Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Two Piece Shore Club Swimwear

Actually I also saw new Shore Club Swimdresses, besides the underwire two-piece swimdresses I wrote about last week too! I aim to get to those in a few days. This is just to show you some of the new tankini, tankini tops, skirtini and shortini Shore Club styles at S4A now.

New Side-Tie, Cross-Back and Halter Tankini styles

You can purchase this tie-halter tankini top separately, as a shortini, and below as a tankini at Swimsuits for All. Shore Club Plus Size Maile Halter Tankini The Tankini version above allows you to choose from sizes 10 to 24 for the swim tops and 10 to 26 for the swim bottoms!
As a shortini, the bottoms only come in sizes up to 24…

This is just a picture of their new Wild Side Shirred Halter Side Slit Skirtini.
You can use this Free Shipping + 10% off - code 10SHIP Link to get to Swimsuits for All and enjoy these styles for less!

This style’s sweetheart neckline, gentle gather between your breast, halter straps and empire waist create a bust accentuating flattering look.
The smooth, side-slit skirt minimizes hips and thighs in a sleek style!

This is a picture of Shore Club’s Plus Size Woodstock Side Tie Boy Shortini. It has both adjustable straps and adjustable side ties to create the shirred effect You want.

This cross-back tankini top might not be new. I believe it is, in this print anyway, but I hardly ever show this particular cut of V-neck Shore Club tankini tops here. These come in many different prints. Shore Club Sierra Vista Plus Size V-Neck Sport Tankini Top
In different prints, this tankini style comes in two of their, labeled “Best” Skirtini and Cargo Shortini styles, in its Poppy print below. Shore Club Poppy Splash Plus Size V-Neck Sport Slit Skirtini If you click on this skirtini above, you can scroll down to find the other “Best” cargo shortini style. Both this skirtini and shortini have great reviews.
The tankini is also shown if you scroll down. It does not have reviews yet…
However, once again the tankini bottoms are available in sizes up to 26.

Turns out the bottoms in the Cargo Shortini of this Poppy style come in sizes up to 26 too!
It has Velcro Closure Pockets! I love pockets, but would prefer zipper closure ones...

Sorry, got carried away there…

That said, these cross-back styles have non-adjustable stretch straps. So if you need plenty of bust support…possibly not such a great style.

So, mostly, with the exception of some tankini bottoms and skirtini shorts, which come in sizes up to 26, Shore Club swim tops and bottoms come in sizes 10 to 24.

Those are just a few new Shore Club styles.

I am also seeing new styles by Beach Belle and Longitude, there are quite possibly more by other designers…



Sunday, April 27, 2014

Chlorine Resistant Swim Dress Styles by Speedo

While it S4A Swimwear does have chlorine resistant swimdress styles for less, many women might want to also consider Speedo’s plus size chlorine resistant swimwear as well. Of their current 34 plus size swimwear styles at Speedo they have three swimdress styles.

2014 Speedo Chlorine Resistant Swim Swimdresses

This cross-front Swimdress style has no reviews yet. It provides soft cup bust support and is made to be 5 to 10 Times more durable than ordinary fabrics!

Swim Dress Plus Size [More]
Price: 98.00

This swimsuit also has core compression features.
  • This swimsuit above is made from their own Xtra-Life Lycra. Made to hold up against : Chlorine
  • Suntan Lotion 
  • and Skin oils better 
  • and resists sagging and bagging to keep it fitting well swim after swim 
These are the qualities, I believe, what we expect from Speedo!

That said, I believe this new swimsuit above might be testing out a new Speedo fabric,

The two following swimdresses are made of their
Exclusive, Longest Lasting and Best Selling Endurance + fabric! This fabric:
  • Is 100% Chlorine resistant 
  • Is made to last 20 times longer than conventional swimwear fabrics 
  • and so will provide better fit longer because of those features, 
  • just like the swimsuit above! 
This is also a 4-way stretch fabric, providing better fit, comfort and more shape retention!

