Thursday, April 28, 2016

2016 New and Best Selling Longitude Swimsuits

If you are looking for plus size long torso swimwear in sizes up 24, you might want to consider Longitude Swimwear.

It has been a while since I posted Longitude swimwear here, so here is a bit of comparison between some of their new styles and more recent best-selling styles in Longitude Swimwear at

Also you can use this Longitude Swimwear at Always for Me to view their, currently has four Longitude swimsuits, one in sizes up to 26W! S4A currently seems to have their swimsuits in sizes 8 to 24.

In the past, the many of the best-selling Longitude swimsuits at S4A tended to be Surplice styles, graphic tank suits and sash tank suits. While S4A has new surplice swimsuits, more of which I will show more here in a future post, and a new cut that is similar to their sash tank style, currently the best sellers are Graphic tank suits.

All the swimwear styles in this post provide wire free molded cups on a shelf bra bust support with wide, non-adjustable straps, and power-mesh tummy control lining, available in the 8 to 24 size range!

Best-Selling and New X-Back Longitude Tank Swimsuits

Click on this best selling Blue Anchor X-back swimsuit and you will find it has a 4.4Star average out of its current 22 reviews!


Naturally this new Pink Camelot X-back swimsuit has no reviews yet, but it you like it, the swimsuit above reviews should help you decide if it is for you!


New Graphic Longitude Tank Swimsuits

I put the best-selling, (with a 4.8 star average out of 25 reviews currently), square neckline graphic tank suit on my Longitude page this morning.

 These are new versions of that same cut. All of these following styles have scoop backs. This Longitude Blue White Stripe Tank swimsuit has this print on the front and a solid black back.


The print continues onto the back of their Neon Tank suit.


This, however is their best-selling Waterworld High Neck Swimsuit. It’s print also continues on its scoop back. Click on its picture and you will find it has a 4.5 star average out of its current 30 reviews!


You can find other high neckline and square neckline tank swimsuits, skirted sarongs and swimdresses by Longitude at S4A!

More later!



Monday, April 25, 2016

More 2016 Addition Elle Cactus Swimwear

I had shown some of Addition Elle’s Cactus swimwear here earlier this year and recently noticed they have more new & beautiful bikini, tankini and one piece styles in!

Most of the swim tops in that previous Cactus Swimwear post are not only on sale, but currently part of Addition Elle’s BOGO Free on already reduced styles deal!

Now, a small sampling of some of the new styles!

Cactus Bikini / Tankini Separates

I like a lot of these Cactus bikini tops and swim bottoms, but much caution: We can usually get the whole bikini, even underwire bikini, from Swim Sexy Bikinis at S4A, also, their descriptions are better…for the price, or less than, one Cactus bikini top…

For instance, this tribal print cut out bikini top is $60, and while it does tell us it has convertible / adjustable straps, that is about all the bust support info available for it. If you click on its picture you can find it in sizes X to 4X now!

 Cactus Cutout Bikini Top.multi print.3X 

The adjustable side-tie ruched swim skirt it is pictured with is $55 and available in sizes X to 3X. Their underwire twist front bikini top is $60 and available in sizes X to 3X. It does tell us it has underwire support with hook and eye back closure and removable / adjustable straps!

 Cactus Underwire Twist Front Bikini Top.purple.3X 

Their Blue Tie-Die tankini top is $131, (once again, S4A’s Shore Club, Tropiculture and other swimwear lines, likewise Always for Me, have beautiful swimwear styles priced ever so much nicer than the following.

Still, like all the other brands, Addition Elle’s Cactus swimwear is also uniquely beautiful so…

This tankini top does tell us it has underwire support with removable foam cups! These are currently available in sizes 16 to 22.

 Bleu Tie Die Tankini Top.indigo.20 

The bikini top in this print tells us it has underwire support with molded cups and the pictures shown convertible, cross-back or straight shoulder style. This bikini top is $115 and available in sizes 16 to 22.

