Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Three New Skirted Sarong Front Swimsuits

S4A has even more, new Longitude swimsuits in and their skirted sarong front style is available for pre-order today! It ships on February 9th.

You can currently get it for less using S4A’s Come Away to Curacao! Check out 2015 New Arrivals and take 30% off EVERYTHING at - Valid through 2/8 - Shop now! discount link. If the discount does not apply when you use it, just click on their 30% banner on their pages!

The other two are by JMS, have all around skirting and come in sizes up to 26W!

Longitude’s Nairobi Sarong Swimsuit

I think Longitude has been making these since 2010. Unlike their very popular surplice and other styles, just a few a year, so far. S4A carries them in sizes 8 to 24 and the Longitude version just has the skirting in the front.

This is just a picture of this beautiful plus size swimwear style. You can find it by using the discount link above and going to Longitude once at S4A.

JMS All Around Skirted Sarong Front Swimsuits

Just My Size has had these all around skirted sarong front swimsuits since at least last year.

This year they have these two new versions so far. These are available in sizes 14W to 26W.

You can click on the picture of this JMS sarong swimsuit to find it, and the other one below, at $10 off!

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This is the blue diamond print version.

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All of these styles are too new for reviews,
but they are making them again this year,
like Longitude has continued making their skirted front only style.

I recall these and the Longitude versions getting excellent reviews from full figure women.

Both the JMS and Longitude versions also provide tummy control and soft cup bust support.



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