Thursday, July 28, 2016

Under $30 Tropiculture, Shore Club, Beach Belle and Swim Sexy Swimsuits

Noticing it has been a while since I did any kind of S4A Swimwear under $30 post, I took the text link to their Clearance department this Am and found, designer swimwear on sale, but Jessica Simpson, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Robyn Lawley and more.

Also an abundance of S4A swimsuits and separates at excellent prices!

Here is a look at some of those swimsuits, all highly rated, except one Beach Belle swimdress, with no reviews…

Shore Club, Tropiculture and Swim Sexy Swimwear for $20 to $30

This is one of the many twist front tankini tops in clearance right now. Many of them are vivid solid color ones, (and a white one), by Tropiculture.

There are plenty of other print versions too, of this same tankini top style.
The ones I found just looking down the page a bit, are all nicely priced, under $20 by either Shore Club or Tropiculture!

This is Shore Club’s Pitaya twist-front top, still available in but size 12 of the 10 to 24 size range!

  Shore Club Pitaya Twist-Front Top 

Tropiculture’s Tobago Handkerchief Swimdress is still available in all but size 20 of the 10 to 22 size range.

  Tropiculture Tobago Handkerchief Swimdress 

Swim Sexy’s Dame Fever Underwire Bikini is down to our choice of sizes 10 to 24 for the tops and all but size 14 of sizes 12 to 24. Just one of the very affordable Swim Sexy Bikini available at S4A!

  Swim Sexy The Dame Fever Underwire Bikini

Three Beach Belle Swimdress Styles Under $30

This sarong front is still available in all but size 16 in the 10 to 24 size range now! Shore Club also has Plunge Sarong Front swimsuits in Clearance at S4A, for under $25!

  Beach Belle Iris Sarong Front Swimsuit 

The Lingerie Strap Swimdress, like the above sarong front swimdress style, have long been best-selling Beach Belle swimsuits! This one is now available for less than $30 and available in sizes 10, 14, 16 and 24.

  Beach Belle Lavender Lingerie Swimdress 

This is the above mentioned Beach Belle swimdress with no reviews, which is also available in black and other prints, for less than $30! This one is available in all sizes 10 to 24.

  Beach Belle Hosta Princess Seam Swimdress 

Consider this a tiny fraction of the many beautiful swimwear styles at great prices at S4A’s Clearance department now!

They are getting new styles in, so this, for all I know, it being summer and all, might be the height of their Clearance styles available.
Well for this year, so far, I am thinking…



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