Thursday, December 18, 2014

2015 Longitude Swimwear

Currently S4A has 12 new for 2015 swimsuits by Longitude. Unusual, (perhaps they are still coming in?), some of these styles come in sizes up to 24, others only in sizes 8 to 16. They have new versions of their popular Surplice, Sash Tanks, Blouson tanks and Mock Surplice swimdresses and a few new graphics we have come to rely on Longitude swimwear to keep coming out with too. Also some new styles!

2015 Longitude Swimsuits in Sizes up to 24

If you click on this swimdress’ picture and mouse over it at S4A you can really appreciate its gold foil brush strokes in its print. It also has a fairly low square back which looks great!

Longitude Gold Brushstrokes Swimdress 
These swimdresses are available in sizes 10 to 24. 

This Wonderful square neck tank suit is one of their current new engineered graphic styles. This print goes diagonally across the back of this swimsuit too. These are currently available in sizes 8 to 24.
Longitude Wonderful One Piece

2015 Longitude Swimwear in Sizes 8 to 16

I like the square neckline and embellishments of this tank swimsuit. Even mouseing over it at S4A I cannot tell if this is a print or not. This detail is not in the description at the moment either…
Longitude Embellishments One Piece 

I have been watching Longitude plus size swimsuits for years, (about 12 now), and I have never seen them come out with anything much along the lines of these two swimsuits below.

This lingerie strap center shirring tank swimsuit has adjustable straps! Not exactly a Longitude norm, but perhaps this is changing in thin strap styles!
Longitude Cool Water Lingerie Tank One Piece 

This Ombre plus size wrap front style is, to me, very similar to Miraclesuit’s Oceanus swimsuits. Longitude Ombre Wrap Front Swimsuit 

All of these 2015 Longitude swimwear styles above provide soft molded cup on a shelf bra bust support. S4A also has a few other new Longitude styles in as well.

These new ones apparently do not qualify for S4A’s current Extra 25% off 2015 Cruise Arrivals discount. However the other Longitude swimsuits apparently do!

More later!


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