Monday, February 2, 2015

More 2015 Longitude Swimwear styles

I have already shown some new Longitude swimsuits at the end of 2014 and have some of their new styles featured on my Longitude Surplice swimsuits and Slash Tank Swimsuits here.

Longitude swimwear is known for having a longer torso cut, so as not to dig into ones shoulders and leg cuts riding up. An especially nice consideration in plus size swimwear fit and comfort!

Here is a look at new mesh surplice, mock surplice swimdress and a few new graphic tank suits by Longitude available at S4A now!

2015 Longitude Swimsuits that are Low Stock Already

Looking at the sizes available I figured I had better show these swimsuits 1st!

You can click on any of the pictures of these swimsuits to go straight to them at S4A, (and Always for Me Re: Sale styles), in this post!

Their Sunshower Mesh one piece swimsuits are currently available in sizes 18 to 24.

 Longitude Sunshower Mesh One Piece 

This Del Mar square neck graphic tank is currently available in sizes 8 to 16.
 Longitude Del Mar Plus Size Tank Swimsuit 

This Samurai print version of Longitude’s long time popular mock surplice swimsuit style is available in sizes 10 to 24.
 Longitude Samurai Mock Surplice Swimsuit 

This is mentioned here because their swimsuits are normally available in sizes 8 to 24, so this Longitude swimwear style might also be leaving stock fairly fast.

Longitude makes this mock surplice swimdress style in new prints often, no doubt, because it usually gets excellent reviews.

New Longitude Blouson and Graphic Tank Swimsuits

Their Blouson style also comes out in new prints often.

This is the Samurai print version of this style, which unlike the mock surplice swimsuit, is available in all sizes 8 to 24 at this writing!
 Longitude Samurai Blouson Swimsuit 
Their Swept Away graphic one piece is also available in all sizes now too.

 Longitude Swept Away One Piece 
I do not recall seeing a Longitude graphic like this one, with the black contrast leg and neck lines.

Always for Me also has a few new Longitude swimsuits in now, which I will show here soon.

Both S4A and Always for Me have some Longitude swimwear on sale.

Always for Me has their Asymmetrical Mesh 6 Tier Ruffle swimsuits on sale for $44.50 in most sizes 16W to 24W!

This swimsuit currently has nothing but 5 star reviews at Always for Me!
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Longitude Meshing Around Swimsuit 

More later!



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