Thursday, March 26, 2015

30% Off New Shore Club and other S4A Swimwear

S4A has a new 30% Off Everything banner on their pages and this one is good until 3/31! I am also finding a few new swimsuits by Shore Club and Tropiculture Swimwear, as well as a new Swim Sexy bikini style and plenty of new S4A swimwear cover up styles. This discount seems to self-apply to, once you start browsing their pages. Well that is what happened after I took my banner to S4A near the top right of this page. Here is a look at some of these new Shore Club swimwear styles!

New Shore Club Tankini and other 2 Piece styles

This underwire tankini top with boy short is also available as a tankini and skirtini too. It does have adjustable straps, which we can see from its back, (zoom), view at S4A, but it does not say this in the description… Shore Club Spell Bound Underwire Boy Shortini This underwire style above is available in all sizes 10 to 24 both tankini tops and swim shorts!

If you want underwire plus size swimwear in sizes up to 26W you might want to view Always for Me's underwire swimwear. Elomi also has excellent underwire swimwear in bra sizes up to 36, 38 and 40E to HH, 42DD to HH, 44DD to H and 46DD to GG!

This is just a picture of the tankini top of Shore Club’s Shades of Swell V-Neck styles.

These are currently available in sizes 10, 12 and 16 for the tops and as tankinis, shortinis and skirtinis, and just the tops, which are just those 3 sizes in any version at the moment…

This is just a picture of their Ticker Tape V-neck tankini tops, which are down to sizes 12, 14 and 16 currently.

These also come just the tops, tankinis, skirtinis and shortinis, but like the above beautiful blue print style, the tankini tops are down to those 3 sizes currently…

You can click on this new Club Cabo Cabo tankini style below and find it in our choice of: tops currently sizes 10, 12, 14 and 16 and bottoms 10 to 24.

The same is true of the skirtini and shortini versions of this style and of course, just the tankini tops.

 Shore Club Cabo Cabo V Neck Tankini 

Perhaps they will get more sizes in? I do not know. However, if you click on their new Shore Break H Back tankini top you will find it in sizes 10 to 24. I do not know for how long but there it is today!

 Shore Club Shore Break H Back Tankini Top 

This style also comes as a tankini, whose bottom size choices are 10 to 26!

I had meant to post the new Tropiculture Handkerchief Tankini and Swim Sexy bikini here today, but if these styles are going that fast, I had better get it out there before the few sizes in some of the Shore Club styles above run out!



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