Saturday, May 31, 2014

Plus Size Midkini On Sale at S4A

S4A’s Up to 40% Site Wide Sale continues! We can find many plus size tankini tops by Shore Club and Beach Belle for under $30. Including Beach Belle’s popular blouson tankini tops!

Here is a look at Midkini Plus Size Swimwear I had not shown here yet.

Two New Plus Size Midkini

These both are by Swim Sexy, an S4A swimwear line and come,(tops and bottoms), sizes 10 to 24 for $58.50 at this sale for 25% off.

I like that their new Smocked Midkini has a loose fit top! It makes it different and perhaps a bit easier for some of use to move toward the bikini look, gradually! Swim Sexy Sunglasses Plus Size Smocked Midkini

Their new Midnight underwire midkini is built just like this year’s Gabi Fresh one, except it is black with metallic trim! Swim Sexy Midnight Plus Size Underwire Midkini

Some new One Piece Metallic Accent Swimwear

If you like the black and metallic look There is also an underwire one piece, which like the midkini above has removable / adjustable straps, Swim Sexy Midnight Plus Size Underwire Swimsuit
And this black with metallic fringe swimsuit! Swim Sexy Cresent Plus Size Fringe Swimsuit Both of these one piece styles come in the same sizes as the midkinis, and are currently the same sale price!

They also have a good selection of new swimwear with fringe accents, yet not metallic.
if I keep getting carried away posting new styles,
the sale might end before I am done so…

The last 2 posts here are about other great swimwear styles we can enjoy at this sale too!

Whatever link you use to get to S4A;
  • This sale’s own link on previous 2 posts
  • The Swimsuits for All banner near the top of the right column here… 
  • If sale prices, (the ones on top tend to be new swimwear styles on sale for 25% off), do not show up 
  • Simply click on S4A’s Up to 40% Off Sitewide banner 
  • at the top, left of center, of their pages. 

This is what I did today to make their current discount self-apply site wide!


This sale is on until June 3rd…


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Up to 40% Off Plus Size Swimwear at S4A

We can find new some plus size midkini, and Shore Club Swimwear styles on sale at 25% off. Also there are many Swimsuits by Beach Belle, Aquabelle, Delta Burke and Longitude swimwear labeled Best at 30% off and more by browsing this Save up to 40% on Summer 2014 Swimwear at link!

Some New 30% Off Longitude Swimsuits

All these styles are too new for reviews, but are newer versions of Longitudes popular graphic, surplice and empire swimsuits. All come in sizes 10 to 24 and are $48.30 at their current sale! 

Their new Parrot Jungle tank swimsuit gives us a glimpse of why Longitude is known for great graphic swimwear styles! Longitude Parrot Jungle Tank Swimsuit This Delilah side shirred surplice swimsuit Longitude Delilah Side Shirred Surplice Swimsuit also comes in this print! Longitude Midnight Starburst Side Shirred Surplice Swimsuit This is a picture of an empire tie-front swimwear style both of the prints come in as well!

These swimwear designs, (also Longitude’s sash tank swimsuits and more!), get consistently great reviews from full figure women. No doubt why they keep making these in new prints for us!

As usual there is a good selection of Beach Belle and Shore Club tankini tops available for under $30! An excellent reoccurring quality of many of S4A’s sales of late!

This Swimsuits for All sale ends at the end of May 31st.



Saturday, May 24, 2014

Apology: How to Make This Discount Banner below Work

Thursday I posted this banner and told of the swimwear we could enjoy at 35%, (some more!), off!

Today I used the banner and found it did not apply the discounted prices.

I found, if I go back and use it a 2nd time, it applies the discount!

So if the discount does not apply the 1st time you click on this banner, return and click on it again, and should to get great plus size swimwear at these discounts!  
I tried this on two computers at home and it has worked both times and should work for you!

So enjoy these plus size swimwear styles I wrote of Thursday and many other swimwear styles at S4A for less this weekend by doing the above!

If you are interested
I also found many of their Designer plus size swimwear is also discounted!
Including this years’ Gabi Fresh Midkini
And full figure swimwear by:
  • Becca
  • La Blanca
  • Michael Kors
  • Carmen Marc Valvo
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Badgley Mischka 
 And more!

I apologize again, this banner worked, with one click, Thursday…

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Enjoy up to 35% Off Plus Size Swimwear

Plus Size Swimwear Under $30

Actually I am finding some Shore Club styles at 39% off, mostly 30% off Shore Club and Beach Belle Swimwear at S4A’s Memorial Day Weekend Sale.

Many of both of these brands have plus size tankini tops under $30! I am also finding Swim Sexy Bikini Tops under $25 and Aquabelle chlorine resistant swimsuits at 40% Off! Longitude, Jessica Simpson and Delta Burke swimwear and other brands at 30% off!

Use this banner to go to Swimsuits for All, (S4A), and enjoy up to 35% and Free Shipping!  

