Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Brief Look at Beach Belle 2016 Best Selling Swimwear

Well it has taken me over a week to get back to this but as promised in the previous post, I am getting around to the new bright and beautiful Beach Belle styles available at S4A now! What I am finding is, not too surprisingly, and who could blame them, new prints of previous long time best-selling Beach Belle swimwear styles!

I also see S4A still has a 30% Off or More site wide banner and a 40% Off when you refer a friend deal!

Best Selling and New Beach Belle Swimsuits

First some of their many best-selling swimwear styles! Beach Belle’s Poppies lingerie strap swimdress is a best seller and available in sizes 10 to 26. S4A also has other beautiful swimwear styles in this print! Beach Belle Poppies Lingerie Swimdress
This City Lights Sarong front is available in all sizes except 16 in the 10 to 24 size range.
 Beach Belle City Lights Sarong Front Swimsuit

Their Cerulean V-neck swimdress is available in all sizes 10 to 24 and I know I saw a classic tankini top in this print as well.
 Beach Belle Cerulean V-Neck Swimdress
Now this new Snowdrop Elegant Swimdress is available for pre-order, to ship 5/31/16 in all sizes 10 to 24. It is very much like many of Longitude’s best-selling swimdress styles in design.

This is just a picture of this swimdress but you can find it in Classic Collection at S4A to pre-order it if you like.

The Snowdrop lingerie strap swimdress is in stock in sizes 10 and 14 to 26!
 Beach Belle Snowdrop Lingerie Swimdress
 They have plenty of other swimwear styles by Beach Belle for 2016, this is just a tiny sampling…

A few new Blouson Tankini and Tops

This is their Bismarck print of their oh-so-popular, and handy, blouson tankini top. I do not know if it is still marked New, but I am pretty sure I never posted it here before, and I think its lovely. This tankini top is available in sizes 10 to 24.
 Beach Belle Bismarck Blouson Top
 Their Technicolor Oasis Tankini is a current best seller! It is available in sizes 10 to 24 for the tops and 10 to 26 for the bottoms!
 Beach Belle Technicolor Oasis Blouson Tankini
 Their Coconut Grove Blouson Top is also a current best seller and available in sizes 10 to 24. Beach Belle Coconut Grove Blouson Top
 Both of these bestselling styles have excellent ratings!

Every time I check out the new blouson tankini styles I cannot help but think how great they would be for hot summer days as swimwear as well as
  • with cutoffs
  • nicer shorts
  • jeans
  • pencil skirts 
  • and perhaps other styles as well! 

While I was checking these out, in S4A’s Classic Collection and New Arrival sections, I noticed new Shore Club and Swim 365 styles in too!

Swimsuits for All is always a great place to browse beautiful swimwear and they tend to have discounts!



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