Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Women’s Miraclesuit Swimwear On Sale Plus A Discount

Always for Me, who has their own more affordable control swimwear line, and other stores no doubt carry Miraclesuit swimwear in sizes 16W to 24W, but Bigger Bras has 12 of their one piece styles, a swim skirt and brief and they are all on sale right now!

Even on sale, Miraclesuit is fairly pricey, but at Bigger Bras Miraclesuit swimwear also qualifies for their current, (and quite often), 10% Off discount code we can find on their pages!

Other than that, you can check out this Plus Size Miraclesuit Swimwear New with Tags at eBay stores link for the very best prices I can find. This morning I am finding 449 starting at about $30 for one piece styles and $20 for swim bottoms!

Here is a look at some soft cup and underwire Miraclesuit swimsuits on sale currently at Bigger Bras in full figure sizes!

Some Miraclesuit Swimsuits at Bigger Bras

These are just picture below. You can use this Full Figure Miraclesuit swimwear at Bigger Bras link to browse their whole current collection!

Here is a style they also have in average sizes, which I first saw at Bare Necessities and thought it would be so flattering for so many women!

This flirty twist front swimdress is available in sizes 16W to 24W in black, now $176.40, (before the 10% off discount!), down from $196.

This underwire style is available as shown and in ultraviolet in the same sizes. It is based on their popular Escape swimsuit and now $144, down from $160.

This is the hidden underwire version of their popular Aurora Swimdress, available in all sizes in this ultraviolet color and down to $158.40, from $176…

They also have another version of this, which does not mention its bust support, down to sizes 20W and 22W, which I am thinking is the soft cup version of this swimsuit…

This beautiful blue print version of their popular Oceanus swimsuit is down to sizes 18W, 20W and 22W for $144

They also have this cut in solid black and polka dot versions. 

They have other swimsuit styles and the above mentioned swim briefs and skirts there on sale as well!

The discount code is on the left upper half of the pages at Bigger Bras!



Sunday, October 25, 2015

New Shore Club Tankini Swimwear styles

Besides the new swimdresses, fly away underwire tankini tops and other underwire tankini styles I have posted about here lately by Shore Club swimwear, they have some new halter and other tankini tops as in as well!

Two of these halter tankini tops are under $30 at S4A’s current discount!

These as tankini tops are available as shortini and tankini styles with our choice of sizes 10 to 26 for bottoms and skirtinis, whose bottoms come in sizes 10 to 24.
The tankini tops, sold separately or with two piece swimwear styles come in our choice of sizes 10 to 24.

Two Halter Tankini Tops under $30

This is just at their current discount. Their High Summer tie-halter tops Shore Club High Summer Halter Top 

and White Water, also a self-tie, halter top style are also available as tankini, skirtini and shortini styles, but as just the tankini tops, are under $30!

 Shore Club Whitewater Halter Top 

Both of these halter tankini tops above provide full encircling shelf bra on a plush elastic band with soft molded, wire free, cup bust support.

Sweetheart Neckline with Side Shirring and H-back Tankini Styles

Shore Club’s Traveler Sweetheart Tankini’s top has adjustable straps, flattering side shirring!

 Shore Club Traveler Sweetheart Tankini 

Their relaxed fit Horizon H-Back Slit Skirtini below does not appear to have adjustable straps.

 Shore Club Horizon H-Back Slit Skirtini 

Both of these styles provide built in, soft bra cup bust support.

I also notice Shore Club has a beautiful sarong front swimsuit, Shore Club Infinite Plunge Sarong Front Swimsuit, New at S4A now too!



Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Best Selling Lingerie Strap Swimdress style

By Beach Belle Beach Belle, Longitude and no doubt others swimwear makers have versions of these swimdresses and they are best sellers for some very good reasons!

This is no doubt why Longitude comes out with these in different prints top parts and other versions all the time.

This is a look at some of these currently available by S4A’s Beach Belle swimwear line.

Some Beach Belle Lingerie Swimdresses

This Mint accent version is currently their best-selling swimdress style and is still available in sizes 10 to 26!

 Beach Belle Mint Lingerie Swimdress 

This is also available in a pink accent version in their Beach Belle Cerise Lingerie Swimdress.

Either way, you can see how
  • The princess seams streamline one’s torso
  • down from its waist and bust accentuating empire waist
  • Naturally this cut of swimdress also makes small of ones hips and upper thighs
  • while at the same time can, owing to its flare, 
  • give the impression of a larger waist to hip ratio, 
  • for those of us with a more rectangular shape!
  • Relatively high straight back, which should add extra bust support! 

All excellent reasons why we can count of Beach Belle for a few of these swimdresses and Longitude even more at any time of year, it seems!

Sadly, it seems that neither Beach Belle nor Longitude have these with adjustable straps…
Hopefully later!

Another version is the all over print style, which I am finding two of by Beach Belle on page one of S4A’s Swimdress department.

One is a their Pink, red, black, white with purple accent Beach Belle Bolivia Lingerie Swimdress version.

and this Panama print style, both too new for reviews and available in sizes 10 to 26!

 Beach Belle Panama Lingerie Swimdress 

Their Pink Sand print with black empire waist and twin strap accents has a 4.8 average out of its current 4 reviews, but is down to sizes 20, 22 and 24…

S4A also has 3 more of this version of swimdress style by Beach Belle in different prints, currently on page 2 of their Swimdress department.

 Beach Belle Pink Sand Lingerie Swimdress 

Currently these are the Beach Belle versions of this popular and flattering swimdress style.

Longitude makes similar ones, as well as a print top, with solid black skirt from the empire waist down style. You can view this by using this Longitude Parakeet Empire Swimdress link.
I plan to give their versions of the lingerie strap swimdress style its own page soon!