 Bleu Tie Die Molded Cup Bikini Top.indigo.18 

The swim skirt it is shown with does not tell you if it comes with an attached swim brief…but this beautiful style is $99 and available in the same sizes…

I like the fold bikini bottom, which is available in the same sizes, for $77…

 Bleu Tie Die Waist Swim Panty 

This printed tankini top is one of their styles that, while it does not say it is underwire, so I guess it is not, it does not tell us what sort of bust support it does have…

The pictured do show you can wear its adjustable straps cross-back or shoulder style.

This tankini top is available in sizes X to 4X for $62. It actually does not say tankini top, but rather tankini…Perhaps it does come with swim briefs?

 Cactus Printed Tankini with Ring.purple.3X 

Addition Elle has a great many more styles, and while I find the prices forbidding, they are unique!



Saturday, April 23, 2016

New D to H Cup Gabi Fresh Underwire Swimwear

S4A has new swimwear in by Shore Club, Swim Sexy, Beach Belle and likely more of their swimwear styles and Longitude! I hope to get around to showing more of these here next week.

S4A does still have many of the 2016 Gabi Fresh Swimwear styles I have posted here recently. In case you are not familiar with Gabi Fresh, here is a link to one of The Curvy Fashionista’s posts about her, Gabi Fresh on The Real!

Actually these styles are ready for Pre-order, with an April 29th shipping date.

The one piece and bikini tops I looked and am showing below are available, for pre-order, in sizes 18 to 24, with our choice of bikini bottoms in sizes 12 to 24!

Most are listed separately in sizes D/DD, E/F and G/H, except the following cut out one piece, which is only shown in D/DD and E/F versions. I do not know if this is so far or already out of the G/H cup size version…

The Sovereign E/F Underwire Swimsuit

This swimsuit looks like a bikini from the back and a cut out from the front. It provides built in underwire molded bra cups, hook and eye back closure and adjustable / removable straps.


Two New Gabi Fresh D to H Underwire Bikini Styles

Clicking on either of these bikinis picture will take you to the G/H cup sized versions of them at S4A.

You can find the rest of these in Gabi Fresh for Swim Sexy in their horizontal menu bar, currently on the right side at S4A.

Both of these bikini styles provide molded cup underwire bust support with hook and eye back closure and adjustable / removable straps.

This is The Electress UltraPink G/H Underwire Bikini, which is also available, listed separately in D/DD and E/F cup sizes. All three are also available in Pool Blue as well.


This The Princess bikini has the same sort of bust support with side boning for even more bust support, for even more bust support and confidence when wearing it strapless.
Also, both the bikini tops and bottoms are fully lined.


Naturally all these Gabi Fresh swimwear styles are already on sale, as are the other New Arrival S4A swimwear lines!



Thursday, April 21, 2016

Always for Me Print Swimsuits on Sale + 25% Off Discount Available

Yesterday I posted about their 25% Off Site Wide discount code, which is still on, and their BOGO print swimsuit deal which is now over.

 I also had shown a very highly rated print mini-swimdress of theirs, which I looked at today and found it is now on sale for $40 Less than it was yesterday!

 On further inspection, I find that many of their print swimsuits, whole tankini, underwire tankini, swimdresses, skirtini, swimsuits are on sale for, mostly $49 and $69, but some as low at $39 and $29! These are swimsuits, not separates!

There are links to Always for Me in this blog's right column. You can find their Chic Print Swimsuits filtered by Print under ‘Pattern’ and there is likely more print swimsuits by Always for Me for much less now!

This beautiful 2016 Always for Me Totem Tankini is also now down to $69, from $95, and still available in all sizes 14W to 26W!

However, it is not on the Print Always for Me page the text link in the first sentence will take you to…

Remember these sale prices are before we use their current 25% Off site wide discount code still on their pages!

