Wednesday, February 11, 2015

5 Star 2015 Shore Club Swimwear styles

Currently these new underwire, sarong front, twist front, shortini swimsuits and tankini top Shore Club swimwear styles all have, granted one review each, and they are all 5 stars!

Being S4A swimwear line, they are often on sale and usually available in sizes 10 to 24 too! All of these styles below have adjustable straps too!

Current Top Rated 2015 Shore Club Swimwear styles

You can click on any of these swimwear styles below to go straight to them at S4A, but do look around, (usually top or right side), their pages before for current discounts! Clicking on them seems to activate them.

The woman who reviewed this twist front, shirred swimsuit tells us the underwire support really does keep the girls in where they need to be. She also likes the fit, color and coverage!

 Shore Club Locals Only Underwire Twist Front Swimsuit 

This sarong front style does not say it has adjustable straps, but you can see it does in the back view at S4A. The reviewer of this sarong front swimsuit says this is her top pick out of the three swimsuits she purchased for a cruise vacation!

 Shore Club Palm Tree Hugger Sarong Front Swimsuit 

This twist front Mio below is apparently out of stock in size 10 now…

Its current reviewer tells us: Excellent quality for price, well made, good fabric.
She especially likes the wider than average, adjustable straps.

This women then goes into some sizing detail, regarding how she, as a pear shaped woman, orders swimwear, (this and other styles), that fits her well from S4A.

If you are pear shaped, and plan to order, you might want to read this part of her review first.

 Shore Club Blue Crush Twist Front Mio 

The woman who reviewed this shortini so far simply tells us she loves it!
The way it looks on her, the fabric, just loves it. Gives it an overall High Quality and Great Value ratings!

 Shore Club Perfect Storm Sweetheart Boy Shortini 

The woman who reviews this tankini top likes it so much she says she will get it in other colors if available!
She also tells us she needs a D cup and found the coverage good in this tankini top! Finds it Comfortable, Flattering, and gives it a general rating of: High Quality and Great Value.

 Shore Club Coastal Breeze Sweetheart Tankini Top 

I did see a few other 4.5 star reviews of 2015 Shore Club Swimdress styles within the first 2 pages when sorting by Review there too.

I think I might do a separate Shore Club swimdress post for those…



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