Thursday, August 21, 2014

Always for Me Swimwear on sale for $44.50

Right now Always for Me has some of their own, as well as other designer plus size swimwear on sale at 50% Off. This makes some of their own highly rated swimsuits, which tend to come in sizes 16W to 26W, just $44.50!

Here are just a few of these styles, which are apt to be rapidly leaving stock at this exceptional price!

Chic Solids’ Manor Plus Size Tankini

This style was available in black, coral and turquoise in sizes 16W to 26W but is now down to sizes: 22W and 24W in black and turquoise only and 26W in turquoise only. This is why I am showing this style 1st.
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Solids - Manor 2 Piece Tankini 
It has a 5 star review average out of its current 65 reviews! 

I believe, at a quick look-see that their Berkeley swimdress is available in all sizes, 16W to 26W, in at least one of its black, coral or turquoise colors
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Solids - Berkeley Swimdress 
It has a 5 star average out of its current 79 reviews! 

This rare find, one of Always for Me’s very popular twist front halter / bandeau swimsuits, in the shimmer magenta tankini version, is also on sale at this phenomenal price and available in all sizes!
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Solids Shimmer Twist Bandeau 2 Pc Tankini w/ Brief 
It too has a 5 star review average out of its current 18 reviews. 

They also have styles from their Chic Prints collection on sale at 50% off, $44.50, such as their Tutti Frutti 3 tiered ruffle tankini and their Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Prints - Garden Party Skirtini w/ Brief, a limited edition style.

Always for Me’s sale department, whose link will likely always be at the top of this blog’s right column, is worth browsing any time of year.

However, perhaps it being the end of summer, it seems to have a fresh infusion of new swimsuits at great discounts!



Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New 30% Off Sarong Front Swimsuits at S4A

These Beach Belle plus size swimsuits are all on sale at 30% Off. Beach Belle also has new prints in their popular blouson tankini tops, which are also at 30% Off. The one piece with matching sarong swimsuits that I have shown here in July are also on sale at 30% off!

The Newest Sarong Front Swimwear style

This is Beach Belle’s new Rosalita Check Plus Size Sarong, which comes in sizes 10 to 24 and is on sale for $39.20! Beach Belle Rosalita Check Plus Size Sarong Front Swimsuit This print also comes in a scoop neck tankini top alone, (now on sale at 30% off, $26.60), or as the top of a shortini, or skirtini, both of which are on sale at 30% Off!

Other 30% Off Sarong Front Swimsuits

These swimwear styles below are on sale for $39.20 as well, but sizes are limited on all but one of these…

Beach Belle’s Coast Sarong has a 5 star average out of its current 8 reviews and is down to sizes 10, 22 and 24Beach Belle Gold Coast Plus Size Sarong Front Swimsuit
Their Bondi Sarong Front style has a 4.5 star average out of its current 10 reviews and is down to sizes 12, 22 and 24Beach Belle Bondi Plus Size Sarong Front Swimsuit

This Lunar floral print version has a 4 star average out of its current 14 reviews and is down to sizes 10 and 12.

This is just a picture, (You can click on the swimwear styles above to go straight to them at S4A!), of Beach Belle’s Lunar sarong front swimsuit, but you can find it on the 1st page of new arrivals now if you sort by New Arrivals and Beach Belle.

This beautiful hydrangea print version of this swimsuit has no reviews yet and is available in sizes 10, 12, 18, 20, 22 and 24!
This also is just a picture of their Hydrangea Sarong Front swimsuit style. 

I would act soon on this popular plus size swimwear style if you like a print that is still available in your size.

I do not know how long S4A’s 30% off sale will be on, or for that matter how long most sizes will stay in stock.

The sarong front swimsuit is a very flattering style for many of us, and well worth trying!



Thursday, August 14, 2014

Shore Club and other S4A Plus Size Swimwear Under $30

If you use the Swimsuits for All banner near the top of the right column now, then select Sort By: Price Low to High, you can find 1 ½ pages of plus size swimwear styles by S4A swimwear brands like Swim Sexy, Aquabelle, Beach Belle, Tropiculture and Shore Club swimwear for under $30!

Surprisingly, many of these styles are in good supply size wise too! Here is a look at some of those styles I do not believe I have shown here yet, or in over a month.

