Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Earth Friendly Plus Size Bikini and One Piece Swimwear

Wow! This was a nice surprise to find this morning! These Laura Wells underwire and soft cup swimwear styles come in sizes 10 to 24 at S4A and are on sale, ($62 to $65 today, full price they are $88 bikinis and a $92 one piece), too!

These swimwear styles are made from recycled, eco-friendly fibers and are beautiful, but too new for reviews…

Laura Wells Underwire Bikinis

Actually S4A has these styles as Laure Wells for Swim Sexy, but either way, like Swim Sexy bikinis you get to order your tops and bottom sizes separately for the whole bikini!
While the top of this bikini’s zipper is fully functional, for easy on and off, it also has a 3 position S-hook back clasp!
Both of these underwire bikinis provide underwire, with side boning, bust support from C to DD cup sizes, depending on size.

 Laura Wells Coral Reef Zip Front Bikini 

This is just a picture of unique back of this swimsuit. 

If these ever come in larger than G cup sizes this is the one, above, I would try, even to wear around the house, as well as swimming! My shoulders need the break, love the front opening style and high neckline. A woman can dream…

This tie-halter underwire, on a mesh lining, bikini top has double adjustable, S-hook back closures, which creates a keyhole back, as S4A puts it, or a trendy strappy back style!

The draw strings of these bikini bottoms in this swimsuit are fully functional so you can adjust them to the leg cut just right for you!

 Laura Wells Underwater Bikini 

This is what I meant about the strappy back style of this bikini top.

You can click on any of the front pictures of these swimsuits to go straight to them at Swimsuits for All!

If you are interested in underwire swimwear in sizes 16W to 26W check out this Underwire swimwear at Always for Me page.

Soft Cup Halter Bikini and One Piece Swimsuits

This tie-halter bikini top provides removable molded foam cup bust support and the under-bust band is a tie style too.

 Laura Wells Coral Reef Halter Bikini 

All the other bikinis above have fully lined swim briefs. It would appear, (if you look at the other pictures of them at S4A), the bikini bottoms of all these styles can be worn high waist of folded down a bit too!

This one piece style provides soft molded cup on a shelf bra bust support. Laura Wells Seascape One Piece 

 I like its triple strap shoulder style that turns into this strappy back style pictured below.

I love the colors and many of the design features of these swimsuits.
I hope these beautiful swimwear styles get excellent reviews.
I also hope we see more of these beautiful recycled material swimwear styles!



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