Sunday, May 31, 2015

Convertible Bandini top by LUXE by Lisa Vogel

While these bandini tops only come in sizes up to 14, which measures bust 39” waist 31” and hips 40.5”, you can see by some of the women in Swim Spot’s photo of this style below:

  • This strapless swim top style does flatter some full figure 
  • That you can wear it any length you like! 

If you click on this picture it will take you to it at Swim Spot, (who also carries Athena swimwear in sizes 16W to 20W), where you can find its description to the left of this swim top.

 Premiere Convertible Bandini Top 

This sheer bodice stretch style also comes with removable soft cups!

Swim Spot also carries full figure swimwear by Next as well! In general, SwimSpot is a beautiful site to browse!



Friday, May 29, 2015

10% Off Plus Size Underwire Swimwear

10/13/2016 Update: When I 1st posted this Sunsets qualified for discounts at Bigger Bras. Now Sunsets, like other great brands, no longer does. However, Bigger Bras still has an excellent selection of large cup plus size swimwear styles by Sunsets!

If you are full figured and need good bust support you might be interested in DD+ Swimwear styles by Panache, Fantasie, Elomi and Sunsets!

They all make bra sized swimwear in up to full figure bra sizes! (The sadly no longer true info this post's title was about), Bigger Bras has a 10% Off Discount code on their pages which we can apply to all, except Panache, of these excellent above-mentioned brands.

You can find out more about plus size, tends to be underwire swimwear at our sister site’s Plus Size D to K Cup Swimwear page, and their Fantasie swimwear pages. This site has its own Elomi swimwear page.

Here is a brief look at some

Sunsets up to 40F Underwire Swimwear at Bigger Bras

You can use this Plus Size Sunsets Swimwear at Bigger Bras link to go straight to their whole collection at Bigger Bras.

These are just pictures of these underwire tankini and bikini tops by Sunsets.

This is one of the many prints of Sunset's very popular twist-front underwire tankini top! It also comes in black too. These are available in sizes up to 40E / 38F / 36G.

Its straps are adjustable and the high back, and looks like ample side coverage, will no doubt add to the already supportive underwire cups of this swim top!

This twist front underwire tankini top by Sunsets has been popular for so long I actually had a separate article page about it years ago when this blog was its first version of a swimwear site…

Here is a picture of one of their twist front tie-halter underwire bikini tops, which come in the 34 to 40D and DD size range. These also have a self-tie under-bust band too. These come in other colors and black too.

Sunsets makes a strapless / bandeau bikini top with a twist front as well in the 34 to 40DD size range too.

Here is a picture of a tankini version of the above-mentioned twist-front underwire bandeau style. These come in the 32E / 30F / 28G to 40F / 38G / 36H size range.

These have adjustable straps, and a nice keyhole effect made by this style's back clasp!

Naturally these also come in many other prints, and likely solids.

This is just a small sample of some of the great underwire bikini and tankini styles by Sunsets available at Bigger Bras in sizes up to 40D to F.

A variety of matching swim briefs and skirts are available to go with the above and other swimwear styles by Sunsets.

More about plus size Sunset Swimwear styles later!


Latest Update: 10/13/16


Monday, May 25, 2015

33% Off S4A Swimwear and More With Free Shipping

S4A’s Memorial Day sale gives us up 33% Off their Shore Club, Beach Belle, Chlorine Resistant Swimwear, Swim Sexy, Tropiculture and other swimwear lines, and Longitude Swimwear too! This however, according to the sale banner on their site, ends today…

$21 Plus Size Bikini Tops

I understand having misgivings about wearing a bikini.
 Let’s face it, it will be hot soon, and a nice way to ease into this is to try them around your house or apartment first as a top.

Besides mix and match is in and we all likely have at least one swim bottom style we feel comfy in anyway. If not, a wide variety of all manner of them are on sale from $12.60 to $19.60 today too.

So here is a chance to try bikini tops for $21 without even having to consider shipping costs!

These Swim Sexy full coverage halter bikini top styles are available in purple in sizes 10 to 24 and also come in black and red colors.

 Swim Sexy Purple Halter Bikini Top 

All are $21 today and they are listed separately. This halter / bandeau style is available in both red and purple, (listed separately), in sizes 10 to 24!

 Swim Sexy Red Bandeau/Halter Bikini Top 

You will also find a black halter / bandeau and a python print and black one on sale today for $21 too.

I wrote, / shared, a bit about here before about Bikini Wearing doubts. Here is a bit more encouragement from the Militant Baker’s post Proof that You Can Wear a Bikini at Any Size, 85 pieces proof post!

Naturally you will find a wide selection of full figure swimwear, besides bikini styles, using S4A’s Happy Memorial Day! Take 33% off sitewide + free shipping at - Valid through 5/26 - Shop now and save! event!



