Monday, March 28, 2016

Shore Club, Tropiculture and More Swimwear Under $30

With Many Sizes Available!

Seeing as how I had not done a Shore Club or any other Plus Size Swimwear Under $30 post in a while, I figured I would take a look and found:

A wide selection of this year’s swimwear by Shore Club, Tropiculture, Swim Sexy and Beach Belle not only under or near $30, but with Many Sizes Available!

Currently there is no shortage of Beach Belle’s very popular sarong front swimsuits on sale for $23.60 as well as Beach Belle tankini tops styles on sale for under $20!

Here are a few examples of these that I am finding on the 1st page, not much scrolling down at all, of S4A’s Save 50 - 60% Off during the Splash Sale with coupon code 16MAR2 at! Valid through 4/2- Shop now and save!!

Some Under $30 Plus Size Swimwear Styles

This Shore Club Twist Front Tankini Top is down to $19.60, yet still available in all sizes 10 to 24 at S4A!

 Shore Club Pitaya Twist-Front Top 

This tankini top has wide, comfy, but non-adjustable straps…

Their Sarong Plunge Swimsuit however, does have adjustable straps! If you click on its picture now you will find it in sizes 10 and 14 to 24 for $25.60!

 Shore Club Blue Violet Plunge Sarong Swimsuit 

Swim Sexy’s The Icon Wanderlust High Wait Bikini has a 4.5 star average out of its current 17 reviews and is down to $24.80, yet available in our choice of sizes 10 to 24 for both the tops and bottoms. The bikini top of this swimsuit can be styled halter or strapless!

 Swim Sexy The Icon Wanderlust High Waist Bikini 

This Tropiculture whole Tankini Twist Front Tankini is on sale for $25.60 and available in our choice of sizes 10 to 24 for both the tops and bottoms! This style has a 3.8 star average out of its current 4 reviews.

 Tropiculture Blanco Twist-Front Tankini 

I am seeing, listed separately in S4A’s Splash Sale, this same design by Tropiculture as skirtini and tankini swimsuits for $29.60 and $27.20 in a beautifully rich persimmon color too!

This is one of several Beach Belle Swimsuits that come with Sarong styles in the Splash Sale department. This is one of the two on sale for $28.80 and available in sizes 10 to 26!

 Beach Belle Windflower Swimsuit with Sarong 

The other one at this sale price’s sarong print is the same as the swimsuits and the one on sale for $30.40 has a sarong with a print that carries on from part of the swimsuit into the print of the whole sarong. It is very nicely done!

All of these styles pictured and / or mentioned above are currently in the 1st 7 lines of swimwear pictures at S4A’s Splash Sale department!



Saturday, March 26, 2016

30% Off Always For Me Tankini Swimwear

This includes Tankini styles already on sale, skirtini and shortini styles too!

Right now, and I have no idea how long this discount will last, Always for Me has a good selection of their Tankini, Skirtini and Shortini styles, whole swimsuits, as well as some tankini tops discounted at 30% Off!

This includes some of their underwire tankini styles, this year’s tankini swimwear styles and already on sale swimwear too!

These are just pictures below but this blog has a link to Always for Me in its right column.

This Underwire tankini, which is still marked Fit 4U, but is actually an Always for Me style.

Naturally the styles that have been on sale will have more limited sizes.
I am finding the two piece styles, which is most of them, starting at $35 and tankini tops starting at $19.
Most of these swimsuits are in the $50 to $70 range.

It says the discount will be taken in cart.
I have no idea how long this discount will run so enjoy it soon!

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mostly New Shore Club Swimwear

Here are a few more beautiful new tankini and swimdress styles by Shore Club, currently discounted at S4A!

However, owing to this one swimdress being very much like Always for Me’s Illusion Swimdress, except currently only $31.20, with nothing but 5 star reviews, I figure I should post this flattering Flutter Keyhole Swimdress 1st.

If you click on its picture now, you can find it in sizes 10 to 22.

If you would like to find a very similar swimdress in sizes 14W to 26W, in 7 solid colors, check out Always for Me’s Best Selling Illusion Swimdress!

