Friday, May 29, 2015

10% Off Plus Size Underwire Swimwear

10/13/2016 Update: When I 1st posted this Sunsets qualified for discounts at Bigger Bras. Now Sunsets, like other great brands, no longer does. However, Bigger Bras still has an excellent selection of large cup plus size swimwear styles by Sunsets!

If you are full figured and need good bust support you might be interested in DD+ Swimwear styles by Panache, Fantasie, Elomi and Sunsets!

They all make bra sized swimwear in up to full figure bra sizes! (The sadly no longer true info this post's title was about), Bigger Bras has a 10% Off Discount code on their pages which we can apply to all, except Panache, of these excellent above-mentioned brands.

You can find out more about plus size, tends to be underwire swimwear at our sister site’s Plus Size D to K Cup Swimwear page, and their Fantasie swimwear pages. This site has its own Elomi swimwear page.

Here is a brief look at some

Sunsets up to 40F Underwire Swimwear at Bigger Bras

You can use this Plus Size Sunsets Swimwear at Bigger Bras link to go straight to their whole collection at Bigger Bras.

These are just pictures of these underwire tankini and bikini tops by Sunsets.

This is one of the many prints of Sunset's very popular twist-front underwire tankini top! It also comes in black too. These are available in sizes up to 40E / 38F / 36G.

Its straps are adjustable and the high back, and looks like ample side coverage, will no doubt add to the already supportive underwire cups of this swim top!

This twist front underwire tankini top by Sunsets has been popular for so long I actually had a separate article page about it years ago when this blog was its first version of a swimwear site…

Here is a picture of one of their twist front tie-halter underwire bikini tops, which come in the 34 to 40D and DD size range. These also have a self-tie under-bust band too. These come in other colors and black too.

Sunsets makes a strapless / bandeau bikini top with a twist front as well in the 34 to 40DD size range too.

Here is a picture of a tankini version of the above-mentioned twist-front underwire bandeau style. These come in the 32E / 30F / 28G to 40F / 38G / 36H size range.

These have adjustable straps, and a nice keyhole effect made by this style's back clasp!

Naturally these also come in many other prints, and likely solids.

This is just a small sample of some of the great underwire bikini and tankini styles by Sunsets available at Bigger Bras in sizes up to 40D to F.

A variety of matching swim briefs and skirts are available to go with the above and other swimwear styles by Sunsets.

More about plus size Sunset Swimwear styles later!


Latest Update: 10/13/16


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