Friday, September 30, 2016

Current Best Selling S4A One Piece Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits

Strictly indoor pool swimming season is upon many of us, or will be soon. Earlier in September I posted about S4A’s best-selling Aquabelle, (chlorine resistant), swim tops.

Here is a look at their current one piece best sellers by Aquabelle.

They also have Gym to Swim chlorine resistant swim bras and bike short styles I aim to post about here soon too.

Early Fall 2016 Best Selling Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits by S4A

Their popular Confetti V neck tank swimsuit, that has been at one of the two at the top of our Chlorine Resistant Swimwear page here for some time is still a best seller and available in sizes 10 to 26!

Another currently popular pretty print Aquabelle one piece swimsuit is their Flower Bomb High Neck Swimsuit. These provide wire-free molded cups on an encircling shelf bra bust support.

They have a wide keyhole back with a S hook at the top, below your neck, back closure. This style has a 4.3 star average out of its current 65 reviews! Click on this swimsuits picture at this posting to find them available in sizes 8 to 24!

 Chlorine Resistant Flower Bomb High-Neck Swimsuit 

The above mentioned and shown Confetti and Flower Bomb swimsuits are chlorine resistant polyester / spandex blend exclusive to Aquabelle, which will retain color and fit while resisting bagging, while stretching comfortably.

The next three more sporty looking best sellers are slightly different, in fabric, as well as appearance.

S4A’s Best Selling One Piece Xtra Life Lycra Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits

At this time, these are the current Xtra Life, a Lycra Spandex made to resist Chlorine 5 to 10 times longer than ordinary swimsuits. Naturally these too will retain their color, shape and fit!

Both this Freestyle V-Back and the Freestyle X-Back swimsuit below it provide wire-free molded cups on an encircling shelf bra bust support but with additional Power-Mesh Shelf Bra lining for even more support!

The Chlorine Resistant Xtra Life Lycra Freestyle V-Back Swimsuit’s back creates a racer back strap arrangement for excellent range of motion! These have wide, non-adjustable straps and are currently available in all but size 22 of the 10 to 26 size range.

 Chlorine Resistant Xtra Life Lycra Freestyle V-Back Swimsuit 

Their Xtra Life Lycra Relay X-Back Swimsuit also has non-adjustable straps and is available in sizes 8, 14, 16, 18 and 22 as I write this.

 Chlorine Resistant Xtra Life Lycra Relay X-Back Swimsuit 

Their Red/Orchid Spliced Sport Swimsuit in this chlorine resistant long wearing fabric has the molded, wire free cups on an encircling shelf bra bust support, but with adjustable straps. Its high back provides more coverage and additional bust support! These are available in sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 20 and 22 at this posting.

 Chlorine Resistant Xtra Life Lycra Red/Orchid Spliced Sport Swimsuit 

All of these styles have S4A’s signature power-mesh tummy lining too! S4A has plenty of other one piece, (two piece and swim separates), by Aquabelle that are chlorine resistant and many in this newer Xtra Life Lycra material as well.

These are just their current best-selling one piece styles above. It being their own swimwear line, they are currently included in S4A’s numerous sales!



Monday, September 26, 2016

Best Selling 2016 Swim Sexy Plus Size Bikinis On Sale

Currently S4A has 5 best-selling Swim Sexy bikini styles listed and they are all now on sale for under $60!

True you can find plenty of their many bikini styles in the sale department for under $30, and some less than $10, but sizes on those tend to be limited…

These, three of the five, best-selling bikini swimsuits are largely available in most of their tops and bottoms sizes 10 to 24, at this posting!

Three Best Selling Swim Sexy Bikinis on Sale

All of these three below are underwire swimwear styles that also have double back straps that close with S hooks and creates a trendy keyhole.

This is their Celebrity Tawny Underwire Bikini, which has built in molded cup underwire support with adjustable / removable straps! The tops are available in sizes 10 to 24 and the bottoms in sizes 10 to 22!

 Swim Sexy The Celebrity Tawny Underwire Bikini 

Swim Sexy’s Romantic Halter Underwire Bikini top provides power-mesh lining, sling and side boning for extra support to its underwire molded bra cups. It has self-tie halter straps and is available in sizes 12 to 24 for the bikini tops and 10 to 24 for the swim briefs.

 Swim Sexy The Romantic Underwire Bikini 

Their Heartthrob Underwire bikini has the same kind of bust support as the above bikini, but with removable halter straps! These are still available in bikini top sizes 12 to 24 and sizes 10 to 24 for the swim briefs.

 Swim Sexy The Heartthrob Underwire Bikini 

Swim Sexy also has two more best-selling bikini styles available. Both of which happen to be soft cup styles and on sale for under $50, at S4A’s current sale!