Sunday, May 24, 2015

25% Off Coco Reef Plus Size Swimwear

Coco Reef Plus Swimwear is on sale at 25% Off until sometime tomorrow, (5/25) at! They are also offering Free Shipping on purchases over $75, no code needed!

Here are some Coco Reef underwire tankini tops on sale now for $65.25, (normally $87).

Always for Me has some of the same styles, and offers more detailed descriptions of them.

They tell us these underwire tankini tops have adjustable straps and some have removable foam inserts.

They come in the 16W to 24W size with our choice of cup sizes C, D and DD, at Coco Reef’s own sale, these sizes are limited in some styles…

Some Coco Reef Plus Size Tankini Tops

Always for Me carried this tankini top in the twist front version.

5/31/16 Update: Naturally these styles this post was about are gone. Here are a few pictures of some beautiful Coco Reef full figure swimwear styles currently available at Coco Reef!


Not all of Coco Reef’s tankini tops come in two front styles, but they are all on sale for $65.25 and $62.25 right now at Coco Reef! The swim bottoms to go with them are also on sale too!

If you like their swimwear styles
Enjoy these styles for less soon!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday weekend!


Updated: 5/31/16

Friday, May 22, 2015

33% Off Tropiculture, Shore Club and other S4A Swimwear

Also Longitude Swimwear

Enjoy Tropiculture, Shore Club, Swim Sexy, Laure Wells, (earth friendly plus size swimwear), and more for less this weekend at S4A!

  Happy Memorial Day from! 

Here is a look at Beach Belle’s new

Romance Garden and Blue Palm Tankini and other 2 piece swimwear

Both of these swimsuits in their skirtini versions come in our choices of sizes 10 to 26 for the tops and 10 to 34 for the bottoms!

This Romance Garden style’s tankini top shown below, and the Blue Palm, just the tankini tops are just $26.60 at S4A’s Memorial Day Weekend Discount! Beach Belle Romance Garden Surplice Skirtini
Both the Romance Garden styles and the Blue Palm picture below come in shortini styles and tankini styles too, with the swim bottoms in our choice of sizes 10 to 26!
So I am a big fan of room to move and like the availability of larger sizes! Beach Belle Blue Palm Surplice Skirtini
If you click on these swimsuits above you will go straight to them at Swimsuits for All, (S4A).
You will find each of their other two piece versions and just the tankini tops listed separately there.

If you are looking for them it is easier just to select:
  • Shop All once at S4A 
  • Then Beach Belle 
  • and sort by New Arrivals 
This Memorial Day Weekend Sale - Take 33% off sitewide at! ends 5/23/15…

Wishing you and yours the best holiday weekend!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

50% Off Highly Rated Always for Me Swimwear

I would just take the Always for Me banner to your right because of what I just found:

The first swimsuit I am showing here is out of stock in all of its green / foil print. Fortunately they still have all sizes, 16W to 26W, in its pink / foil print below!

These like the other styles I am showing here today are on sale for $44.50. You will find swimwear styles in their sale department for more, (like their tiered ruffle tankinis), and less, but sizes might be limited…

Some 50% Off Always for Me Swimsuits

This looks like it is based on one of their bestselling twist front / bandeau tankini styles. Always highly rated. This year’s swimdresses based on best sellers are not on sale yet, meaning still $89 and naturally getting excellent reviews, I looked.

 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Prints Kiki Foil 2 Pc Tankini w/ Brief 

 I do not expect these tankinis will be in stock in all sizes for long…

Both this twist front tankini and their one piece below give us
adjustable / removable straps 
side boing for additional side support.
Also, flattering front ruching with dropped waist, torso elongating design too!

Their Santiago Swimsuit

 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Prints Santiago Swimsuit 

You can wear the straps straight shoulder style, or cross back with Always for Me’s Somerset shirred Swim Mini. This is from their In Control swimwear collection.

 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me In Control Somerset Shirred Swim Mini 

This is another shimmering foil print twist front / bandeau style but with adjustable / removable straps and no side boning.
It is also available in a lime print.
The swim briefs are the same solid color as the straps in this style.

 Women's Plus Size Swimwear Always For Me Chic Prints Chatham Tankini 

I would go browse Always for Me’s sale department soon, while the most sizes are in stock.

They have been designing swimwear for years now based on feedback from full figure women and research.
No doubt this is why their swimwear styles usually get excellent reviews!



Monday, May 18, 2015

Newer S4A Plus Size Blouson Tankini Tops

S4A’s Beach Belle swimwear line has some blouson tankini tops I do not believe I have shown here before! Of course the classic black blouson tankini top is still available in sizes 10 to 26, and today at least was just $30 when I was checking it out!

These styles get consistently great to excellent reviews and are nice to have in most swimwear wardrobes because they are perfect for swimming, water parks, around the yard, quick trip to the store and back again!

