuits

When I first wrote this last year Beach Belle’s Sarong front swimsuits were usually among the top styles in Swimsuits for All’s Best Sellers page and still are.

Now, (1/2014), this swimwear style comes in sizes 10 to 24 in prints and solid black comes in sizes 10 to 26. This Desert Palm print style is, like the current 8 new prints, too new for reviews. Beach Belle Desert Palm  Plus Size Sarong Front Swimsuit

Here is one of their, currently, most vivid new prints in this style. It only has one review, which pretty much says, to me anyway, she got the wrong size and should have exchanged it for a larger one… Beach Belle Rio Vista Plus Size Sarong Front

These solid black swimsuits are the ones that come in sizes 10 to 26. Even though they are new, they already have 16 excellent reviews, with no cons! Beach Belle Black Plus Size Sarong Front Swimsuit
Many reviewers of this one wish it came in other solid color! Currently there are 7 older prints in this style, available in varying sizes, with mostly 4.5 star reviews!

These One Piece Bathing Suits

These swimsuits have a gentle V-neckline and a moderate scoop back. This is a full coverage swimwear style with full back coverage for most women.

The back of these swimwear styles look like a one piece. The front has a very short, and feminine, sarong front.

The combination of this swimwear style’s power-net tummy control and sleek sarong front help elongate our torsos and slenderize our waists and hips.

The prints also help break up the torso and visually minimize our waists as well.

These bathing suits offer molded cup bra bust support on a plush empire band that fits up to:
  • C/D cup in sizes 8 to 16
  • and D / DD cup sizes comfortably in sizes 18 to 34

Excellent Reviews Best Selling Swimsuits

Women usually give this swimwear style great to excellent reviews.
They mostly like if for being:
  • Attractive
  • Flattering and 
  • High quality. 
Other common Pros are:
  • Good Size / Fit 
  • Dries Quickly or Light weight 

More personal comments are:
  • Good Customer Service 
  • Moves great during water aerobics 
  • Modesty! 
  • Hides Pounds 
  •  Compliments 
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Get In and Out of By One’s Self 
  • The Price is Right! 
  • Husband Loves It 

Some reviewers want, or have, more than One of these Swimsuits.

Women wear these swimsuits for:
  • Casual Swimming 
  • At the Beach 
  • Surfing
  • Racing
  • Exercise 
  • Snorkeling
  • Daily Pool Therapy 
  • Teaching Classes 
Many women are wearing the non-chlorine resistant versions for pool use and water aerobics, with varying results…
The Chlorine Resistant Sarong Front Swimsuits
Sometimes we can find chlorine resistant sarong front bathing suits in S4A’s Aquabelle section, which tend to be available in sizes 8 to 24!

These newer halter styles have sweetheart necklines and H-backs with S-hook closures, which S4A says will improve bust support.

Such as this black one,  which is new in September 2014 and cost $58 full price.
Aquabelle Solid Black Sarong Front Plus Size Swimsuit

This Poppies print version has 23 reviews with at 4 star average and are available in most sizes 10 to 22, on sale, at this update, for $40.60. Aquabelle Poppies Plus Size Sarong Front Swimsuit
With these two newer, sweetheart neckline styles the only consistent complaint was a bit of difficulty with the back fastener…
So it appears the thin lining issue in the chlorine resistant of these swimsuits is handled!

Whether regular or chlorine resistant, the sarong front swimwear style is very flattering for many women and well worth trying!

S4A’s own swimwear lines tend to be pleasantly affordable as well as beautiful!
S4A swimwear collections have many fashion forward one and two piece plus size swimsuits.

Swimsuits for All also carries swimsuits by:
and sometimes
  • Maxine of Hollywood 
  • and Penbrooke 
 They usually have excellent sale prices on their own Beach Belle swimwear lines as well as other designer swimwear. You will usually find a link to S4A at the top of the right column of this blog, which leads to their current specials, sales and discounts! Latest

Latest Update: 9/12/14
Originally written 2/4/13

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Blouson and other Miraclesuit Swimsuits for Less

Having recently done a post about best-selling blouson tops, I was surprised to come across this Miraclesuit blouson one piece. As Miraclesuit is pricey, I also tried another approach, different than the one on my Miraclesuit page, approach to their full figure swimwear at eBay stores. Today I found 134 of these, starting at $22, (swim briefs), $22 tankini tops and $42 one piece swimsuits using this Women's Miraclesuit Swimwear New with Tags at eBay stores link and finding mostly actual Women’s sizes with it!