Monday, September 19, 2016

New Plus Size Tankini Styles from Beach Belle

Beach Belle has new plus size two piece swimsuits styles often available as tankini, shortini and skirtini styles and just the tankini tops! Here is a look at just three of the new prints in these new plus size swimwear styles!

As two piece swimsuits S4A lets us have our choice of the swim tops and bottoms sizes separately, ensuring your best fit. Also, as Beach Belle is an S4A brand, these styles are included in their numerous discounts! Today's is 30% or More Off Site Wide!

Plus Size A line and Blouson Tankini Top Styles

Beach Belle has a wide selection of 2016 best sellers that happen to be their A line and blouson tankini tops cuts.

These are just a few of their new prints. All three provide soft, wire free cups on an encircling shelf bra with wide non-adjustable straps bust support.

I am showing Beach Belle’s Plus Size Lotus Classic skirtini 1st, because these tankini tops are already down to sizes 12, 18, 20 and 22. The skirtini bottom is available in 10 to 24. This is also available, listed separately;
  • as a cargo shortini, whose swim shorts are available in sizes 8 to 26 
  • and as a classic shortini, whose swim briefs are available in sizes 10 to 24.

 Beach Belle Lotus Plus Size Classic Skirtini 

Their Sabal Plus Size Blouson Cargo Shortini’s tops are available in our choice of sizes 10 to 24 and the cargo shorts in sizes 8 to 26! This style is also available, listed separately;
  • as just the tankini top in sizes 10 to 24
  • as a tankini with bottoms in our choice of sizes 10 to 26 
  • and as a skirtini in our choice of swim skirt sizes 10 to 24.

 Beach Belle Sabal Plus Size Blouson Cargo Shortini 

Their Zinnia Plus Size Blouson Tankini’s tops are available in sizes 10 to 24 and the swim briefs in sizes 10 to 26. This is also available, listed separately;
  • as just the tankini tops in sizes 10 to 24 
  • as a skirtini with swim skirt available in sizes 10 to 24 
  • and as a cargo shortini is swim short sizes 8 to 26.

 Beach Belle Zinnia Plus Size Blouson Tankini 

These are just a few of the new Beach Belle tankini styles available, and on sale, right now!



Saturday, September 17, 2016

Elomi’s New Fly Free Swimwear Collection

Elomi swimwear started out with swim bras made to wear under their tankini tops and when women wore those as bikini tops too, they went on to make bra sized bikini tops too!

This is their new Fly Free collection, featuring bra sized underwire plunge and convertible bandeau bikini tops, in the 34 to 44DD to HH size range and mid-rise and adjustable swim briefs, tankini tops and one piece swimsuits in sizes 16 to 26!

This Fly Free print is featured on the front of the swim tops and one piece while being solid black on most of their backs. This mini safari inspired with fuchsia and mango accents print is on the front and back of the swim briefs and this 1st shown bikini top.

Fly Free Bikini, Tankini and One Piece Elomi Swimwear

Clicking on the pictures below will take you to that style at Bigger Bras, where you can scroll down to see much, if not all, of the rest of the collection they currently have.

This underwire plunge bikini top gives us plunge without push up. It has three section cups, with a side panel, (like many excellent Elomi bras!), and has wide set adjustable straps. This bikini top style is available in sizes 34G, GG, H and HH, 36 to 40E to HH, 42DD to HH and 44DD to FF.


This convertible bandeau underwire bikini top can be worn halter, shoulder, cross-back or strapless. It comes with removable straps and provides foam lined underwire cups with side boning. These bikini tops are available in sizes 34G, GG, H and HH, 36 to 40E to HH, 42DD to HH and 44DD to FF.


If you click on this picture and scroll down you will find the low-rise swim brief in this collection at Bigger Bras. This adjustable boy short swim brief looks very much like the low rise, with the addition of the adjustable side draw strings.


This convertible A line tankini top and the tummy control one piece below it are both designed to be worn over Elomi’s Essentials Swim Bra style #7500. Apparently both this tankini top and the one piece below it provide a full lining with power-net tummy control!


This one piece swimsuit provides tummy control and wide set straps. Bigger Bras also suggests we can wear this one piece over the Fly Free bikini top as well as Elomi Essential Swim Bra 7500.


I know Elomi is pricier than the swimwear I usually show here, but if you need large cup size swimwear I am sure you will appreciate the pricier bra sized styles, rather than trying to make do with average swimwear.

I show other such style on the Plus Size D to K Cup Swimwear page our sister site.



Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Few More New Longitude Swimsuits

I have posted much of the new Longitude Swimsuits at S4A, but never manged to get all of them. Besides new Longitude swimdresses, tank and X-back styles and bold graphic beauties.

