Wednesday, March 29, 2017

$19.99 It Figures Plus Swim Separates and One Piece Swimsuits

Swimsuits Direct, whose link is in this blog’s right column, has some It Figures Plus Swimwear styles now at excellent prices!

Many of these Tankini tops, swim briefs and skirts and one piece styles are available plenty, some in all, sizes 16W to 24W!

Here is a quick look at some of these

$19.99 It Figures Plus Swimwear

This Rufflekini Paradise Island Tankini top is down to sizes 16W, 22W and 24W and the swim brief it is pictured with is available in all sizes 16W to 24W, sold separately, both are $19.99 now!

It Figures Plus Paradise Island Rufflekini...
It Figures Plus Paradise Island Rufflekini Tummy Thinner SKU: IR004281W [More]
Price: $68.00
Sale: $19.99

Their Out of Africa V Neck Tankini tops is available in all sizes, (16W to 24W), as is the swim skirt it’s pictured with for $19.99!

It Figures Plus Out of Africa V Neck Tanki...
It Figures Plus Out of Africa V Neck Tankini D-Cup and Up Tummy Thinner SKU: IR007223W [More]
Price: $66.00
Sale: $19.99

Their Jungle Wild Underwire One Piece is also available in all sizes, for the same lovely price!
It Figures Plus Jungle Wild U/W Print Inse...
It Figures Plus Jungle Wild U/W Print Inset Tank D-Cup and Up Tummy Thinner SKU: IR010152W [More]
Price: $110.00
Sale: $19.99

As is their Bay Breeze Underwire Sweetheart Neckline One Piece swimsuit!
It Figures Plus Bay Breeze U/W Sweetheart ...
It Figures Plus Bay Breeze U/W Sweetheart Tank D-Cup and Up Tummy Thinner SKU: IR005132W [More]
Price: $124.00
Sale: $19.99

There are a few more It Figures tankini tops and one piece swimsuits at this great price now at Swimsuits Direct, and the rest are mostly $120 Swimdresses and one piece styles with some $62 tankini tops at the moment…




Monday, March 27, 2017

Some 2017 Ashley Graham Bikinis

Ashley Graham Swimwear is available at S4A to inspire everybody at every age to feel beautiful and I believe her swimwear styles could do just that!

Doubt it? Use this Ashley Graham Swimwear at S4A link and click on the See The Campaign link. Watch the video of women wearing and dancing in these swimsuits and consider it again!

Most Ashley Graham’s 2017 bikini and one piece swimsuits do not have a lot of reviews yet, but rather than wait until they are low stock…

Here is a look at some of the available in sizes 6 to 22, both bikini tops and bottoms, sold out in all size 24s Ashley Graham S4A bikini styles!

Two Princesa Bikini Prints

Ashley Graham’s Princesa bikini styles are available in these two prints and get mixed reviews. Four Excellent, two disappointed…

Both of these versions have the braid detail underbust, and hip accents with a braid detail on their straps.

They have self-tie halter straps with H back styling and of course these beautiful prints! Both the bikini tops and bottoms are fully lined and provide removable foam cups in their sliding triangle bikini tops.

This is the Tropic print Princesa Bikini

 Ashley Graham x swimsuitsforall Princesa Tropic Bikini 

and this is the Floral version of her Princesa bikini style.

 Ashley Graham x swimsuitsforall Princesa Floral Bikini 

You can click on any of these pictures here to go straight to these swimwear styles at S4A to better appreciate their fronts, backs and detailing!

Ashley Graham Bikinis for S4A to Ship April 14th

The next three are available for pre-order, shipping April 14th 2017. I especially like her Actriz Bikini for its stylish, yet a bit more bust coverage, swim top!

This bikini top provides built in, wire free bra cups with self-tie halter and back straps. The accents you see are crystals.

S4A warns us that these crystals will be affected by exposure to salt and chlorinated water…

Still a lovely style to be seen and sun in!

 Ashley Graham x swimsuitsforall Actriz Bikini 

Ashley Graham’s Jefa black bikini has a cross-over high neck top is also a design featured in one of her pale print one piece swimsuit!

This bikini also is available, listed separately, in a white with blue and black print bikini style too!

