Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chic Print Swimwear styles based on Best-Sellers

Every year it seems Always for Me creates a few prints or variations, or adds new colors to their best-selling Illusion Swimsuit and Twist front mini swimdress and / or tankini styles.

Currently I noticed not just the above mentioned, but a bestselling, solid color, retro-sheaf swimsuit style is going out of stock in one print, while at the same time, looks to be back in another.

Update 4/2016: Looks like the print styles featured in this post have become standard stock, rather than limited edition prints of 2015!

Here is a look at some of these best sellers and print versions of them!

Two Print Swimsuits Based On Solid Best-Sellers

This twist front leopard print is available in all sizes  16W to 26W! It has adjustable / removable straps.
 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Prints Serengeti Twist Front Bandeau Swim Mini 

 The above style is based on Always for Me’s best-selling twist front bandeau, which is available in 7 colors in all sizes 16W to 26W and always seems to have a 5 star review average!

 Women's Plus Size Swimwear -  Always For Me Chic Solids Twist Front Bandeau Swimsuit 

This one piece swimdress with draw string adjustable hip / variable ‘skirt’ length, it actually says it is designed along the same lines as the solid version I put just below it here.

 Plus Size Swimwear Always for Me Chic Prints Maraba Swimsuit 

This solid version has been a bestselling swimwear style at Always for Me for, (I believe), years! These are available in all sizes, in black, turquoise and plum solid colors.

 Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Always For Me Chic Solids  - Retro Halter Swimdress

2015 Print of The Illusion Swimdress

This Altamira print of the Always for Me Illusion swimdress style has one excellent review so far. Not surprising, as the swimsuit it is based on has been a best seller for years! This swimdress is down to sizes 16W, 20W and 24W, also $69, at this 4/21/16 update.

 Plus Size Swimwear Always For Me Chic Prints Altamira Swim dress 

The solid best-selling version of this swimsuit has its own page here!

There are other 2015 Always for Me Chic Prints, as well as new swimwear in their other lines, and by other designers at Always for Me.

These are just ones I noticed were based on swimsuits that have been bestsellers for years!


Most recent update: 4/21/16
Originally written 2/18/15

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