Here is a bold graphic, unique, (for Longitude), delicate strap and print one piece and a new print in their popular surplice and mock surplice swimsuit styles!

New High Neck and Lingerie Tank Swimsuits by Longitude

Longitude’s Desert Oasis High Neck swimsuit is a best seller with excellent reviews and still available in all sizes 8 to 22 at this posting. These swimsuits provide wire-free molded cups on an encircling shelf bra. They also have wide, non-adjustable straps that create a keyhole with their S hook back closure.


I think this is the first sweetheart / bandeau style neckline, adjustable straps, side shirred Longitude swimsuit I have ever seen! It also appears to have a nice gather between the breasts.

This style has the same soft cup on a shelf bra support as the swimsuit above and is available in sizes 10 to 20 and 24 and currently has one OK review from a woman who would recommend it but, while she got it as a gift, finds it not long enough…


Delhi Print Surplice and Mock Surplice Swimsuits

Longitude tends to have this surplice cut out in colorful prints and a few black and white ones each year.

This Delhi print of version of this surplice style actually has the word pleated in its title. It is true that the side shirring of this swimsuit looks to have more of a drape compared to other Longitude Surplice Swimsuits I have seen…

This swimsuit has built in wire free bra cups and non-adjustable straps. It is currently available in sizes 8, 14, 16, 18, 22 and 24 and has excellent reviews! Longitude Delhi Pleated Surplice Swimsuit

These Mock Surplice Swimdress provide molded cups on an encircling shelf bra with wide, non-adjustable straps bust support. They have a deep scoop back, no reviews so far and are available in sizes 10 to 18, 22 and 24 at S4A. Longitude Delhi Mock Surplice Swimdress

Longitude is known to be long torso swimwear and tends to have beautifully rich colored prints, graphic styles and new prints in old favorites, such as the above surplice, mock surplice, swimdress and other one piece swimwear style.



Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Few New Beach Belle Swimsuits

Besides some new versions of Beach Belle’s popular blouson tankini tops, with various bottoms, (which I aim to show later this week…), I notice they have at least three new Beach Belle one piece swimsuits many woman might want in their swimwear wardrobe!

S4A also has another Site Wide Sale, for another 21+ hours, as I write this, making these tank suits even more affordable!

Three New Beach Belle One Piece Swimsuits

This is their Linnea V Neck Swimsuit. They also have a solid black version just below this. Both provide built in soft, wire-free bra cups and fully adjustable straps.
Both of these swimsuits feature the cross front styled V neck and side shirring over S4A’s Power Mesh front panel.

Click on this Linnea print version of this style to find it available in sizes 10, 12, 14 and 16 and, like the two styles below, is on sale.

   Beach Belle Linnea V-Neck Swimsuit 

This is the black version of the above style, currently available in sizes 10, 12 and 22

Beach Belle Black V-Neck Swimsuit 

This is Beach Belle’s Bryony Side Shirred Swimsuit. It provides wire free molded cups on a shelf bra bust support, with non-adjustable straps. It has S4A’s signature power mesh front panel and a bit of side shirring, along with this flattering print. This swimsuit is available in all sizes 10 to 24!

  Beach Belle Bryony Side-Shirred Swimsuit 

 I am still impressed that S4A, and apparently other stores, are still coming out with new full figure swimwear styles, even at the end of summer! Not just chlorine resistant styles either!



Sunday, September 11, 2016

More New Lane Bryant Swimwear

This is the last day of Lane Bryant’s BOGO 50% Off deal, so I am going to keep this brief. Lane Bryant has many more new swimwear styles in since the last time I posted theirs here.

You can click on this beautiful swimsuit’s picture below and go to Swim once there to view them all, but their excellent discount does end today, so…

This is their Triangle Shimmer Swim Tank with Built in Balconette Bra. It also comes in a rumba red color and is available in bra sizes: 36C to DDD, 38 to 44C to H and 46C to DDD!

This beautiful swimwear style provides adjustable straps that can be worn cross-back or straight shoulder style. It appears to be an underwire style, although it does not say so, but does say it has a hidden hook and eye back closure.

 icon icon 

Just one of the many new swimwear styles you can enjoy today for less with their current discount!



Friday, September 9, 2016

40% Off Ashley Stewart Today + Their New Tropical Swimwear

While the 40% is off all full price styles today, it does include the Ashley Stewart Leopard Swimwear styles I posted about here in July.

Naturally it also includes their new beautiful Tropical Swimwear styles too!

However the 40% off is Today, 9/9/16 only so… Their Tropical Print Sarong is down to $19.50 at this discount! The solid pure orange power mesh one piece it is pictured with down to $47.70 with today’s discount!