Do not let the front picture fool you; these front straps turn into adjustable shoulder straps that go down to a self-tie back straps. The bikini tops of this style provide wire-free foam cups on a mesh lining.

 Ashley Graham x swimsuitsforall Jefa Black Bikini 

The Ashley Graham Condesa Bikini provides self-tie halter and dual back straps! These also have built-in wire free bra cups.

 Ashley Graham x swimsuitsforall Condesa Bikini

One of the two String Bikinis

The Ashley Graham x swimsuitsforall Heroina Leopard Bikini is also available in solid white, listed separately. The white version has no reviews yet.

This bikini has mostly Excellent, (5 star), reviews! It provides fully lined, sliding, triangle cups with removable foam cups. Both the halter neck and back and the bikini bottoms are self-tied!


I hope to post the 2017 Ashley Graham one piece swimwear styles here soon too.

Her styles are pricier than what we usually find at S4A, and unlike the Gabi Fresh ones, do not seem to be included in site wide sales and discounts…

But they are uniquely beautiful and worth considering. Enjoy!


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cole of California Plus Tankini Tops

This is just a small selection of some of the Cole of California tankini tops we can find now at Swimsuits Direct.

These styles are generally available in the 16W to 24W size range, as are the variety of swim briefs and skirts available to go with them, unless otherwise noted.

I do not know much about Cole of California Plus swimwear but many of their styles get great reviews at Amazon, whose link I will post at the end of this post.

The following are pictures of some of these styles we can currently find at Swimsuits Direct, whose link is in this blog’s right column. They have more one piece, bikini and of course swim bottoms there too!

Four Cole of California Plus Tankini Styles

The tops and bottoms are sold separately in these styles.

Their Wild Heart Floral Double Cross Back Tankini tops are currently available in all sizes. The twin shoulder straps cross in the back and these swim tops provide removable cups!

Swimsuits Direct also has a high neck tankini tops in this Wild Heart Floral print too.

This blue version of their Women's Super Solids Bandeaukini Swim top is also available in black and a medium pink. It provides molded cups with removable straps.

This color is down to sizes 16W and 24W, but the swim brief it is shown with is available in all sizes. The dual tiered swim skirt in this color is available in sizes 18W to 24W.

Their Macrame Banded Triangle Tankini top is available in all sizes and provides adjustable cross-back straps and non-removable cups

They have a variety of black swim bottoms to go with these tankini tops.

Their Super Solids Ruffle Tankini tops are also available in a medium blue and provide removable cups.
Although not mentioned in the description, a close view of the backs of these at Swimsuits Direct shows these straps as adjustable!
The ruffle does not continue onto the back in this swim top style.
In this color these are available in sizes 18W to 24W.

A couple of Swim Skirt Too

I like their swim skirts I found at Swimsuits Direct and wanted to show them here too.
While this particular tiered tankini top is sold out at Swimsuits Direct, but they have some solid tiered tankini tops. This cute swim skirt is still available in sizes 16W and 20W to 24W.
Also, Amazon has some of their print tiered tankini tops!
These swim skirts have two tiers front and back, to a pretty effect!

Here is a picture of just the swim skirt! These are also available, listed separately, in a medium blue and pink!

Their side tie swim skirt is available in sizes 18W to 24W! 

They also have more print styles in Cole of California Plus Swimwear at Swimsuits Direct.



Thursday, March 16, 2017

Four New S4A Swimsuits

Here is a brief look at just four of the new S4A brand swimsuits I found there in What’s New.

Also, their current 15% to 50% Off Site Wide SALE ends in 20+ hours!

Some New S4A One Piece, Shortini and Bikini

Keeping this brief largely because this beauty is already sold out in sizes 10 and 12, but still available in sizes 6, 8 and 14 to 24.

S4A’s Trailblazer Swimsuit is a wire free, with built in soft cups, tie halter, with an S hook back strap that creates a nice keyhole. Click on its picture to go to S4A and check out its other views!

 Trailblazer Swimsuit 

Their Pulse Loop Blouson Swimsuit is a one piece too, with soft, molded cups on a shelf bra bust support and adjustable straps! These are getting great reviews and are available in all sizes 10 to 24!

