Friday, February 28, 2014

Two 2014 Longitude Swimwear styles

New 2014 versions popular, highly rated surplice, sash, graphic and swimdresses Longitude swimwear styles are out! Here is a look at two Longitude styles I, at least, have not seen before.

Solid and Print Asymmetrical 6 Tiered swimsuits

Longitude has had 3-tiered mesh ruffle plus size swimsuits before. Those were horizontal. These new 6-tiered styles have a more flattering bias cut. This newer version is available in black and this eggplant color shown below in sizes 16W to 24W at Always for Me, where they currently have nothing but 5 star reviews!

 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Longitude Meshing Around 6 Tier 1 Pc Swimsuit #23182 

Here is a, too new for reviews, but down to sizes 16 to 22, already modern art print of this same Longitude swimwear style at S4A, (Swimsuits for All).

This is just a picture of this swimsuit, but you can use the S4A banner or 10% off + Free Shipping text link in the column to your right to go there!

Lavender Dots Peplum Tank Swimsuits

The drop waist of this swimwear style helps slenderize and elongated our torsos. The flirty style of its skirted part is nice and the top half appears to have excellent bust coverage, which will also add support!

If you click on this swimwear style’s picture today you can find it in sizes 8 and 12 to 24 at S4A! Longitude Lavender Dots Peplum Tank Swimsuit

The Longitude swimwear styles mentioned at the top of this post have all gotten excellent reviews for years.
That they come out in new prints quite often is also nice!

I believe the 6-tiered asymmetrical mesh ruffle tank swimsuits may be joining those.

If you are looking for plus size and long torso swimwear especially, Longitude is a brand worth trying because they are sized longer in length to prevent the leg openings from riding up and shoulder binding.

Some of their graphic print styles we find, especially at S4A, are cross-back tank suits.

I do not know if they make two piece swimsuits because I have only seen one piece styles in Longitude plus size swimwear.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Designer Swimwear at Swimsuits for All

For years Swimsuits for All, (S4A), has had their own swimwear brands and Delta Burke, Longitude, sometimes Christina’s Captiva and other designer swimwear.

Now they have a designer swimwear boutique featuring plus size swimsuits, (sizes 8 to 24), by Anne Cole, Jessica Simpson, Michael Kors, Badgley Mischka, La Blanca, Carmen Marc Valvo and Kenneth Cole as well!

Use this banner to browse these new designer swimwear styles!


The following are pictures and descriptions of some of these new plus size swimwear styles

Jessica Simpson’s Vintage Style Plus Size Bikinis

These Rose Colored Glasses bikinis come in sizes 14 to 22. You get the whole bikini, but pick the top and bottom sizes separately!

The bikini top of this style will fit up to D/DD cup sizes, and has soft molded cup bust support with side boning!

You can remove the tie-halter straps of this style too!

Currently S4A also has some other tankini and swimdress styles, all form fitting, by Jessica Simpson Swimwear!

Anne Cole Plus Size Swimsuits

This is a picture of Anne Cole’s White Umbrella Tie-Front Tankini, which I am showing here largely because it is already down to sizes 8/10 and 14.
Just in case anyone who wears these sizes wants to snap this swimsuit up before it’s gone…

S4A also has halter / bandeau styled one piece bathing suits, a navy print, and solid slit skirt, bandeau top style skirtini by Anne Cole at the moment too!

Michael Kors Tankini, Skirtini and Swimdress

You can find this Harness Print, (is this like a black and white of some Hermes scarfs or what?), one shoulder tankini,

this cheetah tankini with adjustable side of bust coverage, and adjustable straps

both with adjustable leg swim briefs… this halter / bandeau tankini top, (which appears to have adjustable ruching with its side ties), and swim skirt

are all available in sizes 18 to 24 Their patchwork snake one shoulder swimdress below is available in sizes 8 to 24.

These are just a small sampling of some of these new designer boutique swimwear styles.

It appears they do not qualify for this Take 30% off New Arrivals at discount, but I believe the newer Delta Burke and Longitude styles we can find there might.

More on these new swimwear styles later in the week!



Monday, February 24, 2014

New Shore Club Swimwear

Shore Club is one of S4A’s newer swimwear lines and currently they have new tankini, skirtini, shortini plus size swimsuits and tankini tops! Below is a look at some of these new, beautifully printed swimwear styles!

New Shore Club Tankini Swimwear styles

The first three shown are just pictures, but you can use this Take 30% off New Arrivals at link until the end of Febuary to browse these new styles, and get them for less if you like!

This bandeau, (with removable / adjustable straps), peplum tankini is a very new style for Shore Club swimwear!