This newer Cross-back, Contrast Strap swimdress also has no reviews yet and provides soft cup bust support.

Price: 98.00

Which fabric is better? I would have to find reviews of styles using the 1st swimsuits one to compare first. Meanwhile, check out the 2013 swimdress’ review, made of the fabric as this contrast cross-back swimdress! All of these swimdresses are available in sizes 16 and 18 in Speedo’s Plus Size department, but in other sizes in other places in their site, which I will explain later…

Highly Rated 2013 Swimdress Style

This Piped Sheath Dress Endurance + has an excellent review, comes in black and indigo.

The reviewer of this sheath swimdress style tells us:
  • It has No Cons
  • Is Attractive
  • High Quality
  • Dries Quickly
  • Flattering
  • Light Weight 
  • And she says she uses it, in a chlorine pool, at least one to two hours daily, for a year and a half now, while other women go through 2 or 3 swimsuits. 
  • Worth the money!

Piped Sheath Dress Plus Size - Speedo Endurance+ [More]
Price: 88.00


Finding Plus Size Swimwear at Speedo

Use the Speedo Banner down the page a bit in the right column to go to Speedo.
  • Click on Women at the left of their horizontal menu
  • Then select Swimwear under Shop By Category in their left column 
  • Then you can easily find Plus Size under Swimwear on the page that takes us to! 
  • There you can shop by Price or Size, using those features just above the swimsuits featured there. 

I am finding sizes 6L to 18L, (long torso), and 16 to 24.

If you go to Active Recreation there, instead of Plus Size, you will find the cross-front swimdress above in size 6 to 18 in black and 8, 10 and 12 in its deep iris color.
There this swimdress is not called Plus Size.

I am thinking if you can just check out other swimwear styles there as well and find other styles that come in full figure sizes, also not marked plus size, or in the plus size section of their Women’s Department as well.

It is likely that if you click on these swimdresses above, it would appear they only come in sizes 16 and 18.I checked this out just after I posted this and that is exactly what happened!

In their plus size section you will also find many one piece swimsuits with:
  • Surplice cut
  • Shirring
  • Princess Seams
  • Empire waists
  • Scoop Back
  • Halter styles
  • Cross-back 
Naturally they also have a wide variety Endurance, Ultra-back swimsuits styles.

I plan to check out more full figure Speedo styles at their own site soon.

I used their banner in the right column of this page to go to Speedo’s own site. A pop up offer of 10% off my next purchase for getting on their mailing list showed first.
I will check this out and see if they use this wisely, or email me to death and let you know in my next Speedo, from Speedo’s site post.



Friday, April 25, 2014

New Underwire Shore Club Swimwear up to 45% Off

Some months ago S4A’s Shore Club swimwear came out with underwire tankini tops with adjustable straps and a side-of-bust detail that allows us to adjust for the coverage we want there! Now they have more of these, plus two other underwire swimwear styles!

Two Piece Underwire Tankini and Swimdress Styles

At this, 6/2015, Update this Shore Club underwire tankini top is a best seller and comes in sizes 10 to 24. It has excellent reviews and is $33.60 at S4A's current discount!

Shore Club Margarita Underwire Tie Front Tankini Top

These new hidden underwire swimdresses also come in solid black. These blossom print ones have are often on sale!! Shore Club Plus Size Blossom Underwire Two Piece Swimdress These are two piece swimdresses whose tops and bottoms come in, you choose from, sizes 10 to 24!

Side of Bust Adjustable Underwire Tankini / Skirtinis

This is the Romantic Garden underwire tankini top I mentioned above, now 25% off, $33. Shore Club Plus Size Romantic Garden Underwire Tankini Top

These are the new prints of the underwire wire tankini styles that we can adjust the side-of-bust coverage on!

The tankini tops, whether you buy them separately or as a two piece swimsuit, are available in sizes 10 to 24.

If you buy either as a tankini, 2 piece swimsuit, the bottoms come in sizes 10 to 26!

Full Coverage, Ring Detail Underwire Tankini Styles

This ring detail underwire tankini tops are already designed as full side of bust coverage swim tops.