Neither is their new striped bikini, shown here at the bottom of an earlier April post, now on sale at $30 off…

Also: the 25% Off discount code info on their home page assures us this deal Includes Newly Marked Down Merchandise!

Browse Always for Me soon, if you are looking for quality swimwear, designed based on years of feedback exclusively from full figure women, and research.

That is how Always for Me designs their own swimwear. The discount does include the other designer swimwear they carry too.



Wednesday, April 20, 2016

25% Off Site Wide at Always for Me

+ a BOGO Free Always for Me brand print swimwear deal too!

Currently Always for Me has two separate discount codes on their home page for the above-mentioned deals!

Here is a look at some new designer swimwear styles we can enjoy for less using their 25% Off discount, plus on of their own highly rated print twist front bandeau mini-swimdresses!

Always for Me carries swimwear by a wide variety of other designers such as Jessica Simpson, Anne Cole, Christina, Monif C., Longitude, Maxine, Miraclesuit and many more!

Small Sampling of Beautiful Swimwear to Enjoy at 25% Off

This pretty blouson tankini top by Fit 4U is a rarity, down to $20 yet still available in sizes 18W to 24W! It provides adjustable straps with racer back styling and foam cup on a shelf bra bust support.

These are just pictures below, but this blog's right column has a link to Always for Me.

$20 down from $84, available in 4 sizes, I just cannot resist showing a great steal!

However this 24th & Ocean halter tankini top is still at its full $59, but down to sizes 18W and 22W. It provides foam cup bust support with side boning and tie-halter straps.

Coco Reef’s St. Lucia underwire tankini top is available in all sizes 16W to 24W. It being a Coco Reef style you choose your swimwear size then pick bra cup sizes of C, D or DD
This underwire tankini top provides removable soft cup inserts, underwire bra on a 360 all-round elastic and adjustable straps.

Beach Couture’s Mesh Me tankini top is down to $49 and still available in all sizes 1X to 3X. It provides adjustable straps and foam cup bust support.

This Always for Me Chic Print swimdress has nothing but 5 star out of its current 7 reviews
These are available in sizes 16W to 26W
One reviewer said she purchased 2, intending to send one back and has kept both of them! 

This version of their twist front bandeau mini swimdress provides removable / adjustable shoulder straps that you can wear cross back if you like. It also provides side boning and foam cup on power mesh bust support. It comes in a green version of this same print too!

 I have no idea how long Always for Me is running either of the above mentioned discounts, whose codes is on their home page.
So I would browse their swimwear soon!


Monday, April 18, 2016

Three of the New Shore Club Swimsuits from S4A

Currently I am finding more new, in stock and available to pre-order Shore Club Swimsuits at S4A.

They also currently have a 30% or More Off Site Wide discount that applies to these swimwear styles!

Here is a look at two new swimdresses and a new convertible tankini available to ship now from Shore Club Swimwear, all of which come in sizes 10 to 24!

More 2016 Shore Club Swimsuits

This beautiful Bijou Crochet swimdress is one of several crochet styles I am finding now at S4A by Shore Club.

It provides soft molded cup bust support on power mesh with adjustable straps. This swimdress is fully lined and its attached swim brief is black, which looks great!

 Shore Club Bijou Crochet Swimdress 

Their Emblem Rhombus Swimdress is actually one of the two Shore Club styles among the Ashley Graham’s Picks at S4A.

It the same kind of bust support at the above swimdress with adjustable straps that you can detach in the back. It also has flattering twist-front styling and the attractive black swim brief.

 Shore Club Emblem Rhombus Swimdress 

Their Soiree convertible tankini also has twist-front styling but with a sweetheart neckline and can be styled as a halter or strapless tankini. It provides soft cup on a shelf bra bust support.


Just a few of the new styles I am finding now, available at a discount at S4A!



Friday, April 15, 2016

Buy 2 Get 1 Free Always for Me Swimsuits

Always for Me swimwear is highly rated and very flattering swimwear available in sizes 14W to 26W, with two available in size 28W as well! I believe this is because their own swimwear is designed based on years of feedback from full figure women and research.