 Shore Club Flutter Keyhole Swimdress

Shore Club New Tankini Swimwear Styles

These styles are actually marked new, as opposed to the above swimdress, which I am not sure I posted here before…

If you click on this Imperial Flowy Tankini now you will find the tops for pre-order, shipping April 20th, in sizes 10 to 24 and the bottoms in our choice of sizes 16 to 24.

This tankini featured soft foam cup on a mesh lining bust support with wide adjustable straps and a full coverage swim brief!

  Shore Club Imperial Flowy Tankini 

Shore Club’s Chevron Relax Tankini below is currently available in sizes 10 to 24 for the tops and 10 to 26 for the full coverage swim brief. It has the same bust support as the above tankini.

  Shore Club Chevron Relax Tankini 

Their Stripe Handkerchief Halter Tankini Top has molded cups on a shelf bra bust support with self-tie halter straps.

If you click on its picture now you will find it available for pre-order in sizes 10 to 24. This style will also be available to ship on April 20th.

  Shore Club Stripe Handkerchief Top 

All of the above styles, and more, are discounted at S4A now during their current 30% Off or More Site Wide Event!



Tuesday, March 22, 2016

40% Off Ashley Stewart Swimwear

This discount is good for all their swimwear, it seems! This includes the styles I have been showing here recently and the stunning gold and other tankini and bikini styles I had shown here in early February. I guess if it’s in stock we can enjoy 40% off all full-price swimwear

Now here is some more 2016 Ashley Stewart swimwear!

Cheetah Underwire One Piece and Bikini Tops

This stunning underwire one piece gives us adjustable straps, a double hook cut-out look back style, underwire cups and power mesh front panel. This swimsuit is available in sizes 12 to 26 and is now $47.70 at this discount!

 Cheetah Underwire One Piece Swimsuit 

This is the underwire bikini top in this style. It too has adjustable straps and molded, lightly padded cups. Its back strap also creates a cut out. This bikini top is available in all sizes 12 to 26 and just $26.70 at this discount!

 Cheetah Bra Bikini Top 

I know I do not normally show swimsuit cover ups here, but Always for Me has some beauties in now as does Ashley Stewart!

These are my personal favs among Ashley Stewart’s current

Sea Foam and Palm Swimsuit Cover ups

Their Sea Foam Sarong, pictured with the Sea Foam bikini separates I posted here last week, is just $26.70. This style just comes in one size.

 Sea Foam Sarong 

This Palm Kaftan, pictured with the Palm bikini, also featured in last week’s post, is just $29.70 and available in sizes 12 to 26.

 Palm Kaftan Swim Cover-Up 

To my way of thinking, these cover ups would do much for classic black swimsuits you may already have!

Enjoy these styles and other Ashley Stewart swimwear at 40% off until the end of the month!


Saturday, March 19, 2016

2016 Jessica Simpson One Piece and Tankini Swimsuits

Last week I posted about Jessica Simpson’s beautiful It Girl bikini and tankini swimwear. Now here is a look at some of the cut-out, halter and underwire tankini and one piece styles by Jessica Simpson available in full figure sizes at S4A and Always for Me now!

Underwire and Fringe Halter Jessica Simpson Swimsuits

This Jessica Simpson underwire skirtini is sold as one swimsuit, but our choice of sizes 14 to 24, for both the tops and swim skirts.

This beautiful and unique underwire tankini top has adjustable straps, molded underwire cups and a two adjustment back strap that creates a keyhole back.

It also has the ever so flattering side ruching. The swim skirt it comes with has adjustable side ties with built in swim brief! Jessica Simpson Bali Breeze Underwire Skirtini

 This beautiful fringe tie-halter one piece swimsuit features molded cups on a shelf bra bust support. Clicking on its picture currently shows this swimsuit as being available in sizes 14 to 24 at S4A! Jessica Simpson Sante Fe Fringe Swimsuit

Jessica Simpson Cut-Out One Piece Swimsuits and Nautical Tankini

These Jessica Simpson swimwear styles below and you will find them in sizes 0X to 3X at Always for Me.

These are just pictures below but there is a link to Always for Me in this blog's right column.

This is her Venice Beach halter cut-out plus size swimsuit. It features soft cup on a shelf bra with tie-halter bust support and, of course, the cut out sides. It also has a relatively back, which tends to add to bust support!
If you go to this swimsuit above, you will be able to view the back. 