They still have adjustable straps, just as the ones above do.

This is the Marigold print of just the tankini top, now $13, but down to sizes 10 and 14. Shore Club Plus Size Marigold Ring Tankini Top You can probably search swim separates at S4A, or two piece swimwear there to find each of these, as possibly tankinis, skirtinis or just the swim tops…
I would but am running out of time here…

Swimsuits for All also has new soft cup tankini tops, tankini and skirtini style in by Shore Club swimwear now too!



Last update: 6/20/15

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Last Day: S4A’s 25 – 50% Off Splash Sale

Today is the last Chance, for now, to enjoy plus size swimwear for under $30. The Beach Belle and Shore Club swimwear styles I wrote about earlier this month, (2014 Swimwear at Up to 60% Off post), may be full price tomorrow…because S4A’s current Splash Sale ends today.

These styles below are just pictures of styles you can find under Bikinis at Swimsuits fro All. Note the code and use this Free Shipping + 10% off - code 10SHIP link for maximum savings!

25% Off Plus Size Midkini

Gabi Fresh’s underwire midkini can be backordered in sizes 10 to 24, (ships 5/26/14), for $58.50 at this discount!
You get to choose the top and bottom sizes separately for these and most other swimsuits at Swimsuits for All!

Swim Sexy’s new Midnight Midkini is available in the same sizes, for the same price today, but is currently in stock!

It too gives us underwire bust support!

It also has the same cutout detail between your breast and at the side seams of the high—waist swim briefs, but in a nearer to classic black swimwear style.

Although this swimsuit seems reminiscent of Bond girl swimwear…to me, which I kind of like too.

Both of these swimwear styles have removable, adjustable straps too!

They do have some even newer plus size bikini styles,
like their new Designer Boutique swimsuits, (think
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Michael Kors
  • Anne Cole 
and the like),
do not qualify for even this discount / splash sale,

but most all of their other swimwear does!



Saturday, April 19, 2014

Plus Size Swimwear under $30

Always for Me has a few of their own highly rated tankini tops on sale for $19.50 and $22. They also have a Maxine one piece for $29! They also put their long time best-selling one piece halter / bandeau version of their twist front swimwear on sale for a little more, $39.50 too…

$19.50 to $29 Swimwear Today at Always for Me

Click on any of these swimwear styles below to learn more about them at Always for Me. This Sorbert Twist Bandeau Tankini Top is just $22 and available in all sizes 16W to 22W in its Plum color!
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Separates  - Sorbet Twist Bandeau Top - NO RETURN 
This swim top has mostly 4 and 5 star rating out of its current 34 reviews!

Both of these tankini tops have adjustable straps and can be worn cross-back or regular.

Their Logo Twist Bandeau swim top is also on sale for $22 and has 3 five star and 2 four star reviews out of its current 5!
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Separates Logo Twist Bandeau Top - NO RETURN 
These swim tops are still available in:
  • Turquoise Color all sizes 16W to 22W
  • Berry Color sizes 16W to 20W.

Maxine’s solid shirred front one piece swimsuit is just $29 and available in sizes 22W and 24W in this pink color.
 Plus Size Swimwear - Maxine Solid Shirred Front Girl Leg 1 Pc Polyester Swimsuit - NO RETURNS 
This swimsuit has 3 excellent and one not so good, (too big, poor fit), reviews. This is a chlorine resistant swimwear style with wide comfy straps.

The floral pink version of this Maxine swimwear style, ( Plus Size Swimwear - Maxine Amalfi Shirred Front Girl Leg 1 Pc Polyester Swimsuit - NO RETURNS), is down to size 22W and on sale at Always for Me for $32 and has 13 out of its current 14 excellent, (5 star), reviews!

This T back, (I thought this was called Portrait), tankini top is just $19.50 and is available in all sizes 16W to 26W in both the lime and plum versions of this style!
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Separates - Static Stripe T Back Tankini Top - NO RETURN 
This tankini top actually has 13 out of its current 15 reviews with 5 stars! I find it surprising that a swim style that gets that many excellent reviews, is still available in all sizes and down to $19.50 from its original $44, but there it is!

