Friday, May 16, 2014

New Shore Club Swimwear

Shore Club is, like Beach Belle and Swim Sexy, one of S4A’s, (Swimsuits for All), swimwear lines. Their swimsuits and separates tend to come in sizes 10 to 24 and get excellent reviews from full figure women.

Here is a few of the newest, metallic, twist-front halter bandeau, and color-block Shore Club swimsuits! These are just pictures below, use S4A’s Free Shipping + 10% off - code 10SHIP link to go there!

Two Metallic Accent Swimsuits

This metallic accent maillot’s reviewers mention getting compliments when wearing this. One tells us the black is slimming but the zig-zag visual even more so!

One of its reviewers tells us it has side boning, 
another tells us that the straps are removable.

Neither of these things are mentioned in this swimsuit’s description…
A close look at this style’s photos at S4A does show what appears to be removable straps!

This is the gunmetal version of this bust accentuating color-block swimwear style. Not the wide comfy straps!

This is the more subtle pink color block style!

Neither of these have reviews yet..

Twist-Front Halter-Bandeau Shirred Swimsuits

I would call these sheaths / one piece styles because using their adjustable the side-ties we can create the shirring and or length we want.

You can adjust them all the way up to make the top give you a flattering dropped waist effect, or as shown, and anything in between!

If you click on this black version of it, and scroll down you can see the different ways you can wear this, including strapless!

Scroll down a bit more to find its solid pink, brown, blue and Dahlia print versions of this swimwear style. I choose to show the black because it has a good, descriptive, review!

All these styles above come in sizes 10 to 24.

S4A does have new swimwear from their Tropiculture and Marilyn Monroe swimwear lines in now too!

Here is a picture of the new Beach Belle tankini! It is too cute, could not leave it for later!

The tops of this tankini are down to sizes 18 to 26 already,
the bottoms are available in all sizes 10 to 26.

Together this tankini is $45 today,
because of a coupon S4A applied when I went the today!

More later!


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