This Sweet Sailor tankini top has an adjustable cross-back style, best appreciated by clicking on its picture to view the back at Always for Me. 

This swim top provides molded soft cup with side boning bust support. It also has a gold front tie, gold metallic thread and gold hardware.

Always for Me also carries the adjustable side-tie Sweet Sailor swim briefs this tankini top is pictured with in sizes 0X to 3X.

I like the beautiful and interesting prints of many of these Jessica Simpson swimwear styles and hope we see more at online stores as the year progresses!



Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More New Shore Club, Swim Sexy and Tropiculture Swimwear

This is just a few more new swimwear styles I noticed at S4A today. They also have a Save 30% or More Site Wide event running.

Here is a quick look at these additional 2016 swimwear styles by Shore Club, Tropiculture and Swim Sexy!

More Tankini and One Piece Swimwear

Shore Club’s new Club Rouge Tie-Front Underwire tankini top has adjustable straps and removable soft cups! Click on its picture to find it, currently, available in sizes 10 to 24 at S4A!


Tropiculture’s Bonaire Twist-Front Tankini provides soft, molded cups on a shelf bra with wide, but non-adjustable straps…

Currently this tankini is available in our choice of sizes 10 to 24 for the tops and 10 to 26 for the swim briefs!

 Tropiculture Bonaire Twist-Front Tankini 

While Swim Sexy also has more new bikini and underwire bikini styles in, I will post them separately, as they are numerous and lovely.

This underwire one piece is already down to sizes 10, 16, 18, 22 and 24 so I felt I had better post this one before it goes out of stock.

They also have another underwire one piece with the same cut, listed separately, in a bluer hue and different print, also limited sizes…


I thought I had shown this particular underwire tankini here before, but am not finding it, so:

This is Shore Club’s Ink Tie-Front Underwire Tankini, whose tops are available in our choice of sizes 10 to 24 and bottoms 10 to 26.


Perhaps I meant to post about this Ink tankini, but did not get to it…
That happens to me sometimes.
Sorry about that.

That said, it is not like I post everything S4A has here, so be sure to browse them yourself when looking for beautiful swimwear with excellent prices!



Monday, March 14, 2016

More 2016 Ashley Stewart Swimwear Styles

& On Line Exclusive Today Only 35% Off Ashley Stewart Swimwear

Today and Online only we can enjoy Ashley Stewart Swimwear at 35% Off!
This is their Miami Nights campaign which includes Swimwear, cover ups! They do have some beautiful cover ups!

Keeping it brief, here are some

More 2016 Ashley Stewart Swimwear Styles

All the following bikini tops and one piece swimsuit styles are currently available in sizes 12 to 26, as are the swim briefs available to go with these plus size bikini tops!

You can click on any of these pictures to go straight to these swimwear styles at Ashley Stewart!

This is one of their, currently, two strappy neckline halter bikini tops. These offer lightly padded cups, tie-halter straps and a double hook back closure with cut out. This one is called Sea Foam Halter Bikini Top.

 Sea Foam Halter Bikini Top 

This is the Palm Halter Top of the same design.

 Palm Halter Bikini Top 

I cannot help but think these swim tops would look equally nice with a pair of jeans under a casual blazer of the like…

This is their Tropical Palm One Piece. It provides padded cups, adjustable straps, partial power mesh lining and power mesh front panel.

 Tropical Palm One Piece Swimsuit 

Remember, if you like these, you can shop them for less Today! I hope Ashley Stewart comes out with more beautiful 2016 swimwear styles! I love their bold use of color and some of these styles look so flattering!



Saturday, March 12, 2016

Jessica Simpson’s It Girl Collection of Plus Size Swimwear Styles

Both S4A and Always for Me have nice selections of 2016 Jessica Simpson so far this year. These include bikinis and separates, tankini and one piece styles.

This is a look at one of Jessica Simpson swimwear collection they both have some of in full figure sizes.

Jessica Simpson’s It Girl Bikini and Tankini Swimwear

S4A is selling this underwire bikini set for $144, Always for Me has this swim skirt and the tankini top in this swimwear collection.

This underwire bikini top has adjustable straps and a 3 adjustment back strap. Naturally a swim brief is attached to the swim skirt.

These are just pictures below, but you can find links to both S4A and Always for Me in this blog's right column.

