Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Chlorine Resistant Swimwear at S4A

These new S4A chlorine resistant swimwear styles come sizes up to 24 by their own Aqualbelle swimwear line, who actually has swimwear in sizes up to 26! Some of these vividly colored and unique one piece bathing suits have keyhole backs, some racer back and some simple scoop back styles. They even have some ‘Plus Size Engineered’ swimsuit styles in now!

The Newest very Original Swimsuits

I think this new swimsuit is perhaps the most distinctive front and back of any one piece I have seen in a while. Aquabelle Rainbow Beach Plus Size Swimsuit
It says it has a keyhole back, but if you click on its picture and scroll down to see the back, it is closer to racer-back. The front ‘ruffle’, (is that what you would call it?), continues around the back!

This high neck fringe style actually does have a keyhole back, which is also worth checking out! Aquabelle Fringe Party Plus Size Swimsuit No, the fringe does not continue around the back of this style.

Plus Size Engineered Swimsuits

Wondered what they meant by ‘Plus Size Engineered’? So did I! They mean the prints of these tank swimsuits are designed to break up our torsos in a figure flattering way that slenderizes our waists!

I am fond of this brush stroke design Aquabelle Brush Strokes Plus Size Engineered Swimsuit And here is their confetti version Aquabelle Confetti Plus Size Engineered Swimsuit Both of these swimsuits have scoop backs, and somewhat mixed reviews

Other New Chlorine Resistant Swimwear styles at S4A

They have some square neck and high neck styles that have been at S4A a bit longer that I plan to show here soon too!

The prices of these chlorine resistant swimsuits are great! If you need swimsuits for constant pool use, these are well worth browsing!

They also have new shortini, skirtini and tankini and swim separates in chlorine resistant Aquabelle in too!


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