They also have:
  • Another print tankini top for $22 
  • and One of their chlorine resistant, Sport tankini top for less than $30, 
  • Black adjustable leg cut swim briefs by Beach House 
but those are down to one size left.

The majority of the swimwear styles, their own swimwear collection’s styles tend to be on sale in the $44 to $66 price range.
You will also find other designer swimwear in their sale department, such as, currently:
  • Simply Sole 
  • Carol Wior
  • Beach House
  • Fit 4 U 
  • It Figures
  • Maxine
  • Coco Reef
  • Captiva by Christina
  • Speedo
  • Miraclesuit
  • Lontitude 
  • Monif C. 
  • Delta Burke 
You can always use the Always for Me banner at the top of my right column here, which goes straight to their Sale department, to browse great swimwear at Always for Me sale prices. This usually means from 25% to 50% Off, and sometimes more!



Friday, April 18, 2014

25% Off 2014 Shore Club Swimwear and more

Actually we can enjoy Delta Burke, Longitude, Beach Belle swimwear for less at S4A’s 25% to 50% off Splash Sale now! You can even find Shore Club one piece swimsuits for under $30, but sizes are limited…
Here is a look at some 2014 one piece bathing suits by Shore Club, Beach Belle and Longitude at this sale!

25% Off Shore Club Swimsuits

Not only are the new Shore Club swimsuits styles I wrote about in March available at this discount, but their new Eclipse Plus Size Halter / Bandeau Fringe is highly rated, (4.5 Stars out of 26 reviews), and available in sizes 10 to 24 for $51 at this sale! Shore Club Eclipse Plus Size Fringe Bandeau/Halter Swimsuit

Beach Belle’s Sarong Front Swimsuits on Sale

Many of Beach Belle’s popular sarong front swimsuits in prints are available at this sale.

Their new, highly rated, (currently 4.5 Stars out of 26 reviews), Black Plus Size Sarong Front Swimsuits are down to sizes 10, 12, 20, 22 and 24 and on sale for $42 now! Beach Belle Black Plus Size Sarong Front Swimsuit

Longitude 2014 Swimsuits at 25% Off

Their new skirted sarong front swimsuits are available at this discount, many other styles including their new versions of their highly rated Graphic, Surplice and Sash Tank Swimsuits, like this Firebird print below! Longitude Firebird Plus Size Sash Tank Swimsuit This swimwear style is available in sizes 10 to 24 and on sale for $51.75!

You can also find:
  • S4A’s Aquabelle swimwear, chlorine resistant swimsuits
  • Two Piece Swimwear by all these brands
  • and more
At 25% to 50% off at Swimsuits for All’s Current Splash Sale,
which is on until 4/22/14!



Thursday, April 17, 2014

40% Off Ashley Stewart Plus Size Swimwear 2014

Until Saturday, 4/19 we can easily enjoy plus size swimwear under $30 when buying tankini tops, swim briefs and cover-ups at Ashley Stewart! These styles are mostly $20.70 and $29.70 during Ashley Stewart's 40% Off Full-Price Item! event! Their swimdresses are $47.70) with this discount!

$29.70 Convertible Tie Tankini Tops

Yep! That is the price for these with their current discount! If you click on this swim top’s picture you can find it in sizes 16 to 24 in pink, blue and black!
Convertible Tie Tankini Top 
You will also see it pictured halter style, and cross-front at Ashley Stewart’s site. This swim top provides bra cups on a shelf and adjustable side ruching.

These go perfectly with their high waist swim briefs, which match this top perfectly, same colors and sizes, now $20.70!

$32.70 Animal Print Ruched Tankini Tops

This style while slightly more expensive, gives us adjustable straps, bra cup bust support, and flattering side ruching in sizes 18 to 24.
Animal Print Tankini Top 
It too goes with the black, now $20.70, high waist swim bottoms!

