Monday, December 9, 2013

Which Sheer Tiered Swimsuit is More Flattering?

Tell me which seems more figure flattering to you, the bias cut tier, new Longitude style available at Always for Me, or the two, older, (well I have seen them before), horizontal tiered styles at Swimsuits for All.

New Bias Sheer Tiered Plus Size Swimsuits

I am seeing these for the first time at Always for Me, and I believe that its bias cut tiers are more figure flattering than the horizontal cut styles you can view below.
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Longitude Meshing Around 6 Tier 1 Pc Swimsuit #23182 
Another difference is the tiered top does not go around the back of this style, it is only on the front. These come in black and eggplant in sizes 16W to 24W, for $89.

Older Horizontal Sheer Tiered Longitude Swimsuits

While I have seen these styles at Swimsuits for All in the past, and they tend to get great reviews from full figure women, I believe the bias cut style above is really more flattering. Currently this swimsuit is down to sizes 22 and 24 at S4A… Longitude Black Striptease Plus Size Mesh Tulip Triple Tier Swimsuit This sheer black tiered Longitude Swimwear style is on sale at this posting for $36.99 and is $72 full price.

This sheer print style is $69 full price and also on sale today for $36.99 and is down to sizes 16 to 22. Longitude Blue Spectacular Plus Size Mesh Triple Tier Swimsuit

Both have excellent review ratings, but I believe the newer bias cut sheer tiered style is much more figure flattering for most figures.

Even worth the extra money.

What do you think?

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