Under $30 Beach Belle Plus Size Tankini Tops

This print in their ever popular and highly rated plus size blouson tankini tops is on sale for $25.20 and available in all sizes 10 to 26! Beach Belle Fiji Plus Size Blouson Tankini Top This one has a 5 star average out of its current 4 reviews and only 1 con, which it that it was too blousy…, so she bought one size down and gave it 5 stars as well!

Beach Belle’s scoop neck, and back, tankini top below is now $13.99 and still available in sizes 10 to 16 and 22! Beach Belle Fiesta Rose Plus Size Tankini Top There are a few other Beach Belle swimwear styles under $30 now too, but their sizes are more limited.

Some Under $30 Shore Club Swimwear

There are plenty of Shore Club tankini tops at this sale in those first 1 ½ pages of under $30 styles.
I do not think I have shown this one in a while and believe it would be very flattering on many women.

They have a 3.5 star average out of their current 13 reviews.
What women seem to find about these swim tops is they are:
  • A bit large, so order a size down
  • Also, if well endowed, this style has neither underwire support or adjustable straps, and might not give you the support you would likely want, 
  • unless you are on the long torso side… 

These are still available in all sizes 10 to 24 for $27.60! Shore Club Pink Hibiscus Plus Size Twist Front Tankini Top

These Keyhole neckline black tankini tops are still available in sizes 10 and 14 to 24 and are on sale for $27.60!
This style does have adjustable straps and a 4.5 star review average out of its current 4 reviews. Shore Club Plus Size Peekaboo High Neck Tankini Top I believe I have shown plenty of Shore Club tankini tops and swimsuits here in recent months and many of the swim tops of those are on sale at for less than $30 now!

Swim Sexy Plus Size Bikini Separates under $30

I had shown this bikini top here before in its Woodstock print, and it is also available in solid black, all three versions now on sale for $22.50 and are available in all sizes 10 to 24. Swim Sexy Python Plus Size Bandeau/Halter Bikini Top Both this print and the solid black version of these bikini tops have a 3 star average.
From the black bikini review:
  • No bust support for her 42H size chest. 
  • There was also another lack of support complaint from a woman who did not give us any idea of her bra size. 

On the other hand, two reviewers of this same style Love these bikini tops and one mentioned having small breasts
So apparently not for women with large breasts otherwise a great buy at $22.50! The woman who reviewed this print version above simply found it too large.

This convertible fold down or higher waist version of Swim Sexy’s briefs is available in sizes 14, 18, 20 and 22.
The simply high waist version is available in all sizes 10 to 24, and has a slightly better review average. Both are on sale for $21! Swim Sexy Black Plus Size Fold Over Brief Bottom Their black side slit swim skirt is on sale for $18 and available in all sizes too.

Actually S4A’s Aquabelle, chlorine resistant, swim bottoms of all sorts, including those shown in swimsuits at my previous post here, are on sale for $12.60 to $16.80!

These styles are worth browsing and by your swimwear sizes to find what might work best for you at their current great sale prices!



Monday, August 11, 2014

New Chlorine Resistant S4A Swimwear 30% Off

Getting ready to return to the pool for fall, winter and spring and need new chlorine resistant swimwear? Swimsuits for All has new Aquabelle swimwear on sale at 30% off at their current End of Summer Sale: Save up to 50% off Sitewide sale!

Aquabelle is their own chlorine resistant swimwear line. Naturally I am also finding great discounts on 2014 swimwear styles by Shore Club, Beach Belle, Longitude and Delta Burke at this sale too!

Some New Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Styles

Some of these new styles come in sizes up to 26! They are all on sale at 30% Off!

This black racer-back, extended leg length bike shortini is available in our choice of, most, sizes 8 to 26 in both the tops and bottoms and just $43.40 at this sale! Aquabelle Black Racerback Plus Size Extended Length Bike Shortini
This keyhole back, high neck line swimsuit is available in all sizes 8 to 24 for $43.40! Aquabelle Flower Bomb Plus Size High Neck Swimsuit
A paisley print in the same cut is down to size 8 already…
These are new chlorine resistant swimwear styles!
Possibly this could mean I am among many more women than I had suspected who want high neckline swimwear?