I have no idea how long this B2G1 Free deal is running but it is only on Always for Me’s brand of excellent swimwear. Most of their swimsuits are in the $79 to $95 price range. The code for this deal is on the top of Always for Me’s pages!

This is a great time to try their best selling Illusion swimdress, their twist front halter bandeau styles, or the underwire twist front one piece version of that, or some of their many beautiful new swimdresses, tankini and bikini styles and more.

Here is a look at some of

Always for Me Current Best Selling Swimsuits

These are pictures below but this blog's right column has a link to Always for Me.

Besides the above mentioned Illusion Swimdress, their Sea Glass swimdress, which is one of the above-mentioned styles that comes in sizes 16W to 28W is a halter style with foam cup bust support.

This is also available in solid colors at their Salem swimsuits! It has many excellent reviews in solid colors and is available in black in sizes up to 28W, 26W in orchid and 24W in royal blue.

Their Cascade underwire tankini is available in solid black as well in sizes 14w to 26W and has adjustable straps.

 Their Serengeti twist-front bandeau swimdress is one of the print versions of their above mentioned twist front bandeau styles. They have come out with new ones most years so far. This one, however, does not appear to be a limited to one year edition.

This swimdress has foam cup bust support with side boning and removable / adjustable shoulder straps and is available in sizes 16W to 26W!

This Wrap Bandeau Swimdress, (in a different color), has been a long time top pinned style on one of my Pinterest boards.

This style, regardless of which colors it is available in, has been in the Best Sellers for years at Always for Me!These are available in three different color arrangements in sizes 16W to 26W.

Just a very small example of the Best Selling Always for Me brand swimwear styles we can enjoy three of for less now at Always for Me!
This deals in not limited to their best sellers either.
Remember, this includes all of their beautiful swimwear!



Wednesday, April 13, 2016

More 2016 Ashley Stewart One Piece, Tankini and Bikini Swimwear

On Sale with a Possible Discount Available!

I found new one piece, tankini and bikini styles at Ashley Stewart, also some more beautiful swimsuit cover ups to go with these styles!

Better still, now until the end of this month we can enjoy 35% off full-price puchase of $100 + Free Ship on $125 at Ashley Stewart! I also noticed:

They currently have a 30% Off Everything Mother’s Day Dash Sale going on! Everything, including these swimwear styles, is marked down 30%!

I do not know how long this sale will last, but taking advantage of the sale and / or discount is a nice way to save on new styles!

New One Piece Ashley Stewart Swimsuits

Their Hydrangea Ruched Keyhole swimsuit has adjustable straps and a deep scoop back! Click on its picture to find it available in sizes 12 to 26!

 Hydrangea Ruched Keyhole Swimsuit 

Their Mesh Lined Cut-Out swimsuit is available in the same sizes, also has adjustable straps and has ruching at the side of our busts.

 Mesh Lined Side Cut-Out Swimsuit

Tankini and Bikini Styles by Ashley Stewart

This twist front bandeau tankini top has draw string adjustable side ties and is available in sizes 12 to 26. It is similar to their shoulder strap one piece, which is featured in my February Ashley Stewart swimwear post, which is on sale now and available in other solid colors.

Click on its picture to view it in its purple opulence color too!


Their solid bikini top has adjustable straps, a back clasp and gathered front. This bikini top and the swim briefs it is pictured with both are available in sizes 12 to 26.


New Ashley Stewart Swimsuit Cover-ups

Currently they have new solid black and white crochet tunic style cover ups with pockets, as well as: This Hydrangea Kimono cover up made of sheer chiffon

 Hydrangea Kimono Cover-Up 

Which we can wear open or belted And this sheer cold shoulder belted cover up

 Belted Cold Shoulder Cover-Up 

Currently these styles are also available in sizes 12 to 26 too!