Miraclesuit Blouson One Piece Bathing Suits

If you click on its pictures you will find it too new for reviews and available in sizes 10 – 18, for $144. It is prices like these that make me look for styles new with tags at eBay stores.
That said, I have purchased and returned and exchanged bras over the years from Her Room without the slightest problem.
This swimsuit above provides:
  • Lightly padded hidden contour cups and non-adjustable straps for bust suppport
  • Of course it has Miraclesuit’s Miratex lining with 3Xs the control power of normal swimwear
  • Except this time it is modestly, or more loosely, hidden by the faux blouson top part of this swimwear style
  • This swimsuit’s drop-waist also elegantly elongates your torso! 
 I think the latter is one of the best features of the blouson style swimsuit or tankini tops!

About Miraclesuit at Her Room

Her Room, unlike Always for Me, only seems to have Miraclesuit swimwear in sizes without the W after them. I do not know if this makes much of a difference, but Miraclesuit Plus Size Swimwear at Always for Me tends to be available in sizes 16W to 24W.

This fauxkini, (looks like a tankini), shown above is one of the 17 Miraclesuit swimwear styles Her Room has currently that they consider to be full figure.

Both stores currently have some Miraclesuit with soft cup and some underwire styles. Both only have one piece Miraclesuit swimsuits in full figure sizes.

How I normally Shop eBay to Save

What I normally do with bras is find the style and size perfect for me at stores like Her Room for the first one. Then try to find more of the same, or similar, New with Tags, at eBay stores. This method has worked beautifully for me!

The eBay link shows Miraclesuit swim separates:
  • Tankini Tops
  • Swim Briefs
  • Swim Skirts 
 as well as one piece styles.
The way I have the page that link goes to set up it will show the lowest prices, including the shipping, first!

I always though, since I first became aware of Miraclesuit, that many women would enjoy the support and styling of their swimwear. The reviews at Always for Me of their swimwear styles say I was apparently correct.

The Price, however, can be a bit much and I am glad we can find their swimwear for less at eBay stores!


Friday, January 24, 2014

New versions of Always for Me Best-Selling Swimsuits

Each year Always for Me comes out with new versions of their best-selling twist-front swimsuits and Illusion mini-swimdress styles. At the end of this post you can view a couple left from last year on sale for $44.50!

2014 Twist-Front Bandeau Plus Size Swimsuits

Since their first halter / bandeau twist-front mini-swimdresses, Always for Me made slight improvements and expanded this style to include tankini and one piece versions!

This 2014 Shimmering Martinique skirtini gives up side boning and adjustable / removable straps! These swimsuits also come in a pink shimmer color in, like most Always for Me swimwear, sizes 16W to 26W.
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Solids Martinique 2 Pc Skirtini 

Currently this is the only style with a, (it happens to be excellent), review! Now this Serengeti swimdress says it has ‘Stays’ rather than the ‘boning’ the similar skirtini above has.

Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Prints Serengeti Twist Front Bandeau Swim Mini

2014 Illusion Swimdress Chic Prints

These styles are similar to Always for Me’s best-selling Illusion mini swimdress. The difference, besides the prints, is the adjustable tie between your breasts with these swimsuits!

Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Prints Santa Cruz Swim Mini 
These twin polka dot print swimsuits have the same adjustable tie detail too. These come in a blue and black, both with white dots, print versions.

 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Prints Daphne Swim Mini

The Supportive and Flattering Features of these Swimsuits

All these swimsuits have center ruching that helps:

  • hide bulges while at the same time accentuates your hip to waist ratio
  • visually curve creating
  • Flirty skirt detailing that slenderizes your hips and thighs while making you look curvier! 
 These swimsuits give us foam cup bust support on power-mesh With:
  • Adjustable straps we can remove and wear strapless
  • Wear them straight over the shoulder
  • Or wear them cross-back for extra bust support!
The Sale Versions of these Swimsuits
This highly rated twist-front style has excellent reviews, comes in a pink print too and is still available in sizes 16W to 24W for $44.50!