This cross-back swimdress provides Aquaslim power-mesh tummy control and is available in all sizes 8 to 26 for $47.60 at this sale! Aquabelle Mint Border Plus Size Swimdress You can click on these swimsuits above to go straight to them; the following are just picture of some more of Aquabelle’s new swimwear!

This is just a picture of their pink Zip Bike Shortini, whose tops tops come in sizes 8 to 24, bottoms in sizes 8 to 26.

You can get this style in white stripe as well, or just the tankini tops and bottoms separately!

This is a picture of their new Pink Border Plus Size Boy Shortini, which comes in mint border as well.

This is a picture of their new Pink Spliced Plus Size Skirtini, whose current sizes are tops 10 and 24 and swim skirts 8, 10 and 18 to 24…

This style also comes as a shortini! 

There are other new pool ready swimsuits and separates in S4A’s Aquabelle collection and they are all on sale at 30% off until 8/23/14!



Saturday, August 9, 2014

50% Off Always for Me Best Selling Plus Size Swimsuits

I do not know how long this event will last, but currently we can enjoy 50% off some of Always for Me’s best-selling tankinis, skirtini and a swimdress style!

Always for Me swimwear design is based on years of feedback from full figure women, and research. The results show especially in their highly rated bestselling swimwear styles! Always for Me swimwear tends to come in sizes 16W to 26W!

Best-selling Halter / Bandeau Halter Twist Front Styles

This sale does include their beautifully printed All Around 3 Tiered Ruffle Tankini and Black Sparkly Tankini I just posted about.

It also includes This Shimmer version of One of their Best Selling twist front halter / bandeau tankini! Almost all of its current 18 reviewers give it 5 stars and it is available at this sale for $44.50!
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Solids Shimmer Twist Bandeau 2 Pc Tankini w/ Brief 

The one piece halter / bandeau version of these swimsuits have been on sale for $39.50 for a while now, and will likely be after this sale is over.
These come in 7 colors and have a 5 star review average out of their current 165 reviews!
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear  - Always For Me Chic Solids - Twist  Bandeau Swimsuit 

However, these other best sellers might not be on sale at 50% off for long…

Click on:
  • The Always for Me banner at the top right column of this page 
  • Or any of these swimsuits above
  • Then Always for Me’s name at the top left corner of their pages

To go to their home page to view these sale styles Enjoy this opportunity while it is on!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Always for Me’s Totally 5 Star Hollywood Tankini

I have been meaning to write about these plus size tankinis for a while now. Today I noticed they are down to only 6 left in size 24W and 1 left in sizes 26W! I figured I had better get to it today!

Pleasantly these highly rated, dazzling, yet solid black, Always for Me tankini style is in good supply in sizes 16W to 22W! As started in the title, they have nothing but 5 star reviews out of their current 7.

Sparkling A-line Black Tankini

These tankinis have a heat sealed black tone sparkly embellishment along their gently gathered bustline. Their A line cut is flattering for many shapes and this swimwear style provides side boning and adjustable straps for optimum bust support!
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Solids Hollywood Tankini 
This plus size swimwear style also provides:
  • Fully lined swim brief at natural waist line
  • Moderate leg openings
  • Mold foam cup bra, with side boning, bust support

Why Women Love these Tankinis

Here are some of the most common raves about these swimsuits:
  • Cute
  • Beautiful
  • Stylish
  • Roomy
  • Good Fit, though some felt the need to go up a size
  • Provides Great Coverage, even in water
  • Great Quality 

These swimsuits came out in 2013.

I am a bit surprised that they are still available in their currently low stock sizes of 24W and 26W at all!



Monday, August 4, 2014

S4A Plus Size Swimwear Under $30

Actually we can use this Up to 60% Off Plus Size Swimwear at Offer valid 6/5-10/17. where today I am finding to find swimsuits and a tankini top; a sarong front, a cross over drape front and a tankini top for under $30 a JMS.
Unfortunately, they are all down to 1 or 2 sizes, except a princess seamed mastectomy one piece, which is $27 and available in all sizes 14W to 26W.

Ok, now there are still some Beach Belle, Aquabelle and Shore Club swimwear styles, not in clearance yet, but on sale for under $30 at S4A too!