 Pulse Loop Blouson Swimsuit 

S4A’s Tahiti Blouson Cargo Shortini’s swim shorts are already sold out in sizes 8 and 10 but still available in sizes 12 to 24 and the blouson swim tops in all sizes 10 to 24.

This blouson tankini top has side-tie hem, non-adjustable straps but the swim shorts have a built in brief and functional pockets, with a Velcro front closure.

 Tahiti Blouson Cargo Shortini 

This new Navigator Underwire Bikini provides foam cups with underwire support and center seams. These bikini tops also provide adjustable straps and dual back straps with 2 adjustment S hooks! The swim briefs have a nice cut out detail at the hips!

These bikinis are available in our choice of sizes 6 to 24 for both the tops and bottoms, currently. They are also currently just a bit over $30 at S4A’s sale!

 Navigator Underwire Bikini 

Just a small sample of the many beautiful and flattering full figure swimwear styles on sale now at S4A!



Saturday, March 11, 2017

Buy One Get One 50% Off Lane Bryant Swimwear

Actually this deal is on for more than just their swimwear,
and does not include all Lane Bryant Swimwear styles,
but this BOGO 50% Off does include plenty of beautiful swimwear styles,
including some of their F, G and H Cup Swimwear!

Because this deal ends at 11:59 PM PT tomorrow, 3/12/17, I am going to keep this brief.

This Crochet Blouson Soft Cup Tankini Top is one of those styles and so is the Crochet Adjustable Drawstring Swim Skirt, both available in sizes 14 to 28 now!

Just one example of how nicely this deal could work for us!

Enjoy Soon!


Thursday, March 9, 2017

What’s Left of Gabi Fresh D to H Cup Swimwear at S4A

I finally am getting to post about the 2017 Gabi Fresh swimwear styles and it appears some are already completely out of stock in cup sizes G/H…

This year the D/DD and E/F cup versions of these swimsuits are listed together. Many of those are out of stock in sizes 12 to 16E/F cup sizes…

Also: Do you wear a C Cup? Check out Learning to Be Fearless’ video about her Gabi Fresh Haul, featuring some of the styles below. She loves these swimsuits she got in the D/ DD versions, and she wears a C cup!

So, as quickly as I can, before more leave stock, here is a look at what is left in the 2017 Gabi Fresh Swimsuits currently at S4A.

All are underwire styles with adjustable straps, except the two zip front styles, which have removable soft molded cups on shelf bras with non-adjustable straps.

Underwire D to H Cup Gabi Fresh Swimsuits

If you click on these pictures in this section it should take you to these swimsuits in the G / H cup size.

The D / DD and E / F versions are listed separately at S4A.

Gabi Fresh’s G/H Inspiration Underwire Bikinis are still available in sizes 18, 20 and 24.

 GabiFresh G/H Inspiration Underwire Bikini 

All of the bikini bottoms in any cup size range swimsuits appear to be out of stock in size 10, but available in all swimsuits in sizes 12 to 24!

Gabi Fresh’s Reflection Underwire Swimsuits are available in just size 22G / H version and sizes 12 to 24D / DD and 18 to 24 E / F.

 GabiFresh G/H Reflection Underwire Swimsuit 

These Midnight G/H Cup Underwire Bikinis are available in tops sizes 18 to 24 G / H and the swim bottoms in sizes 12 to 24! This underwire bikini is also available in sizes 12 to 24 D / DD and 18 to 24 E / F!

 GabiFresh G/H Midnight Underwire Bikini 

The G/H Milestone Underwire Bikinis are available in sizes 18 to 24 and, again, sizes 12 to 24D / DD and 18 to 24 E / F cup sizes.

  GabiFresh G/H Milestone Underwire Bikini

D to F Cup Gabi Fresh Zip Front and Underwire Bikinis

These are the 2017 Gabi Fresh swimsuits, apparently, no longer available in the G / H cup size range…

These beautiful Midnight Zipper Swimsuits are available in sizes 12 to 24 D / DD and sizes 18 to 24 E / F.

 GabiFresh D/DD + E/F Midnight Zipper Swimsuit 

The Gabi Fresh D/DD + E/F Wish Underwire Bikinis are available in top sizes 14 to 20 and size 24D / DD and sizes 18 to 24 E / F.

