Monday, March 31, 2014

New Skirted Sargon Front Plus Size Swimsuits

For a few years now Longitude has come out with skirted sarong front tank suits. JMS came out with their own, skirted sarong swimsuit with all-around skirt, which you can read about here. Now Longitude 2014 versions of their sarong front styles and a peplum, (all-around), skirted tank swimsuit too!

2014 Skirted Sarong Front Swimsuits

These two new for 2014 swimwear versions are currently available in sizes 10 to 24 at S4A. Longitude Kitten Plus Size Tank Sarong Swimsuit Both of these bathing suits are too new for reviews. The blue print Kitten plus size tank sarong swimsuit is $69 full price.

Today using a discount, (that applied when I took Swimsuits for All’s banner to your right), this style is $51.75.
This is not unusual, as S4A often has their own, Longitude and Delta Burke swimwear available at discount prices.

This new Wild Weekend Tank Swimsuit is $59 full price and down to $44.25 today! Longitude Wild Weekend Plus Size Tank Sarong Swimsuit This one above also has a foil accent in its print!

Longitude’s Peplum Tank Swimsuits

These peplum swimsuits have this shorter, higher skirting front and back. They do have 3 excellent reviews at this writing. However they are down to sizes 8, 12, 20 and 22 and on sale for $51.75. Longitude Lavender Dots Peplum Tank Swimsuit These three woman find this style flattering.
Two of the three reviewers also say this swimwear style has:
  • Attractive Design
  • High Quality
  • Good Fit 

Not surprising as Longitude has been making quality women’s swimwear for some time now. They have many new designs and brought back some of their more popular graphic ones from last year, (or was it the year before???), too!

Swimsuits for All is a good place to find their swimwear and get it at discount prices!



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