Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jessica Simpson Plus Size Bikini Styles

And: Doubts about Wearing Bikinis?

I imagine many of us are considering wearing bikinis now that they come in full figure sizes. I have come across some encouraging info on line by women who have tried them I would like to share with you:

 So far I like this I am a Plus Size Woman Who Wore a Low Rise Bikini to the Beach post the best for several reasons, one of which is how she mentions she found she was not the only full figure women wearing a low rise bikini at this particular beach!

Some women would not consider Rachel Hollis full figured, but she is a mom, showing all her stretch marks here in her bikini post.

I do not have Instagram but some of the blogs mentioned in this 10 Body Positive Instagram Accounts You Should Start Following Immediately post also have blogs I actually have been following for a while now.
Some of these suggested feature Curves In Bikinis in this post too.

Now if you are already comfortable in skimpy string and / or high waist bikini styles with a bit more top coverage, S4A swimwear has plenty, underwire too, generally available at a discount by Swim Sexy and Tropiculture.

Always for Me’s own, more affordable Always 4 Me swimwear line, has a full top coverage high waist style. Their Plus Size Swimwear Always 4 Me Diamond Geo Bikini has 1 excellent review so far and is just $59 for the whole bikini!

They also currently also have bikini and underwire bikini swim separates by Monif C., Beach House, Jessica Simpson and Kenneth Cole.

Here is a look at some of these Jessica Simpson’s full figure bikini swimwear styles!

Plus Size Bikini Separates by Jessica Simpson

This Gypsy Life underwire bikini top is available in sizes 1X to 3X and has adjustable straps!

 Plus Size Swimwear Jessica Simpson Gypsy Life Underwire Bikini Top 

As are their matching skirted swim briefs below at Always for Me, which is where clicking on these pictures will take you to.
 Plus Size Swimwear Jessica Simpson Gypsy Life Ruffled Swim Skirt 

Jessica Simpson’s Desert Fringe tie halter bikini tops also come in solid black and provide foam cup bust support.
 Jessica Simpson Separates Desert Fringe Halter Bikini Top 

Like the Gypsy Life swims separates, these also come in sizes 1X to 3X.
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Jessica Simpson Desert Fringe Skirt 

If you are interested in underwire bikini tops you can find them by S4A’s Swim Sexy as well as Tropiculture, the above mentioned Always 4 Me style and Kenneth Cole Separates at Always for Me.

If you click on this Kenneth Cole ruffle underwire bikini top you will find it at Always for Me in sizes 1X to 3X. Its underwire cups have removable foam inserts and it is also available in solid black.
 Plus Size Swimwear Kenneth Cole Separates Ruffle-Licious Underwire Bikini Top 

They have a ruched ruffled hem swim skirt to go with this style and they also have similar floral Kenneth Cole bikini separates styles currently too.

I hope any woman who would like to goes right ahead and wears bikinis to the beach and pool.

I especially like this message over this picture, which I found on Pinterest this week.

I hope we all come to truly appreciate the beauty of what we have!



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