Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Current S4A Best Selling Chlorine Resistant Swim Tops

& Long Bike Short Set There are plenty of new Aquabelle swimwear styles at S4A now! The best sellers among them are mostly swim tops, Aquabelle Poppies Sarong Front Swimsuit, X back tank suits and the following styles.

Naturally they are all included in S4A’s current great discount too!

Best Selling Tankini Tops and Tees

While S4A’s Aquabelle has some of zip front Tee Swim tops, in black and a print, they also have black and several print Tee Shirt Swim Tops!

This Iceberg print UPF 50+ Swim Tee is the best seller of these styles. This one is down to sizes 10 / 12 and 22 / 24 and is also on sale for under $30 at the moment! This crew neck T shirt can be worn in or out of water, over swimsuits or swim bras if you like. It does provide protection from harmful UV rays.

  Chlorine Resistant - Aquabelle UPF 50+ Iceberg Swim Tee 

Aquabelle’s Lilypad Sport Top is available in more sizes! Currently available in sizes 8 to 24 and on sale for $30.80 at the moment! This tankini top provides soft molded cups on fully encircling shelf bra with non-adjustable shoulder straps.

  Chlorine Resistant - Aquabelle Lilypad Sport Top 

Their Arctic Princess Seam Top has the same kind of soft cup on shelf bra bust support, but with an H back style and non-adjustable straps. Currently just over $30, it is available in sizes 8 to 26, except size 24.

  Chlorine Resistant - Aquabelle Arctic Princess Seam Top 

Aquabelle’s Blue Arrowhead Sport Top is also just over $30 but down to sizes 8, 10, 20, 24 and 26. This also has the same bust support as the tankini tops above, with non-adjustable shoulder straps.

  Chlorine Resistant - Aquabelle Blue Arrowhead Sport Top 

I believe the tankini tops above are available in two piece swimsuits, such as tankinis or shortinis, possibly even skirtini styles.

Aquabelle’s Best Selling Long Bike Short Set

This Chlorine Resistant style features a racer back tankini top with soft cups on an encircling shelf bra, and wide non-adjustable straps. This Undertow Long Bike Short Set comes with the swim bike short which has a 8 inch inseam.
This style has one excellent review but is down to size 8 for the top size and sizes 8, 16, 18, 20 and 22 for the bike short.

  Chlorine Resistant - Aquabelle Undertow Long Bike Short Set 

Aquabelle has a variety of other tankini tops with bike short chlorine resistant swimwear styles, as well as new swim bras in this like with matching long bike shorts!

You can use this Chlorine resistant swimwear to go straight to these pool worthy swimwear styles!



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