Monday, May 18, 2015

Newer S4A Plus Size Blouson Tankini Tops

S4A’s Beach Belle swimwear line has some blouson tankini tops I do not believe I have shown here before! Of course the classic black blouson tankini top is still available in sizes 10 to 26, and today at least was just $30 when I was checking it out!

These styles get consistently great to excellent reviews and are nice to have in most swimwear wardrobes because they are perfect for swimming, water parks, around the yard, quick trip to the store and back again!

New Prints in Beach Belle Blouson Tankini Tops

Beach Belle does have some new vividly colored florals but here are a few of their more unique prints. These are often available as cargo short swimsuits, skirtinis and tankinis as well as just the tankini tops!

While I am not a big fan of stripes, this is the 2nd time lately that a S4A swimwear line has come out with one even I like! These are still available in all sizes 10 to 26!

 Beach Belle Beach Cruiser Blouson Tankini Top 

I do not know if this is still available as a tankini, skirtini or cargo shortini but as just the tankini top, these are down to sizes 20 to 26, with excellent reviews!

 Beach Belle Dew Drops Blouson Tankini Top 

Their Technicolor Oasis blouson tankini tops are still available in all sizes 10 to 26! You can get this top as part of a two piece skirtini, tankini or cargo shortini too!

 Beach Belle Technicolor Oasis Blouson Tankini Top 

Here is their new Tahiti Blouson Tankini, which is still available as shortinis, this tankini and just the top. Not surprisingly, in all cases, the tankini tops are down to sizes 10 and 16 to 24.

 Beach Belle Tahiti Blouson Tankini 
If you click on this tankini above, you will find the swim briefs available in our choice of sizes 10 to 26. Likewise the cargo swim shorts if you want the shortini in this style.

S4A lists all these separately.



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