Aquabelle’s Cross Back Chlorine Resistant Swimsuit

These highly rated, (4.5 Star average out of 37 reviews!), chlorine resistant tank suits are still available in all sizes 8 to 24 and on sale for $23.52! Aquabelle Pink Floral Plus Size Cross Back Swimsuit Aquabelle is S4A’s chlorine resistant swimwear line and they have a nice selection of under $30 tankini tops and swim bottoms on sale now too!

Beach Belle’s on Sale for Under $30 Tankini Tops

While there is also a good selection of Shore Club and Swim Sexy tankini, and in the case of Swim Sexy Bikini, tops and bottoms on sale for under $30 at this sale,

I feel I have been neglecting Beach Belle Swimwear, who has plenty of beautiful swim tops at great prices now too! Beach Belle’s Oasis print Blouson Tankini tops are one of this very popular cut of full figure tankini tops that are on sale currently at S4A.

This plus size blouson tankini top style comes in many different prints, some of which are on sale for $25.20!

These are on sale at $29.40 and available in sizes 10, 12, 14, 20, 22, 24 and 26. Beach Belle Oasis Plus Size Blouson Tankini Top
Beach Belle also has plenty of different cuts in their scoop neck plus size tankini tops.

This Montego Bay print version has a 5 star average review rating out of its current 26 reviews and is on sale for $22.80 and available in all sizes 10 to 26! Beach Belle Montego Bay Plus Size Tankini Top
 I believe this Rainforest print in their V-neck tankini top is relatively new, yet it is on sale for $25.20 and available in all sizes 18 to 26! Beach Belle Rainforest Plus Size V Neck Tankini Top
Like most Beach Belle, and Shore Club too usually, swim tops, you can usually get these as parts of two piece swimsuits such as tankinis, shortinis and skirtinis too.
Those are likely also on sale at Swimsuits for All’s Current :
Site Wide up to 40% Off sale, which ends tomorrow…



Saturday, August 2, 2014

Limited Edition Santa Cruz Plus Size Swimdress

These highly rated, all but 2 of its current 18 reviews give it 5 stars, swimdresses feature most of the benefits of Always for Me’s best-selling Illusion swimsuit, and more!
This plus size swimwear style comes with adjustable straps you can wear shoulder or cross-back. These also have an adjustable tie-front at center bust, so you can decide how much cleavage you want to reveal!
You can click on its picture to find it in sizes 16W to 26W at Always for Me, but it is a limited edition…
Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Santa Cruz Swim Dress

About These Mini-Swimdresses

These swimdresses have ruching across the front that reviewers are quite pleased with! It likely helps that they are fully lined with power-mesh too!

They provide foam cup on power-mesh bust support and the adjustable straps, no matter which way you wear them help give you just the right, and most comfortable support!

The straps and the attached swim brief are the same shade of solid blue as one in this swimsuit’s beautiful print! These attached swim bottoms appear to provide moderate leg coverage.

Although not mentioned in this swimsuit’s description at Always for Me, the dropped waist of this mini-swimdress, like the above-mentioned Illusion swimsuits and their bestselling halter / bandeau twist front styles, flatter our figures by elongating and streamlining our torsos.
I believe it also helps the ruching, or shirring, provide nice even tummy camo too!

Note Worthy Review Comments about this Swimsuit

At this posting these mini swimdresses have a 5 star average out of 18 reviews.
Here are what women who review these swimsuits comment about:
  • Good Bust Support
  • Comfy
  • Print & Shirring work great as Tummy Camo
  • True Skirt, not ruffle, hides one woman’s ‘baby stretch marks on upper thighs’
  • Gave Me a Waist! 
Also: Very FlatteringCuteBeautifulGorgeous

Currently most reviewers are finding these swimdresses true to size.
Some of the women who enjoy these suits tell us they have:
  • A pear shape
  • Petite with Long Torso 
  • Wear Bra sizes 38DD, 38DDD and 40DDD
  • Is 5’5” and 180 Lbs. 
 For what it is worth;

This swimwear style has 11 likes and 56 repins on my 2014 Bright Plus Size Swimwear Pinterest board.
While this is not much compared to another Always for Me best-selling style, their Wrap Bandeau In Control Swimdress, 1630 repins, 357 likes on my 2013 version of the same board…
it, and especially its reviews, are still impressive!

Unlike the In Control, (with Tie Halter and Back!), Wrap Bandeau swimdress, this is a limited edition, so if it appeals to you, check it out while it is still available in all sizes!