Swimdresses for $47.70

Ashley Stewart’s twin strap, empire waist swimdresses are just $47.70 with this discount and come in sizes 14 to 22!
Printed Double Strap Swimdress 
There is another one with a different abstract print top on solid black skirt and twin straps too.

These swimwear styles shown above say Web Exclusive at their site, so do not waste your time trying to find them in stores.

This 40% Off Full price items appears to be on more than swimwear.

Also apparent is:

Their Current Free Shipping on Orders of $150+ 

A great time to get your 2014 swimwear wardrobe and save!



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2014 Swimwear at up to 60% Off

I am seeing a wide selection of 2014 Shore Club Swimwear at up to 50% Off and 2014 Beach Belle swimwear, such as their classic sarong front swimsuits, blouson and other tankini tops for under $30 at S4A’s current Splash Sale: Save Up to 60% SITEWIDE - Hurry, this deal won't last long!! I would use that link to go straight to these new sale swimwear styles! I am also finding new Longitude, Delta Burke and Swim Sexy styles at 25% off at S4A’s Splash Sale!

Some Under $30 Shore Club Tankini and Swim Tops

This tankini is just $27.99 at this sale! Its highly rated tankini top is just $18.99 at this sale. If you go for the whole swimsuit its your choice of sizes 12 – 24 for the tops and 10 – 26 for the bottoms! Shore Club Tasmania Plus Size Tie Front Halter Tankini
The same is true, prices, sizes and high ratings for the tops of this Shore Club Flower Power tankini, and just the tops! Shore Club Flower Power Plus Size Tie Front Halter Tankini
Their Athena Cross-Back Tankini top is available in sizes 10 to 24 for $23.99!
Shore Club Athena Plus Size V-Neck Sport Tankini Top
 This Tempe Tab Front Plus Size tankini top is also $22.99 and still available in sizes 10 to 24 too! Shore Club Tempe Plus Size Tab Front Tankini Top This cut is also available in a purple Mohegan print, for the same price.

These are just a small sample of the great prices and styles we can find at their current Splash Sale.

For what it is worth, I did not find these prices using their usual 10% off with Free shipping text link near the top of my right column here. However, I did not search every possible way.
It is simpler to just use this Splash Sale link at the top of this post.

This offer is great largely because of the excellent discount when so many sizes are still available! This sale does end on 4/19/14, so enjoy it soon!


Monday, April 14, 2014

2014 Swimwear on Sale Plus a Discount

If you wear sizes 14W to 26W Just My Size is a great place to look for plus size swimwear for 2014. Not only is their $10 Off swimsuits sale still on, and their $10 off when you buy two swim separates deals I wrote about earlier this year, now we can enjoy their Limited Time! Take 15% off $60 order. Savings shown in shopping bag. Click link to activate offer. Offer valid 4/10-4/14/2014. with these swimwear sales!

Too New for Reviews JMS Swimsuits

Here are some newer styles at Just My Size, on sale for $10 Off! If you are not into the black and white trend, this comes in a draped solid taupe version too!  
The gentle gathers at the waist create an hour glass figure and the straps adjust in the back!

They have a pink print Mio too, but it is hard to tell if that one has the oh-so-flattering dropped waist that we can see in this twist front one piece swimsuit below!  
Always for Me’s best-selling halter / bandeau swimdress and tankini styles have had this, dropped waist plus the ruching for years now and it’s no doubt that is why they are best sellers!

This ruffle all around romper swimsuit style also comes in another blue print.
They tell us the attached romper bottoms of these swimsuits are cut at an angle to help slenderize hips and thighs.

These are just a few examples of some newer JMS swimwear styles.

For what it is worth, their all-around skirted sarong swimsuits I wrote about here in December are now $10 off too! Still no reviews though…

Most, if not all, of their swimwear is under $60 because it is on sale.
JMS has plenty of other styles and intimates, or perhaps a swim separate, you might have wanted anyway that would bring your order up to $60 so you can enjoy this discount!