This is good until 5/27/14!




Wednesday, May 21, 2014

TODAY 40% Off Shore Club and other S4A Swimwear

Today I used this Swimsuits for All banner below, saw the Limited Time Up to 40% Off Site Wide headline near the top left side of their page, clicked on it the discount self-applies on the way to their New Plus Size Midkini, Shore Club Swimwear and more!

Use this banner, do the above and enjoy the savings!

New Midkini Swimsuits at 25% Off

Here are some Pictures of new plus size midkini styles that doing the above applied this discount to today!

All are by Swim Sexy, like Shore Club, an S4A brand, and have hidden underwire bust support! This is their new Sexy Lips Underwire Midkini, Tops in sizes 10 to 24, bottoms, in sizes 10 to 16 for $58.50!

Their new Galaxy, (appears to be a Gabi Fresh style!), underwire bikini’s tops and bottoms are available in the same sizes at the swimsuit above, at the same price today!

Their Moonlight Plus Size Bikini pictured below has tops available in sizes 10 to 24 and bottoms in sizes 10 to 24 as well, for the same price today.

This style has a great, (and informative!), review too! 

All these styles have adjustable and removable shoulder straps too!

We can also find plenty of new Robyn Lawley underwire bikinis, but this discount does not apply to these…

This discount ends at the end of this day!



Monday, May 19, 2014

Longitude, Delta Burke Plus Size Swimwear Under $30

On Sale with a Discount!

Some of these styles, such as the Delta Burke and Longitude swimwear styles, are on sale, some are just $49 full price and with this Take 50% Off Sitewide at SwimwearForMe with code SUMMER50, until 6/1/14, they come out to being under $30!

Some Under $30 Longitude and Delta Burke Swimwear

This Delta Burke tankini top is still available in sizes 20W, 22W and 24W! Swimwear For Me has it on sale for $49.99, and you can use the discount code above to get it at 50% off that! icon icon 

They have other Delta Burke swimwear styles on sale too! Including one of their underwire tankini tops, but it is down size 22W for $39.99!  

Longitude’s flattering surplice solid ruffle swimsuit below is on sale for $49.99 and available in sizes 18W, 20W and 24W. This would be nice, (using the discount code), to get for less than $25!

Inches Off and Aquacize Swimwear Under $30

Inches Off Mesh Tankini top is just one of the many plus size swimwear styles by them we can find on sale at Swimwear for Me on sale for $39.99! This one still has sizes 8 to 18 available! icon icon 

Inches Off swimwear is something I have seen for years at One Stop Plus and its stores. They always seem to have great to excellent reviews!

All Aquacize swimwear in Swimwear for Me’s Plus Size department is priced at $49, full price, a pleasant just under $25 after the discount above! They have this swimdress in a pink version too. This blue on is still available in sizes 16W to 28W!
 icon icon 
We can also enjoy sporty style two piece skirtinis, (yes both tops and bottoms by Aquacize for $49), swim shorts
and a racer back maillot, available in all sizes 8 to 18 and 18W to 28W at the same low price, before the discount there too!

Somehow I was thinking that with a name like Aquacize, that this swimwear line would be chlorine resistant…Sadly, am finding nothing about them at Swimwear for Me that indicates this…

Anyway, these and many other swimwear styles are available for less than $30 when we use Swimwear for Me’s 50% off discount code above.

Just remember to use it soon, because it expires on 6/1/14.



Friday, May 16, 2014

New Shore Club Swimwear

Shore Club is, like Beach Belle and Swim Sexy, one of S4A’s, (Swimsuits for All), swimwear lines. Their swimsuits and separates tend to come in sizes 10 to 24 and get excellent reviews from full figure women.

Here is a few of the newest, metallic, twist-front halter bandeau, and color-block Shore Club swimsuits! These are just pictures below, use S4A’s Free Shipping + 10% off - code 10SHIP link to go there!

Two Metallic Accent Swimsuits

This metallic accent maillot’s reviewers mention getting compliments when wearing this. One tells us the black is slimming but the zig-zag visual even more so!

One of its reviewers tells us it has side boning, 
another tells us that the straps are removable.

Neither of these things are mentioned in this swimsuit’s description…
A close look at this style’s photos at S4A does show what appears to be removable straps!

This is the gunmetal version of this bust accentuating color-block swimwear style. Not the wide comfy straps!

This is the more subtle pink color block style!

Neither of these have reviews yet..

Twist-Front Halter-Bandeau Shirred Swimsuits

I would call these sheaths / one piece styles because using their adjustable the side-ties we can create the shirring and or length we want.

You can adjust them all the way up to make the top give you a flattering dropped waist effect, or as shown, and anything in between!

If you click on this black version of it, and scroll down you can see the different ways you can wear this, including strapless!

Scroll down a bit more to find its solid pink, brown, blue and Dahlia print versions of this swimwear style. I choose to show the black because it has a good, descriptive, review!

