Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Best Selling Lingerie Strap Swimdress style

By Beach Belle Beach Belle, Longitude and no doubt others swimwear makers have versions of these swimdresses and they are best sellers for some very good reasons!

This is no doubt why Longitude comes out with these in different prints top parts and other versions all the time.

This is a look at some of these currently available by S4A’s Beach Belle swimwear line.

Some Beach Belle Lingerie Swimdresses

This Mint accent version is currently their best-selling swimdress style and is still available in sizes 10 to 26!

 Beach Belle Mint Lingerie Swimdress 

This is also available in a pink accent version in their Beach Belle Cerise Lingerie Swimdress.

Either way, you can see how
  • The princess seams streamline one’s torso
  • down from its waist and bust accentuating empire waist
  • Naturally this cut of swimdress also makes small of ones hips and upper thighs
  • while at the same time can, owing to its flare, 
  • give the impression of a larger waist to hip ratio, 
  • for those of us with a more rectangular shape!
  • Relatively high straight back, which should add extra bust support! 

All excellent reasons why we can count of Beach Belle for a few of these swimdresses and Longitude even more at any time of year, it seems!

Sadly, it seems that neither Beach Belle nor Longitude have these with adjustable straps…
Hopefully later!

Another version is the all over print style, which I am finding two of by Beach Belle on page one of S4A’s Swimdress department.

One is a their Pink, red, black, white with purple accent Beach Belle Bolivia Lingerie Swimdress version.

and this Panama print style, both too new for reviews and available in sizes 10 to 26!

 Beach Belle Panama Lingerie Swimdress 

Their Pink Sand print with black empire waist and twin strap accents has a 4.8 average out of its current 4 reviews, but is down to sizes 20, 22 and 24…

S4A also has 3 more of this version of swimdress style by Beach Belle in different prints, currently on page 2 of their Swimdress department.

 Beach Belle Pink Sand Lingerie Swimdress 

Currently these are the Beach Belle versions of this popular and flattering swimdress style.

Longitude makes similar ones, as well as a print top, with solid black skirt from the empire waist down style. You can view this by using this Longitude Parakeet Empire Swimdress link.
I plan to give their versions of the lingerie strap swimdress style its own page soon!



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