 The swim tops of these swimsuits have subtly accented princess seams providing visual shaping!

This new Dahlia Tie-Front halter tankini is cut very much like many of S4A’s best-selling Tie-front two piece swimwear styles.

Those previous best sellers tend to be black, with pink accent empire waist bands, as opposed to this new beautiful print with its more subtly accented empire waist.

The tankini tops of this style can be had as a swim separate or as part of their Dahlia Skirtini!

So far I am only seeing this similar new tie-front Hibiscus tankini top, as just a swim separate. Perhaps it will later be available as a two-piece swimsuit, but I do not know…

New Shortini and Skirtini Swimsuits

The tankini tops of Shore Club’s Tie-Front Summer Romance Shortini below can also be had as a tankini or just the tankini top!

Note: You can click on the rest of the pictures to go straight to them at Swimsuits for All, but you may want to use the above discount text link, until the end of 2/2014, to enjoy the discount… Shore  Club Plus Size Summer Romance Tie Front Boy Shortini

Their Fluer V-neck Shortini’s swim top also comes as a swim separate or in a tankini swimsuit style. Shore Club Plus Size Fluer Halter Boy Shortini All of the swimwear styles pictured above come in sizes 10 to 24.
Like all S4A brand two piece swimsuits, you choose the tops and bottoms separately from those sizes with Shore Club, Beach Belle and other S4A swimwear lines!

This new Shore Club skirtini’s top and slit skirtini bottoms come in sizes 10 to 24. However, if you buy it as a tankini you can choose from sizes 10 to 26 for your swim bottoms!

Like the Peplum Tankini at the top of this post, this too is a removable strap bandeau tankini top style! Shore Club Plus Size Modern Fern Bandeau Slit Skirtini


More about these Shore Club Swimsuits

All of these swim tops have either adjustable straps or tie halter straps.
They all have soft molded cup bra on plush empire band bust support
made to comfortably fit cup sizes D/DD in their swimwear sizes 18 – 34
and cup sizes C/D in swimwear sizes 8 – 16.

All but the peplum tankini above have empire waist styling designed to visually slenderize our torsos.
Their beautiful prints also help with this effect!

Shore Club also has some new one piece bathing suits which I plan to show here soon!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

3 Highly Rated Control Swimdresses

Always for Me makes swimwear just for full figure women. No wonder their control swimsuits tend to get excellent reviews. They come in sizes 16W to 26W tend to be swimdresses and more than half of them, including best-sellers, are on sale for 25% to 50% Off! Here is a look at three of their newer control plus size swimsuits that have mostly 5 star reviews!

Wrap Bandeau Halter Swimdress

These tie halter swimsuits have almost all 5 star reviews out of their current 45. They come in this jade and a coral color and have a wrap front which helps make this style good for both small and full busted women.

 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me In Control Wrap Bandeau Swimdress 
Click on this style’s picture to check out the back, the coral color and reviews and learn more about it at Always for Me.

I have this picture of it on one of my Pinterest boards and it gets a lot of attention.
This is just a picture:

I cannot tell if this is the same ‘Jade’ color, or an if the first one I have shown is a new shade of green, or if it just looks different, ( brighter), in the picture above…

Ruffle Halter Swimdress

This red swimdress also comes in a navy blue. Both have the white ruffle neckline accent. Currently this style has only 2, both 5 star, reviews.
 Plus Size Always For Me In Control Nantucket Ruffle Swimdress #IO755

Color Block Swimdresses

This swimsuit is actually noted by Always for Me for its 5 Star Reviews. They almost never do this. This style comes in a turquois / lime version as well as this purple / fuchsia pictured below.

 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me In Control Colorblock Swimdress 

The wide and comfy straps of this swimwear style are fully adjustable, (toward our shoulders!), and the forward placement of the side color blocks help visually slenderize our torsos!

To me, these are reminiscent of Delta Burke’s color block swimdresses from a few years ago.

In fact, we can still get Delta Burke swimdresses with the strategically positioned side color blocks.

This Delta Burke swimwear style is too new for reviews yet but is available at Always for me in sizes 16W to 24W. It also comes in a pink version as well as this blue one below.

Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Delta Burke Color Block Swimsuit 
Both the Always for Me In Control swimwear version and the Delta Burke one have the same kind of adjustable straps, and are solid black in the back.
More about these Control Swimsuits
Always for Me’s In Control Swimwear line usually features empire waist swimdresses.

That said:

They do have a princess seamed tankini top with solid black swim briefs, that comes in pink and green prints, has 14 excellent reviews and is on sale for $66.75, 25% Off!

