Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Some New S4A Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Styles

Aquabelle is S4A’s chlorine resistant swimwear line with gives us an expanding variety of full figure styles we can enjoy for a long time in the pool!

Now they even have a Gym to Swim line, featuring swim bras, Tees and bike shorts too!

This is just a small sampling of some of their new swimsuits made of their exclusive stretch polyester / spandex chlorine resistant fabric which is also comfy, color fast and bagging resistant to retain fit.

Some New Aquabelle One Piece Swimsuits

The following one piece swimsuits are available in sizes 8 to 26. They all provide soft molded cups on a shelf bra bust support with wide, but non-adjustable straps.

Their Canyon X-Back Swimsuit, naturally an X back, which is all solid black

  Aquabelle Canyon Xback Swimsuit

This is their Undertow Empire Swimsuit’s print is also available in a variety of tankini tops with the Undertow print style, including bike shortini, long bike shortini, with the print on parts of the swim short and a cargo shortini style.

  S4A Undertow Empire Chlorine Resistant Swimsuit to size 26

The Undertow tankini, which can be purchased separately, is a racer back style.

Their Iceberg High-Neck Swimsuit has a keyhole, solid black, back.

  Iceberg High Neck Chlorine Resistant Swimsuit

They have other new one piece styles as well.

Aquabelle’s Lily Pad Print Two Piece Swimwear

The Lily Pad print tankini tops also provide molded soft cup on a shelf bra bust support.

The tankini tops for the two piece styles are also available in our choice of sizes 8 to 26, the swim bottoms in the Lily Pad print two piece swimwear styles go as follows:
  • Cargo swim shorts 10 to 26
  • Bike shorts 8 to 24
  • Swim skirts 8 to 34

This is the Lily Pad Sport Skirtini. It too has non-adjustable straps.

  Chlorine Resistant Skirtini sizes top 8 to 26 bottom 8 to 34

I am not seeing it in any zoomed in picture, front or back, of this tankini top, which can be purchased separately, but it says it has fully functional side-tie detail…
Perhaps future reviews will mention this, or not. Sadly this is all I have time post of these new styles today.

I aim to show more here later. Browsing S4A often these days is a good idea if you are looking for fresh affordable styles, as they tend to have discounts, and now more new styles in!



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