 GabiFresh D/DD + E/F Wish Underwire Bikini 

Gabi Fresh’s D/DD + E/F Champagne Zipper Swimsuits are available in sizes 12 to 24D / DD and 18 to 24 E / F.

 GabiFresh D/DD + E/F Champagne Zipper Swimsuit 

S4A has, a discount running and beautiful cover ups that go with some of these styles by Gabi Fresh too.

The Gabi Fresh collection at S4A is included in their discounts!



Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Some of the Many 2017 Anne Cole Tankini Tops

I am finding a wide variety of one piece, tankini / skirtini tops and bottoms by Anne Cole Plus Size at Swimsuits Direct.

They also have one bikini by Anne Cole, but many more plus size bikini styles in other brands!

Here is a look at a few soft cup and underwire tankini tops by Anne Cole available at Swimsuits Direct now!

Four 2017 Anne Cole Plus Tankini Tops

These are just pictures below, but you can find a banner link to Swimsuits Direct near the top of this blog’s right column.

All of these styles I am showing here today are currently available in sizes 16W to 24W there.

This is their Vines Twisted Front Shirred Underwire Cross-back Tankini top. This print is also available in the above mentioned bikini tops and bottoms, cover up and a twist front one piece style currently at Swimsuits Direct now too.

This swim top provides underwire support with removable cups and adjustable cross straps.

This is a picture of Anne Cole’s Pick Up Stix Shirred Tie Halter Tankini top, which provides tie halter straps and removable cups.

This is their Twist Front Shirred version of their Painterly Paisley Print Bandeaukini tankini top style. This print is also available as high halter neck, H back tankini top and a bandeau one piece swimsuit.

This style provides removable straps and non-removable cups.

This is Anne Cole’s Full Bloom High Neck tankini Swim top. This print is also available in a blue bandeau / strapless tankini top style and the same blue print one piece!

This warmer colored halter tankini top style features a hook neck closure, a straight, relatively high, back and shelf bra with removable cups bust support.

All of these tankini tops above are shown / suggested to be worn with Anne Cole’s black swim briefs and / or Sarong Swim Skirt Bottoms, both of which come in sizes 16W to 24W at Swimsuits Direct too!



Thursday, March 2, 2017

Some New Swim Sexy Bikini Swimsuits

Besides the Ashley Graham and Gabi Fresh bikinis at S4A, they also have a wide selection of Swim Sexy bikinis that come in sizes up to 24!

 Here are a few 2017 plus size bikini that show some of their different shoulder and neckline styles!

4 2017 Bikinis with 4 Different Neck or Shoulder Styles

Swim Sexy’s Cowgirl Bikini is the only one I am seeing so far with this kind of neckline at S4A.

These are available in our choice of sizes 6 to 24 for both the tops and bottoms. They have not provided any details about bust support, apart from that the straps are non-adjustable. The swim briefs however are adjustable with side draw strings!

 Cowgirl Bikini 

I have seen solid and other bikinis at S4A with the same shoulder / neckline as this Activist Bikini style below.

This one provides wire-free soft foam cups on a mesh lining bust support. It also has a lattice back detail. You can click on this swimsuit’s picture to view that at S4A! These are currently available in sizes 4 to 24 for both the tops and bottoms.

 Activist Bikini 

Swim Sexy’s Curator Sunlight Bikini has an adjustable self-tie with H back straps. The lower part of this back strap provides a 3 position S hook closure. This bikini top provides soft wire-free removable cups. These are currently available in our choice of sizes 4 to 24 for both the bikini tops and bottoms.

 Curator Sunlight Bikini 

Their Archer Bikini has adjustable tie cross back straps. They also have a sporty high neck bikini style with a racer back.

Both of those high neck bikini sets provide soft molder cups on mesh lining bust support. Naturally the sportier version does not have the scalloped edges at the waist band of the brief and the sides of the bikini top. It has a more color block style.

The other sportier one is available in sizes 4 to 24 for both the tops and the bottoms. This one is available in our choice of sizes 6 to 24 for the bikini tops and bottoms.

 Archer Bikini 

Swim Sexy also has a wide selection of bikinis with
  • Underwire bust support
  • Crochet
  • Halter
  • Long line
  • String Bikini styling
  • Strapless 
To name just a few…