Sunday, October 18, 2015

JMS Plus Size Swimwear Under $30

Just My Size’s Final Liquidation Sale Up To 75% Off Plus-Size Swimwear. Click link to activate Offer. Offer valid 10/13/2015 - 1/22/2016 only. with actual swimsuits, rather than swim separates, for $20 to $28!

Here is a look at some of these styles!

Some pictures of Under $30 JMS Swimsuits

Just use the text link above to go to JMS’ Swimwear liquidation Sale. These are just pictures of some of these styles that are available in more than 2 sizes.

If you do use the link you will find these, and more swimdresses and one piece styles for under $30 on the first page of this sale!

This princess seamed D cup swimsuit is available for $19.99 in sizes 14W to 26W
It is also available in a regular version and extended sizes for the same price!

This two piece shortini is available in sizes 16W to 22W and is now just $24.99

Page 2 had plenty of tankini tops at excellent prices but here are some of the swimwear styles on page 3 of this sale!

This halter swimdress is now $21.99 and available in all sizes 14W to 24W

This floral sarong front swimsuit is now $19.99 and available in sizes 14W, 16W and 20W.

This 4 star sarong front swimsuit is $29.99 and down to sizes 14W, 18W, 22W and 24W as I write this.

If you are looking for tankini tops, plenty are available for $19.99 to just under $25 at this sale!



Friday, October 16, 2015

40% Off Ashely Stewart Swimwear

Making some styles under $30!

I have no idea how long this is running, but currently it appears all Ashley Stewart swimwear in on sale at 40% Off!

 They have bikini separates, swimdresses, one piece styles, two swim skirts and a tankini top in sizes 12 to 26 at this discount.

They also have beautiful swimsuit cover ups at 40% off too! You can use this link today to go directly to Ashley Stewart’s 40% Off Swimwear sale!

Some of Ashley Stewart’s 40% Off Swimwear

Their tie-halter swimdress is available in sizes 12 to 26, now for $53.70. It is also available in solid liquid turquoise, in the same sizes and price. This twist front swimdress can be styled strapless as well!

 Tropical Print Swimdress 

Their spiral print tankini top is down to sizes 22 and 24 and now $32.70. It has adjustable straps as well as those front two draw strings, so you can adjust its ruching as well.

 Spiral Print Tankini Top 

This bikini top is now $26.70 and available in sizes 12 to 26
They also have this style in solid liquid turquoise and black!

 Printed Bra Bikini Top 

Their tie halter Agate One piece swimsuit is available in sizes 18 to 24 and now $47.70 at this current discount.

 Agate Print One Piece Swimsuit 

They have other one piece styles too, besides the above-mentioned.

The swim briefs are down to $20.70 at this discount and swim skirts down to $23.70 at 40% off!
They all appear to be Web Exclusive styles, which I suppose is likely at this time of year...

I do not know how long this will last so enjoy it soon!


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Tropiculture Swimwear styles

S4A has tankini, one piece and a convertible sheath Tropiculture swimwear styles in! Currently, if you try to search S4A for these, and other styles there you will find Tropiculture under Stylish Collection, Shore Club as Fun and Flirty Collection, Beach Belle as Classic Collection rather than using their S4A brand names…

Here is a look at Tropiculture’s new

Handkerchief Tankini Styles

Both of these new Tropiculture Tankinis come in our choices to tops and bottom sizes separately. We can choose sizes 10 to 24 for the tops and 10 to 26 for the bottoms!

If you click on either of these pictures and view the backs of these styles with the ‘mouse over to zoom’ feature at S4A you can see that this style not only has adjustable straps, it also appear they detach from the back of the swimsuit.
This would mean we can wear these tankini tops, cross back as shown or conventionally if we like!

Also, while the description does not say this, the center keyhole tie accent, looks as if it can be tied tighter or made looser! This is the Castaway Handkerchief Tankini style

 Tropiculture Castaway Handkerchief Tankini 

This is the same style in its Strata print version. Currently both of these styles are available as just the tankini top too!

 Tropiculture Strata Handkerchief Tankini 

I went into more detail than usual about the straps because:
While both of the descriptions of these tankini tops,
as two piece swimsuits and just the tops,
say they have non-adjustable straps,
followed directly by their saying adjustable straps…
a typo, I am guessing.

New Tropiculture One Piece Swimsuits

The following one piece bathing suits are available in sizes 10 to 24.

This convertible sheath swimsuit can be worn strapless or tie-halter style. You can also adjust the length with its pull ties at the side seams.

 Tropiculture Squalo Convertible Sheath 

This halter swimsuit provides wire-free molded cups on a shelf bra bust support. 

This flattering draped front, mesh inset swimsuit has adjustable straps and built-in soft cup bra support.

 Tropiculture Squalo Mesh Inset Swimsuit 

This is Tropiculture’s Digital Wave Crossover Swimsuit, which also provide built-in, wire free soft bra cup bust support.
These have wide, comfy, but non-adjustable straps.
This style also has a relatively high back, which should provide even more bust support.

 Tropiculture Digital Wave Crossover Swimsuit 

This is the Sphynx print of this sweetheart neckline swimwear style.

 Tropiculture Sphynx Crossover Swimsuit 

Both of these swimsuits have ruched bodices to further the effect of their bulge hiding prints!

I think its great that S4A is coming out with new swimwear styles in the Fall!
I wish all sites that carry swimwear did this!

Also, I notice that S4A has a 1/3 Off Site Wide banner at the top left side of their pages. Unfortunately, it says: ‘Until 10/14’