 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Prints Salinas Twist Front Bandeau 
On the other hand, this beautiful and equally highly rated mini swimdress is only available in this fuchsia print and down to size 22W, and only 4 of them at this writing, for $44.50… 
Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Prints - Santee Swim Dress - NO RETURNS 
While sizes might be limited, it is still nice to have a shot at trying these highly rated swimsuits, based on bestselling plus size swimwear style for under $50.

New, at full price, the swimsuits at the top of this post go for $89.

It is only January and Always for Me has plenty of their own and other designer swimwear for full figure women to enjoy this resort other swimsuit seasons!


Monday, January 20, 2014

$30 for Similar to Best-Selling Mini-Swimdress

Swimsuits for All’s Clearance has a multitude of tankini tops, and chlorine resistant ones too, for $20 and $27 one piece bathing suits of many designs. A few of these are highly rate and similar to Always for Me’s twist-front, halter / bandeau mini-swimdresses!

The Always for Me swimdresses are $89 and the ones like them that I am finding on page 2 using this Take Up to 80% off Clearance - New Styles Added S4A link are $29.98!

The Sale Swimdresses with the most Sizes

This halter bandeau twist-front swimdress has excellent reviews, no cons and is available in all sizes 10 – 24! Shore Club Pink Waterfall Stripe Plus Size Twist Front Swimdress

This version of these swimsuits has only one con: poor coverage, (I think it depends on what you expect from a style like this…), and is still available in all sizes 10 to 22, except 16. Shore Club Coral Plus Size Bandeau/Halter Twist Front Swimdress
There is a third version of this style in Clearance. A darker floral print, very beautiful, same cut, excellent reviews, no Cons, but is down to size 22.

These plus size swimsuits, and many other one piece swimsuits are on sale for $29.98 in Swimsuits for All’s Clearance department! Tankini tops are on sale for $19.98!

We can speed our search by using their shop by size feature too! Currently S4A’s Clearance department is 5 pages long!

This could be one of the best times to get our swimwear wardrobes summer ready for much less!



Friday, January 17, 2014

New and Sale Blouson Plus Size Tankini Tops

Blouson tankini tops are handy for being in and out of the pool, water park, lake or sea. Modest enough to feel comfy in stores, restaurants and the like and then back in the water! Here is a look at two new styles and some sale styles available to make adding this versatile swimwear style to your wardrobe a breeze!

New Blouson Tankini Top Styles

Always for Me has this new Beach House tankini top which is available in sizes 16W - 24W. Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Beach House Separates First Mate Side Tie Blouson Tankini Top 
These tankini tops give us foam cups on a 360 degree power-mesh shelf bra and adjustable straps! Always for Me also has solid adjustable side-tie swim briefs and swim skirts are available to go with this swim top too.

They also have this bandeau blouson style from Simply Sole in sizes 18W – 24W. Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Simply Sole' Separates City Lights Blouson Bandeau Top 
This swim top has adjustable removable straps and provides side boning to give extra support to its foam cup on all around power mesh shelf bra bust support.
A matching solid pink side slit swim skirt is available there to go with this beautiful swimwear style.

S4A’s Sale Blouson Tankini Tops

S4A’s own Beach Belle swimwear line has many new blouson tankini tops and you can check some of them out here on our Beach Belle Blouson Tankini Tops page!

Full or sale priced, Beach Belles are more check book friendly than Beach House or Simply Sole styles full price, respectively: $75 and $54.

Currently Beach Belle’s full price for their new versions of this style is $42, but they are almost always available on sale or with a discount.

Here is a look at some of this plus size tankini top style from their Clearance Sale, (limited sizes), department at S4A!

These styles below are just pictures, but you can use S4A’s Take Up to 80% off Clearance - New Styles Added link, and shop by size to speed your search to try out this excellent addition to your swimwear wardrobe for less!

All these styles are down to size 10, and they are all $19.98 each!

This Navy Leafy Floral Plus Size Blouson Tankini Top has 12 reviews you might want to scope out to see if this style might suit you…

They have other floral prints in this style in clearance too! 

They also have this Gold Feathery Animal Blouson Tankini Top in a less feathery black and white abstract animal print, for the same price!

