Friday, December 6, 2013

Underwire Plus Size Tankini Swimwear

with Adjustable Side of Bust Coverage 

Four underwire tankini tops, (or as part of two piece swimsuits if you like), at Swimsuits for All. I found them by accident. Typing 'Underwire Swimwear' into their search box does not work. Here is what I found so far!

S4A’s Underwire Tankini Tops

This is their beautiful Garden Party underwire tankini top, the only one, so far, with reviews. These tankini tops by themselves are all $44, full price. Shore Club Garden Party Plus Size Underwire Tie Front Tankini Top You can click on this top’s picture above to go straight to it at S4A! The following are just picture of theses styles, but they are available at Swimsuits for All in New Arrivals, Tankinis and Separates.

This is their Margarita Swim Tops

Their Oceanview Tankini Top

and their Santa Cruz Top

The Santa Cruz top is right on the first page of New Arrivals, in a shortini style, for $68 and you choose the tops and bottoms of them separately.

Both tops and bottoms in this style, as a shortini, come in sizes 10 – 24!

All four of these underwire tankini tops are available as separates and I am currently finding them on page 2, (of 9), in New Arrivals!

About the Underwire Support and Variable Side Coverage

All four of these tankini tops have hidden underewire bust support with removable soft molded cups! They also have a tunnel along the sides of the tops where their straps come out of.
You simply adjust the side of bust coverage along these straps to your liking!
The straps of these tops adjust in the back toward your shoulders, so you can likely snug them up as high as you might like!

We can these, and possibly more I have not found yet, in sizes 10 to 24 at Swimsuits for All!

I am thrilled to find underwire tankini tops at S4A, where beautiful prints, sale and discounts abound!



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