All these styles above come in sizes 10 to 24.

S4A does have new swimwear from their Tropiculture and Marilyn Monroe swimwear lines in now too!

Here is a picture of the new Beach Belle tankini! It is too cute, could not leave it for later!

The tops of this tankini are down to sizes 18 to 26 already,
the bottoms are available in all sizes 10 to 26.

Together this tankini is $45 today,
because of a coupon S4A applied when I went the today!

More later!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

City Chic Plus Size Swimwear under $30

Until midnight today we can get their swim shorts starting at $19, sarongs and bikini skirts starting at $19.50, tankini tops starting at $27, harem pants and dress cover ups for $34 and one piece bathing suits starting at $39. In total OSP, (One Stop Plus), has 48 plus size swimwear styles by City Chic at 50% Off!

Some $27 City Chic Tankini Tops

Below are just pictures, use this One Stop Plus link, then scroll down to see this City Chic Flash Sale!

All these styles have side boning for extra bust support! This tie-halter tankini top is still available in sizes 14 to 22!

The following tankini tops all have removable straps!

This one can be worn halter or shoulder strap style. This twist-front striped tankini top is still available in sizes 14, 16, 18 and 22!

City Chic’s Ibiza print tankini top also has twist-front styling, with removable straps, but is down to size 18…
If you like this print, it is also available in a one piece, just the bust line part, the rest is black, now just $39!

This purple twist-front tankini style’s removable straps can also be worn cross-back and is still available in sizes 14, 16, 18 and 22!

All these tankini tops also seem to have smoothing power-net lining too!

Of course One Stop Plus has City Chic fashions and accessories starting at 50% off in this Flash Sale too!



Monday, May 12, 2014

Up to 50% Off Shore Club Swimwear and more

Until the end of Monday, 5/12/14 we can get up to 50% Off new arrivals, highly rated Shore Club, Beach Belle and other plus size swimwear and more !

Just use S4A’s Mother's Day Sale - Take up to 50% off SITEWIDE at! link and the prices will be discounted automatically, until tomorrow…

New, 25% Off Today, Tropiculture Swimsuits

I believe Tropiculture and Marilyn Monroe, (another brand with new styles in), are like also S4A swimwear brands.

This high-neck halter one piece is already down to sizes 14 to 24 and just $51 with this discount! Just use the discount link, today, to get that better price! Tropiculture Plus Size Tribal Quest High Neck Halter Swimsuit 
 Tropiculture’s draped mesh halter swimsuitsTropiculture Plus Size Black Draped Mesh Halter Swimsuit 
And their black and taupe halter swimsuits 
are still available in sizes 10 to 24 and also $51 with this discount! Tropiculture Plus Size Black and Taupe Clip Back Bandeau Swimsuit All of these styles, and other new arrivals, are 25% off when you use the discount link above today



Thursday, May 8, 2014

TYR Chlorine Resistant Plus Size Swimwear Starting at $37.60

At the end of last year I wrote about TYR’s chlorine resistant swimsuits, and later tankini tops and swim skirts. Most of these styles have nothing but 5 star reviews and are now on sale at Always for Me, actually the swim skirt is just $33.60!

$37.60 Totally 5 Star Plus Size Tankini Tops

These chlorine resistant, durable twist-front tankini tops are available in both black and navy in sizes 16 to 24 for $37.60. Click on this swim top’s picture to learn more about them!
 Plus Size Swimwear - TYR Separates Twisted Bra Tankini Top 
The wrap front swim skirts are available in the same sizes, but have no reviews yet, for $33.60!

$60 to $64 TYR Flattering Tank Suits

These tank suits, and the tankini tops above, have adjustable straps.
This twist-front one piece swimwear style comes in black, navy and purple in sizes 16 to 24.

Both of these one piece bathing suits are called Controlfit, meaning they have a power-mesh lining. This swimsuit’s current reviewer says this style even flatters her large mid-section!
 Plus Size Swimwear - TYR Twisted Bra Controlfit 1 Pc Swimsuit 

These Streamers print tank suits come in black and aqua in sizes 16 to 24 and have two five star and 1 three star reviews.
 Plus Size Swimwear - TYR Streamers Aqua Controlfit Swimsuit 
The three star review was from a woman who tells us if you have a short torso, this swimsuit might not be for you.
The bottom sagged in the pool.

As a short woman myself, I have given up on one piece styles, as the bottom hangs away from me, when I try them on…
Perhaps she is just a tad taller than I and can still find one piece swimwear with a chance!

All these swimsuits and tankini tops have limited quantities available, like less than 25, much less in some sizes and styles.

So if you like these styles and need;
  • Durable, They claim good for 300+ Hours of Use, (provided proper care)
  • With Anti-Microbial Lining 
  • Colorfast
  • Chlorine resistant swimwear 
This is a great chance to get these swimsuits and styles at a nice discount!