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Chlorine Resistant Swim Dress Styles by Speedo

While it S4A Swimwear does have chlorine resistant swimdress styles for less, many women might want to also consider Speedo’s plus size chlorine resistant swimwear as well. Of their current 34 plus size swimwear styles at Speedo they have three swimdress styles.

2014 Speedo Chlorine Resistant Swim Swimdresses

This cross-front Swimdress style has no reviews yet. It provides soft cup bust support and is made to be 5 to 10 Times more durable than ordinary fabrics!

Swim Dress Plus Size [More]
Price: 98.00

This swimsuit also has core compression features.
  • This swimsuit above is made from their own Xtra-Life Lycra. Made to hold up against : Chlorine
  • Suntan Lotion 
  • and Skin oils better 
  • and resists sagging and bagging to keep it fitting well swim after swim 
These are the qualities, I believe, what we expect from Speedo!

That said, I believe this new swimsuit above might be testing out a new Speedo fabric,

The two following swimdresses are made of their
Exclusive, Longest Lasting and Best Selling Endurance + fabric! This fabric:
  • Is 100% Chlorine resistant 
  • Is made to last 20 times longer than conventional swimwear fabrics 
  • and so will provide better fit longer because of those features, 
  • just like the swimsuit above! 
This is also a 4-way stretch fabric, providing better fit, comfort and more shape retention!

This newer Cross-back, Contrast Strap swimdress also has no reviews yet and provides soft cup bust support.

Price: 98.00

Which fabric is better? I would have to find reviews of styles using the 1st swimsuits one to compare first. Meanwhile, check out the 2013 swimdress’ review, made of the fabric as this contrast cross-back swimdress! All of these swimdresses are available in sizes 16 and 18 in Speedo’s Plus Size department, but in other sizes in other places in their site, which I will explain later…

Highly Rated 2013 Swimdress Style

This Piped Sheath Dress Endurance + has an excellent review, comes in black and indigo.

The reviewer of this sheath swimdress style tells us:
  • It has No Cons
  • Is Attractive
  • High Quality
  • Dries Quickly
  • Flattering
  • Light Weight 
  • And she says she uses it, in a chlorine pool, at least one to two hours daily, for a year and a half now, while other women go through 2 or 3 swimsuits. 
  • Worth the money!

Piped Sheath Dress Plus Size - Speedo Endurance+ [More]
Price: 88.00


Finding Plus Size Swimwear at Speedo

Use the Speedo Banner down the page a bit in the right column to go to Speedo.
  • Click on Women at the left of their horizontal menu
  • Then select Swimwear under Shop By Category in their left column 
  • Then you can easily find Plus Size under Swimwear on the page that takes us to! 
  • There you can shop by Price or Size, using those features just above the swimsuits featured there. 

I am finding sizes 6L to 18L, (long torso), and 16 to 24.

If you go to Active Recreation there, instead of Plus Size, you will find the cross-front swimdress above in size 6 to 18 in black and 8, 10 and 12 in its deep iris color.
There this swimdress is not called Plus Size.

I am thinking if you can just check out other swimwear styles there as well and find other styles that come in full figure sizes, also not marked plus size, or in the plus size section of their Women’s Department as well.

It is likely that if you click on these swimdresses above, it would appear they only come in sizes 16 and 18.I checked this out just after I posted this and that is exactly what happened!

In their plus size section you will also find many one piece swimsuits with:
  • Surplice cut
  • Shirring
  • Princess Seams
  • Empire waists
  • Scoop Back
  • Halter styles
  • Cross-back 
Naturally they also have a wide variety Endurance, Ultra-back swimsuits styles.

I plan to check out more full figure Speedo styles at their own site soon.

I used their banner in the right column of this page to go to Speedo’s own site. A pop up offer of 10% off my next purchase for getting on their mailing list showed first.
I will check this out and see if they use this wisely, or email me to death and let you know in my next Speedo, from Speedo’s site post.



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