Sunday, May 29, 2016

More New Beach Belle and Shore Club Swimwear

I have been meaning to show a few of these styles here and not getting around to them. I felt it was wrong, especially as they are available at excellent prices due to the current 35% to 60% Off Memorial Day Sale.

Others by both Beach Belle and Shore Club, are so new they are only available for Pre-order, then again, this might be their best prices for the season, so why hold back when you could get them during the Memorial Day Sale! Free Upgrade to 3 Day Shipping Plus 35-60% Off Sitewide at! Valid through 5/31- Shop now!!

Beach Belle’s Wild Flower Print Swimwear Styles

I am quite taken with this Beach Belle print, both in this blouson tankini top with swim skirt version
 Beach Belle Windflower Blouson Skirtini

and this tie-front swimdress.
 Beach Belle Windflower Tie-Front Swimdress
Both the swimdress and the tops and bottoms of the skirtini above are currently available in sizes 10 to 24! Both provide wide non-adjustable straps and wire free bust support.

Some Beautiful Swimwear I had not Shown Here Before

Beach Belle Nigella blouson cargo shortini’s tops are available in our choice of sizes10 to 24 and the cargo shorts our choice of sizes 10 and 18 to 26, with sizes 12, 14 and 16 available for pre-order, due to ship 6/30/16.
 Beach Belle Nigella Blouson Cargo Shortini

Shore Club’s black handkerchief halter shortini is available in our choice of sizes 10 to 24 for its tankini tops and sizes 10 to 26 for the bottoms.
 Shore Club Black Handkerchief Halter Boy Shortini
I believe this is also available as a tankini, listed separately, as well.

I also believe the tankini tops in these two piece swimsuits are likely available as just the tops. I would check Separates for this.
I know this black halter handkerchief tankini top above is.

I also see S4A has some new swim skirts and shorts in too! All very nicely priced!

Beach Belle and Shore Club Swimsuits for Pre-Order

All of the following swimsuits are available for Pre-order to ship July 6th 2016. They are also available in sizes 10 to 24 and provide wire free bust support.

I believe they have this Shore Club sarong swimdress style in solid black and grape listed separately…
This style provides adjustable straps and the skirt, differs from Beach Belle’s best-selling sarong front swimsuits, as it continues all the way around this swimsuit!

The following are just pictures, but you can find them in New Arrivals at S4A!

This new Beach Belle color block swimdress is also available with a rose color block as well as this version below. This style also provides adjustable straps.

The above swimdress, like this high mesh neck Beach Belle one both have the oh-so-flattering princess seams!

This Spruce print Mesh swimdress does not have adjustable straps.

I believe it is also available in black, listed separately. I also found some new Swim Sexy bikini styles, but I’ll save that for another post…

Also: while I like plenty of the new Ashely Graham swimwear line, those styles are not discounted at this sale.

The above swimsuits are!



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