 Tropical Print Sarong Wrap 

All of these swimwear styles below are currently available in all sizes 12 to 26!

Tropical Fringe Bikini, Tankini, One Piece and Cover Ups

This fringe underwire bikini top provides adjustable straps, is lightly padded and has a hook back strap. The power mesh tropical print swim brief its pictured with is listed separately. The bikini tops are $33.90 and bottoms $23.70 at this current discount!

 Tropical Fringe Underwire Bra Bikini Top 

These fringe bikini separates are also available in solid black too!

Their Topical Power Mesh Halter Tankini can be worn strapless as well. It has lightly padded cups and adjustable side draw strings!

These are down to $33.90 at this discount and the pure orange contrasting power net swim briefs this tankini top is pictured with are on sale for $20.70!

 Tropical Power Mesh Halter Tankini 

Their Tropical Power Mesh One Piece is down to $53.70 at this discount! It provides wide adjustable straps, lightly padded cups, and a high back, which tends to add more support!

 Tropical Power Mesh Swimsuit 

Their Two-In-One Tropical Swim Cover Up has a contrasting black top, or waist, as it can be worn as either a skirt or strapless dress style!

 2-In-1 Tropical Swim Cover-Up 

This is a one day discount, but they will likely have others…
However, all sizes in this collection, are available now!

Wishing you and yours a great weekend!


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Current S4A Best Selling Chlorine Resistant Swim Tops

& Long Bike Short Set There are plenty of new Aquabelle swimwear styles at S4A now! The best sellers among them are mostly swim tops, Aquabelle Poppies Sarong Front Swimsuit, X back tank suits and the following styles.

Naturally they are all included in S4A’s current great discount too!

Best Selling Tankini Tops and Tees

While S4A’s Aquabelle has some of zip front Tee Swim tops, in black and a print, they also have black and several print Tee Shirt Swim Tops!

This Iceberg print UPF 50+ Swim Tee is the best seller of these styles. This one is down to sizes 10 / 12 and 22 / 24 and is also on sale for under $30 at the moment! This crew neck T shirt can be worn in or out of water, over swimsuits or swim bras if you like. It does provide protection from harmful UV rays.

  Chlorine Resistant - Aquabelle UPF 50+ Iceberg Swim Tee 

Aquabelle’s Lilypad Sport Top is available in more sizes! Currently available in sizes 8 to 24 and on sale for $30.80 at the moment! This tankini top provides soft molded cups on fully encircling shelf bra with non-adjustable shoulder straps.

  Chlorine Resistant - Aquabelle Lilypad Sport Top 

Their Arctic Princess Seam Top has the same kind of soft cup on shelf bra bust support, but with an H back style and non-adjustable straps. Currently just over $30, it is available in sizes 8 to 26, except size 24.

  Chlorine Resistant - Aquabelle Arctic Princess Seam Top 

Aquabelle’s Blue Arrowhead Sport Top is also just over $30 but down to sizes 8, 10, 20, 24 and 26. This also has the same bust support as the tankini tops above, with non-adjustable shoulder straps.

  Chlorine Resistant - Aquabelle Blue Arrowhead Sport Top 

I believe the tankini tops above are available in two piece swimsuits, such as tankinis or shortinis, possibly even skirtini styles.

Aquabelle’s Best Selling Long Bike Short Set

This Chlorine Resistant style features a racer back tankini top with soft cups on an encircling shelf bra, and wide non-adjustable straps. This Undertow Long Bike Short Set comes with the swim bike short which has a 8 inch inseam.
This style has one excellent review but is down to size 8 for the top size and sizes 8, 16, 18, 20 and 22 for the bike short.

  Chlorine Resistant - Aquabelle Undertow Long Bike Short Set 

Aquabelle has a variety of other tankini tops with bike short chlorine resistant swimwear styles, as well as new swim bras in this like with matching long bike shorts!

You can use this Chlorine resistant swimwear to go straight to these pool worthy swimwear styles!



Monday, September 5, 2016

35% to 60% Off S4A Swimwear

At S4A’s Get Up to 65% Off Sitewide and Free Shipping this Labor Day at No Code Needed, but only for 18+ more hours… Unless they continue it tomorrow… Well one can hope.

Swimsuits for All has many great new styles in by Shore Club, Longitude and more as well as plenty of new Chlorine resistant swimwear styles. It is always worth checking out S4A for plus size swimwear any time of year, but this sale is one to take advantage of to get excellent styles for less!

This is one of the new chlorine resistant swimsuits by S4A’s Aquabelle. This style is currently available in our choice of both tops and bottoms sizes 8 to 26! It is currently down to $51.10, from $73.

  Shore Club Bouquet Tie-Front Underwire Tankini 

Browse S4A soon for excellent swimwear and savings!