Friday, April 11, 2014

25% Off New Underwire Bikinis at S4A

S4A swimwear shopping includes bikinis by designers such as Gabi Fresh, Jessica Simpson and their own Swim Sexy swimwear, all currently at 25% Off, starting at $43.50!

They have 2 new Swim Sexy plus size underwire bikini styles in now too! The following are just pictures, but you can use S4A’s Free Shipping + 10% off - code 10SHIP link to save more!

Swim Sexy’s Sunrise Plus Size Underwire Bikini

This is their new Sunrise underwire bikini, which has wide comfy, adjustable, shoulder straps and twist front swim briefs, as some of their previous 2014 bikini styles did.

This underwire bikini is currently available in sizes 16 to 22 for the tops and 12, 16, 18 and 20 for the bottoms, as a two piece swimsuit for $49.50 at its 25% off discount today!

Jardin Plus Size Bikini

We can go strapless with this Swim Sexy bikini. It has removable / adjustable lingerie straps and hidden underwire bust support.

These are currently available in sizes 10 to 24 for the tops and sizes 10 and 14 to 24 for the flat front, high waist swim briefs.

This bikini is just $58.50 with today’s discount! 

The Gabi Fresh underwire bikini I posted here about earlier is down to sizes 20 and 22 for the tops and 20 for the bottoms, and is on sale for $58.50 as well.

I do not know how long this 25% discount will be on for, but it appears to be site wide.

I found it by using the above 10% off with Free Shipping discount link to Swimsuits for All.

First the discount mentioned in the link applied, then the 25% off site wide became available!



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