 You can find it at S4A in our choice of sizes 14 to 24 for both the tops and bottoms.

This is the same swim skirt, sold in sizes 0X to 3X you will find it at Always for Me for $72.

Always for Me has the Twist-Front halter tankini top in this collection. It provides foam cup bust support with side stays and tie-halter straps.

This is a picture of the halter tankini top in this collection at Always for Me in the same sizes for $90.

Always for Me also has a striped tankini top and adjustable leg swim brief as well as 2 side cut one piece styles, in beautiful prints by Jessica Simpson.

S4A also has an underwire skirtini and matching chiffon caftan cover up in her Bali Breeze print and a fringed halter one piece in Jessica Simpson swimwear as well as a nice selection of Clearance Jessica Simpson swimwear styles.



Wednesday, March 9, 2016

2016 Fit 4U Swimwear at Always for Me

Currently Always for Me has a few new swimwear styles from Fit 4U Swim I thought some of you might enjoy!

First I am showing this tankini that is marked both Always for Me and Fit 4U, which I assume was simply missed in editing.

Always for Me or Fit 4U Underwire Tankini

Compared to other Fit 4U swim styles, which tops and bottoms are sold separately, Aways for Me, whole tankinis are about $89.

Always for Me underwire swimwear styles tend to be available in sizes 14W to 26W at Always for Me.

The center flattering ruching and ruffle are nice and the swim brief is fully lined! Also, it has adjustable straps!S4A also has a great selection of Tropiculture and Shore Club underwire swimwear, both pleasantly affordable!

Some 2016 Fit 4U Swim Tankini Tops and Swimdress Styles

these are just pictures below but this blog does have links to Always for Me in its right column.

This blouson tankini top is available at Always for Me $84. Now you can see what I mean by the tankini above is much more likely to be by Always for Me.

You can find it in sizes 16W to 24W at Always for Me. It has racer-back styling and adjustable straps and foam cup on a shelf bra bust support.

Fit 4U’s Convertible Swimdress can be worn strapless or different ways, one of which they show at Always for Me. 

This color block, princess seamed swimdress provides molded foam cup bust support, removable strap, adjustable front tie, attached black swim brief and is available in sizes 16W to 24W for $130.

Always for me also has a high neck tankini top, swim briefs, ruffled hem swim skirts, a tiered top romper in new by Fit 4U as well as some sale styles from the styles they had last year, for $24 to $45.



Monday, March 7, 2016

50% Off 2016 Avenue Swimwear Today

Checking out Avenue’s New Arrivals I saw they have swimwear in! Looking there I found this wonderful 50% Off all their current 31 swimwear styles!

This is a Today, 3/7/16, Only Deal.

Most of Avenue's swimwear comes in sizes 14 to 32 starting at $40.

You can use this Shop Avenue Specialty Swimwear. Specializing in Control Top, Tummy Control, Swimdresses, Skirts and More! link to go straight to these styles or click on any of the pictures of some of them below to go straight to those swimwear styles. Here is a quick look at

Avenue 2016 Swimwear so far

While we can find a nice selection of tiered, (and ruffled, shark bite too), tankini tops, (and swimdresses that incorporate these design features!), I especially like the way they did the color blocking in this tankini top. This one has an flat back and provides molded cup bust support with adjustable straps in sizes 14 to 32. Avenue Plus Size Scooped Colorblock Swim Top
Their tummy control ring swimdress also comes in sizes 14 to 32, has adjustable straps, oh so flattering princess seams and the same molded cup on a shelf bra as the above tankini top. Avenue Plus Size Ring Swimdress with Tummy Control
Their multi-burst tiered swim top comes in the same sizes, has adjustable straps and the same bust support as the above styles. This seems to be their norm now… Avenue Plus Size Multi Burst Tiered Swim Top

Their tie-front bikini top however comes in sizes 14 to 28, has adjustable straps, hook and eye back, molded cups and the swim brief, (yes it is a brief, skirted front, brief back), also comes in the same sizes. Avenue Plus Size Tie Front Bikini Top Avenue also has swim skirts, shorts and bike shorts and classic high waist swim briefs to go with their swim tops.

They have a lot of swimdresses too.

Keeping it brief here, as this 50% off deal ends today.