Clearance Blouson Top Swimdresses, $29.98

If throwing on a dress is more your style, these swimdresses are available in a few more sizes and all at the same low price!

Again, these are just pictures below:

These Ombre Tropical Plus Size Blouson Swimdresses are available in size 24, at this writing…

but this Brown Island Safari Blouson Swimdress style is still available in sizes 10, 12 and 14 and has great reviews!

and this Bouquet Breeze Blouson Swimdress is available in sizes 22 and 24

It also has excellent reviews.

One difference about these blouson top swimdress styles to be aware of is, unlike the tankini top styles, it does not appear that they are making more of them. Not yet anyway…

No matter how you try blouson top styles, this is an excellent swimwear style for any woman to have on hand. They tend to get great reviews from full figure women over the years I have been reading them and they are best sellers at S4A.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Chlorine Resistant Swimwear at S4A

These new S4A chlorine resistant swimwear styles come sizes up to 24 by their own Aqualbelle swimwear line, who actually has swimwear in sizes up to 26! Some of these vividly colored and unique one piece bathing suits have keyhole backs, some racer back and some simple scoop back styles. They even have some ‘Plus Size Engineered’ swimsuit styles in now!

The Newest very Original Swimsuits

I think this new swimsuit is perhaps the most distinctive front and back of any one piece I have seen in a while. Aquabelle Rainbow Beach Plus Size Swimsuit
It says it has a keyhole back, but if you click on its picture and scroll down to see the back, it is closer to racer-back. The front ‘ruffle’, (is that what you would call it?), continues around the back!

This high neck fringe style actually does have a keyhole back, which is also worth checking out! Aquabelle Fringe Party Plus Size Swimsuit No, the fringe does not continue around the back of this style.

Plus Size Engineered Swimsuits

Wondered what they meant by ‘Plus Size Engineered’? So did I! They mean the prints of these tank swimsuits are designed to break up our torsos in a figure flattering way that slenderizes our waists!

I am fond of this brush stroke design Aquabelle Brush Strokes Plus Size Engineered Swimsuit And here is their confetti version Aquabelle Confetti Plus Size Engineered Swimsuit Both of these swimsuits have scoop backs, and somewhat mixed reviews

Other New Chlorine Resistant Swimwear styles at S4A

They have some square neck and high neck styles that have been at S4A a bit longer that I plan to show here soon too!

The prices of these chlorine resistant swimsuits are great! If you need swimsuits for constant pool use, these are well worth browsing!

They also have new shortini, skirtini and tankini and swim separates in chlorine resistant Aquabelle in too!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Up to 60% Off Pre-Season Swimwear

This is the last Day of Swimwear for Me’s Pre-Season sale. They have plus size swimwear in sizes up to 24W by Delta Burke and Longitude.

This time some of their prices are less than I am finding at S4A and Always for Me on some swimwear style!
Update 1/15/14: The previous banner expired. Use this one to check out their current sales and discounts! They have a search by size option! 
Take advantage of their sale today and enjoy great designer swimsuits and separates for less!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Some S4A’s Best Two-Piece Plus Size Swimsuits

S4A, (Swimsuits for All), has many new swimwear styles, but their current 30% off discount is good site wide!

Click on this banner, until the end of January 18th, and this discount will automatically be applied as you browse!
Here is a look at some of S4A’s own tankini and shortini swimwear styles they consider Best!

Some Best Shore Club Tankini styles

These Hot Tropic Tankinis are also available as a shortini style. These are by Shore Club, a S4A brand. Their brands let us choose the swim top and bottom sizes separately in their two piece swimsuits! Shore Club Hot Tropics Plus Size Tie Front Tankini
Like many plus size swimwear styles now, the tankini tops in these swimsuits have adjustable straps! I promise I will get over that eventually, but as a petite woman, it will likely take quite a while!

This is another tie-front tankini style from S4A’s Shore Club. Shore Club Costa Rica Plus Size Tie Front Tankini
The cut of these styles draw attention to our bust lines while the loose fit and prints, of the tankini tops of these swimsuits minimizes our waistlines and tummies!

This solid black twist-front halter / bandeau tankini style is also available as a skirtini. We can wear this style as a halter or strapless bandeau! Shore Club Eclipse Plus Size Twist Front Bandeau/Halter Tankini
Currently we can choose from sizes 10 to 24 for the tankini tops and 10 to 26 for the swim bottoms when buying any of these three plus size tankini styles.