They also have a new front ruched, solid black, not quite empire waist swimdress, at the normal full price of $89. It is too new for reviews and $89 is the usual full price of their In Control swimwear styles.

Aside from being available in sizes 16W to 26W we can usually expect these styles to be:
  • Fully lined
  • Fun, Sexy or Flirty in style
  • Have All Around Control features 
  • and be Visually slenderizing 

These swimsuits are made to give us a bit more tummy control and yet be comfy and make us feel and look great!

The swimsuits from this swimwear line tend to have excellent reviews, so you might want to check out the sale styles at Always for Me in this collection.
Especially if empire waist swimdresses really work for you!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Limited Time Splash Sale at Swimsuits for All

S4A has an excellent selection of plus size swimsuits. Many of the styles that get great reviews from full figure women are in their Splash Sale! We can find sarong front and V neck swim dresses, twist-front, halter and blouson tankini tops, (or shortini, skirtini and tankini swimsuits), for less at their Splash Sale!

If you take S4A’s Take Up to 80% off Clearance - New Styles Added link and select Splash Sale, you will find these swimwear styles.

Some Splash Sale Two Piece Swimsuits

Beach Belle’s blouson tankini top below can be had for $21 alone or $33 in this cargo shortini style, (where you choose from sizes 10 to 26 for tops and bottoms) at this sale! Beach Belle Blue Lagoon Plus Size Blouson Cargo Shortini We can also get this as a tankini for $30 at this sale!

Shore Club’s Twist-Front plus size skirtini is on sale for $36 in, tops and bottoms, sizes 10 to 24! Shore Club Isla Aves Plus Size Twist Front Slit Skirtini The above is a slit-front skirtini style! We can also get this for $33 as a tankini and $24 for just the swim top at this sale!

Shore Club’s V-neck slit front cargo shortini comes in sizes 10 to 24 for the tops and 10 to 26 for the bottoms in this two piece swimsuit below for $36 at this Splash Sale! Shore Club Athena Plus Size V-Neck Sport Cargo Shortini This swimwear style is also available as a slit front skirtini style for $36 and just the tankini top for $24 at this sale.

These are just a small example of the swimwear styles you can find at this sale, which is currently two pages, as opposed to the Clearance department, which is currently six pages long.

A little More About this Swimwear Sale

These last two swimsuits above are from their new, (as in I really do not think I saw them before 2014), swimwear.

That said, there are plenty of Beach Belle and Aquabelle, (chlorine resistant), swimwear styles in this sale, some very new and others from at least last year.

One thing I have noticed about this Splash Sale is that sizes do not appear to be limited, as they often are in Clearance…

I do not know when this one will last so take advantage of it soon, while it, or a good range of sizes available, last!

You can find swimwear in sizes up to 34 in both this Splash Sale and Clearance, and you can speed your search of what is available by shopping by size in both too!



Sunday, February 16, 2014

Best Chlorine Resistant Styles for Less

Right now we can enjoy S4A’s President's Day Sale: Save up to 40% off SITEWIDE event and get best rated chlorine resistant swimwear styles on sale!

The following are some of their “best” rated swimsuits from their own Aquabelle, chlorine resistant, swimwear collection!

Best One Piece Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits

This confetti print is the best seller in tank styles among the chlorine resistant styles at S4A, (Swimsuits for All). Aquabelle Confetti Plus Size Engineered Swimsuit
This cross back swimsuit also comes in an orchid color block version too. Xtra Life ® Lycra ® Aquabelle Mint Border Plus Size Cross Back Swimsuit All of these one piece bathing suits above come in the 8 to 24 size range.

These zip front swimsuits come in a pink color block versions too, but these only come in sizes 8 to 22, rather than up to size 24. Or perhaps they ran out of size 24 in both versions already? Xtra Life ® Lycra ® Aquabelle Black Zip Front Plus Size Swimsuit These have a deep scoop back.

There is also:
  • an aquatard swimsuit style
  • a solid black cross-back styles
  • a few more graphic and print styles 
rated Best by Aquabelle one piece swimwear.

Best Chlorine Resistant Two Piece Styles

As shown at S4A, the first 3 of these Best two-piece chlorine resistant styles are shortinis and the last two are skirtini versions with the same two tankini tops.

This totally black is available in sizes 8 to 26, both tops and bottoms. As with apparently all Shore Club, Aquabelle, Beach Belle and other S4A brands, you choose top and bottom sizes separately when you buy a two piece swimwear style from them!