New Prints in Beach Belle Blouson Tankini Tops

Beach Belle does have some new vividly colored florals but here are a few of their more unique prints. These are often available as cargo short swimsuits, skirtinis and tankinis as well as just the tankini tops!

While I am not a big fan of stripes, this is the 2nd time lately that a S4A swimwear line has come out with one even I like! These are still available in all sizes 10 to 26!

 Beach Belle Beach Cruiser Blouson Tankini Top 

I do not know if this is still available as a tankini, skirtini or cargo shortini but as just the tankini top, these are down to sizes 20 to 26, with excellent reviews!

 Beach Belle Dew Drops Blouson Tankini Top 

Their Technicolor Oasis blouson tankini tops are still available in all sizes 10 to 26! You can get this top as part of a two piece skirtini, tankini or cargo shortini too!

 Beach Belle Technicolor Oasis Blouson Tankini Top 

Here is their new Tahiti Blouson Tankini, which is still available as shortinis, this tankini and just the top. Not surprisingly, in all cases, the tankini tops are down to sizes 10 and 16 to 24.

 Beach Belle Tahiti Blouson Tankini 
If you click on this tankini above, you will find the swim briefs available in our choice of sizes 10 to 26. Likewise the cargo swim shorts if you want the shortini in this style.

S4A lists all these separately.



Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Just My Size Swimwear at Up to 50% Off

Just My Size carries swimwear in sizes 14W to 26W and some in sizes 28W to 32W, and it is all marked down! This includes their skirted sarong front styles I wrote about here in February and many more!
I am finding:

Plus a good selection of shortini, skirtini and one piece styles.
You can use their Up to 50% Off Plus Size Swimwear. Click link to activate offer. Offer valid 5/6 - 7/8/2015. to go straight to this sale!

Some Top Rated JMS Swimwear styles

Here are the top four swimsuits that came up when I sorted JMS swimwear by customer rating, and one of them is on sale for $29.99! 
This Aline, empire waist twist front swimdress is down to sizes 14W, 20W and 26W. You can click on its picture to go straight to it at JMS!


Seeing as how sizes are likely to limited in other JMS swimsuits too, I will make this brief. 

This double strap princess seamed, black with pink piping swimdress style is so popular Longitude swimwear usually has swimdresses like it and I believe one of the S4A swimwear lines makes one as well. 

This particular one is their 2nd top customer rated swimsuit, which is still available in sizes 18W to 26W.


JMS’ Lace Print Skater swimdress style has a twist front, which is hard to make out owing to the print…
It also has shirring, a dropped waist and reminds me of a more streamline, (and more coverage), version of style Always for Me’s excellent and top rated twist front swimwear styles These are down to sizes 18W to 24W…


 Strangely the 4th, and least expensive of these top 4 styles at JMS is still available in sizes 14W to 26W! These feature tummy hiding criss-cross tier front panels and sleek back, in the same print!

They also have a black with white polka-dot version of this crisscross front tier style, on sale for the same price, available in all sizes. 

So here it is, the beginning of May and sizes are limited in these Just My Size Swimwear styles… 
I would browse this swimwear sale soon! Enjoy! 


Monday, May 4, 2015

New Swim Sexy and Shore Club Swimsuits

Shore Club swimwear has a new tankini top and two piece styles and Swim Sexy has a variety of new bikini, bikini with skirted bottoms, underwire bikini styles and a one piece style!

Shore Club’s Yacht Club Tankini, Skirtini and Shortini Styles

These bright swim tops have flattering side shirred, molded soft cup bra bust support with adjustable straps and come in sizes 10 to 24.

 Shore Club Yacht Club Tie Front Tankini Top 
As a tankini the swim bottoms come in sizes 10 to 26 and as swim skirt and shortini swimsuits, the bottoms come in sizes 10 to 24.

New Swim Sexy Bikini and One Piece Swimwear

These are just pictures below of some of the new Swim Sexy swimwear styles we can preorder, to ship by 5/30/15, in sizes 10 to 24 now!

This is their Wildlife Engineered One Piece has a solid black scoop back.

This is one of their new bikini top with swim skirt styles. This one has shoulder straps, with adjustable straps, side boning and soft molded cup bust support.

This is their new twist front bandeau high waist bikini, which also comes in a black and white print style.

The twist front style above and this white one, which also comes in solid black, all have adjustable / removable straps.

Here it is pictured with the swim skirt, but another version is available with a high-waist bikini bottom, in white or solid black.

This is a picture of one of their two new underwire bikini styles. The other has a shades of blue print.

Sorry the Swim Sexy styles above are just pictures.
You can take this banner featuring Swim Sexy’s String Bikini styles to go to Swimsuits for All.


If you cannot wait for the end of May shipping date, Swim Sexy has a wide variety of beautiful plus size bikini, and other printed bikini with skirted bottom swimwear styles.