Best Shortini Styles

If you prefer you prints a tad more subtle, their Tribal Palm Plus Size Tie Front Boy Shortini could be for you. Shore Club Mint Tribal Palm Plus Size Tie Front Boy Shortini At this writing, these two piece bathing suits have sizes 10 to 20 available for the tops and sizes 10 to 24 for their swim shorts! This is also from their Shore Club swimwear collection.

If you want a more modest cut, these blouson top Tahiti shortinis are down to sizes 10, 12 and 14 for the tops and sizes 10 to 26 for their swim cargo shorts. Beach Belle Tahiti Plus Size Blouson Cargo Shortini You can also get this style in solid black, which is also among the ‘Best’ at S4A.

If you would like a slightly more form fitting, but not as low cut as the styles at the top of this post, their scoop neck styles, of which their Beach Belle line has many, might be just what you are looking for!

This “Best” Feathery Animal Print shortini is currently down to sizes 10, 12 and 14 in for its tops and sizes 10 to 26 available in this style of swim shorts. Beach Belle Periwinkle Feathery Animal Plus Size Shortini These last two are from their Beach Belle swimwear collection.

All Swimsuits for All Swimwear Two Piece styles

Many of their two piece swimwear styles are often available as shortini, tankini, skirtini swimsuits and it is quite likely you will find just the swim tops in Separates at S4A as well!

S4A has various swimwear collections with their own unique qualities.

The above were some of the styles they labeled “Best” from the first 4 out of 11 pages of swimwear styles.

I am sure there are many more Best styles by their own swimwear lines, but it would take all day to look through them all.

They have their own Chlorine Resistant swimwear line called Aquabelle which has new styles in sizes 10 to 34! It too has plenty of one piece, and some shortini, skirtini and tankini, all with racer-back tops among their Best styles.

More on those soon!

Enjoy the 30% off discount on their own, and other, such as Longitude and Delta Burke swimwear styles, while it lasts!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

New & Sale Chlorine Resistant Maxine Plus Size Swimsuits

Always for Me has both new and sale styles of chlorine resistant swimwear by Maxine in sizes up to 24W!

If you need more bust support, our sister site’s latest post shows chlorine resistant Speedo and Zoggs underwire and soft cup swimsuits, actually New and On Sale, in sizes up to 38J and 40H!

Two New Maxine Plus Size Swimwear styles

This new print style

 Plus Size Swimwear - Maxine Island Love Shirred Front Girl Leg 1 Pc Polyester Swimsuit 

And this solid swimsuit, which also comes in a solid teal, are both new and available in all sizes 16W to 24W at Always for Me.

 Plus Size Swimwear - Maxine Shirred Front Girl Leg 1 Pc Polyester Swimsuit 

These new chlorine resistant styles are 100% polyester and styled like the highly rated sale styles below!

Many women who review the sale styles say they work great because:

  • Hold up well to lots of pool, even heavily chlorinated pool, usage
  • They can Move / Swim without restriction
  • Find the vibrant colors great 
  • and the Fit Flattering

Two Sale Maxine Swimsuits

Perhaps for the above reasons this print style and solid pink sale styles, both 25% off, ($48 and $43.50) are down to sizes 22W and 24W.

This Amalfi print has the most reviews, which are often worth reading to get a better idea of how these swimwear styles might work for you.

 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Maxine Amalfi Shirred Front Girl Leg 1 Piece Spa Swimsuit 

All of these swimsuits seem to have:
  • Soft Cup Bust Support 
  • Comfy 1.5 inch straps 
  • Center front ruching 
  • Power-net front lining 
  • Conservative leg cut 
  • And are 100% Polyester and chlorine resistant!

 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Maxine Solid Shirred Front Girl Leg 1 Pc Spa Swimsuit 

While there are some women who find the fit of these swimsuits too loose, most reviewers give them high marks and some reviewers have or aim to get a second one in this cut.

If you have a problem with swimwear that lets you move enough to do laps and holds up to consistent chlorine exposure, based on the reviews, these Maxine swimwear styles are an excellent choices well worth trying!