This solid back racer-back style tankini top has a anti bounce molded cups bust support and hip hiding, thigh and backside minimizing bike shorts for excellent support and range of motion! Chlorine Resistant! Aquabelle Black Racerback Bike Shortini

The 4th an 5th Best among the two piece styles are, (4th) the above black tankini top with solid back swim skirt and the 5th, this black and white graphic below with a skirtini bottom.

This regular shoulder strap graphic swim top has a high back to add to its bust support paired with the same bike short swim bottoms as above, except both tops and bottoms only come in sizes up to 24… Xtra Life ® Lycra ® Aquabelle White Plus Size Spliced Boy Shortini The third is the racer-back solid black tankini top paired with regular swim shorts and the 4th and 5th are the same two tankini tops in the above swimsuits paired with skirtini bottoms rather than shorts.

You can also purchase either of these Best Selling tankini tops, the various different types of swim shorts or swim skirts separately as well as part of these two piece swimsuits.

You can also find new and special Splash sale styles among the chlorine resistant styles at S4A.

Plus, their President’s Day discount is site wide, not just on pool ready styles!



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Simply Sole and other Colorful Swimwear

Always for Me's New Arrivals has tankini swimwear styles by Simply Sole, Kenneth Cole and Fit 4 U with beautiful multi-colors and geometrical prints with gold foil accent! I have to show you these tankini tops because they are unique and stunning!

Fit 4 U’s High Neckline Tiered Tankini tops

I think these beauties look great with solid black swim briefs as shown below. If you click on this picture you will find them in sizes 16W to 24W!
 Plus Size Swimwear - Fit 4U Separates Brush Stroke Mesh Hi Neck Tiered Top 
This, like most plus size swimwear styles I am seeing this year, has adjustable straps! Always for Me also has their new swim briefs and some sale styles by Fit 4 U at 25% to 50% Off!

Simply Sole’s Foiled Accented Blouson Tankini Swimwear

Simply Sole’s tankini separates are both of this modern palette geometric print below, with gold foil accents! This swim top provides side boning and removable / adjustable halter strap and like the swim briefs it is shown with, comes in sizes 18W to 24W!
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Simply Sole' Separates Linked In Blouson Bandeau Tankini Top

Kenneth Cole Reaction’s Twist-Front Tankini Tops

Among the, currently, three swimwear styles by Kenneth Cole at Always for Me is this new Modern Gypsy Faux Twist swim top. Click on its picture to find them in sizes 3X, (20 – 22), at Always for Me.
 Plus Size Swimwear - Kenneth Cole Reaction Separates Modern Gypsy Faux Twist Tankini Top #41H62 
These swim tops also provide side stays and removable straps, but I do not know if these straps are adjustable…

If you like the rich print of this style, (and it occurs to me, if you have a simple black, or white, tankini top already, you might enjoy the matching sash hipster swim brief that goes with this tankini style!
 Plus Size Swimwear - Kenneth Cole Reaction Separates Modern Gypsy Sash Hipster Brief 
Always for Me also has these in sizes 1X to 3X.

All of these new and colorful styles are great for us women who, at times, just are not feeling like wearing a form fitting swimwear style!

I think the color combinations of these swimwear styles are outstanding!

Do you like them too? Or do you prefer back black, solids or a good mix of all of these things in your swimwear wardrobe? Just curious!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Shore Club and other Swimwear styles Starting at $19.98

We can find many Shore Club tankini tops for $19.98, one piece, tankini and skirtini swimwear for $29.98 in the current 4 pages of Clearance styles at Swimsuits for All, (S4A),. Shore Club is one of S4A’s newer swimwear lines. They also have Delta Burke, Longitude and a few other designer swimsuits in Clearance! Just click on either of these swimwear styles below and go to their Sale department!

Some $20 and $30 Shore Club Swimwear styles

This is one of Shore Club’s twist front tie-halter swimdresses. It has a 4.5 star average out of a current 15 reviews and is still available in all sizes 10 to 24, for $29.98! Shore Club Pink Waterfall Stripe Plus Size Twist Front Swimdress
This is one of their tab-front ruffle tankini tops, down to size 10, 12 and 14, It has excellent reviews comparable to the swimdress style above and is one of the many tankini tops currently on sale for $19.98! Shore Club Blue Haute Spots Plus Size Tab Front Ruffle Tankini Top
Just a couple of examples from the wide variety and selection you will find in Clearance with these excellent prices at this sale.

A Bit More about this Clearance Sale

Some swimwear styles are available for less, but they tend to have very limited, (say one or two), sizes available.

You can shop Clearance at S4A by your swimwear size to speed your browsing and get the maximum selection in your size fast!

I believe these great Clearance prices end on 2/12/14, so enjoy expanding your swimwear wardrobe soon, at excellent prices!