Friday, October 9, 2015

New Multi-Color Longitude Wipe Out Plus Size Swimsuits

10% Off Discount Available too! While we can find Longitude swimwear for less, on sale at on sale at S4A and Longitude / Robby Len Swimwear at Always for Me.

I found these new Longitude swimsuits at Bigger Bras, who’s current, (and frequent), 10% discount does not exclude Longitude!

Bigger Bras has several of their new, vividly colored swimwear collections as well as other new swimwear collections in by Longitude now.
I usually love Longitude’s use of color. This and the other new brightly colored swimwear lines available at Bigger Bras are great examples of why that is!

We can find these in sizes 16W to 24W, and some are also available in sizes 8 to 16 if you are on the lighter side of full figured.

Longitude’s Wipe Out Swimwear line up to size 24W and 16

Currently this surplice version is the only one Bigger Bras has in full figure sizes, so far…
Longitude surplice swimsuits are often best sellers and come out often in different prints at S4A.

Click on this style to find it in sizes 16W to 24W at Bigger Bras. Scroll down once there to view other styles they have in this swimwear line.


This is the princess seamed, twin lingerie strap swimdress in this Wipe Out collection.

Currently Bigger Bras has 5 other double lingerie strap princess seamed swimdress styles in full figure sizes by Longitude in as well.
It too is a standard Longitude best selling swimsuit!

This is the sash tank in the smaller women’s size range of 8 to 16. If you click on its picture and scroll down you will find they have the surplice wipe out swimsuit in this smaller size range too.  

Currently other Longitude styles are on sale for much less at the above mentioned stores.
These style shown here are full price at $113 and $99,
so the 10% off discount is especially nice.

I will show more new full figure Longitude swimwear styles available at Bigger Bras here soon tool. They also have new plus size swimwear by Penbrooke on sale and in sizes up to 18W to 26W, which also qualifies for their discounts!

Bigger Bras has Elomi swim bras, bikini tops, briefs and tankini tops too, but they are excluded from their discounts, as are Fantasie swimwear styles…

More later!

Wishing you and yours a great fall weekend!


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