Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cole of California Plus Tankini Tops

This is just a small selection of some of the Cole of California tankini tops we can find now at Swimsuits Direct.

These styles are generally available in the 16W to 24W size range, as are the variety of swim briefs and skirts available to go with them, unless otherwise noted.

I do not know much about Cole of California Plus swimwear but many of their styles get great reviews at Amazon, whose link I will post at the end of this post.

The following are pictures of some of these styles we can currently find at Swimsuits Direct, whose link is in this blog’s right column. They have more one piece, bikini and of course swim bottoms there too!

Four Cole of California Plus Tankini Styles

The tops and bottoms are sold separately in these styles.

Their Wild Heart Floral Double Cross Back Tankini tops are currently available in all sizes. The twin shoulder straps cross in the back and these swim tops provide removable cups!

Swimsuits Direct also has a high neck tankini tops in this Wild Heart Floral print too.

This blue version of their Women's Super Solids Bandeaukini Swim top is also available in black and a medium pink. It provides molded cups with removable straps.

This color is down to sizes 16W and 24W, but the swim brief it is shown with is available in all sizes. The dual tiered swim skirt in this color is available in sizes 18W to 24W.

Their Macrame Banded Triangle Tankini top is available in all sizes and provides adjustable cross-back straps and non-removable cups

They have a variety of black swim bottoms to go with these tankini tops.

Their Super Solids Ruffle Tankini tops are also available in a medium blue and provide removable cups.
Although not mentioned in the description, a close view of the backs of these at Swimsuits Direct shows these straps as adjustable!
The ruffle does not continue onto the back in this swim top style.
In this color these are available in sizes 18W to 24W.

A couple of Swim Skirt Too

I like their swim skirts I found at Swimsuits Direct and wanted to show them here too.
While this particular tiered tankini top is sold out at Swimsuits Direct, but they have some solid tiered tankini tops. This cute swim skirt is still available in sizes 16W and 20W to 24W.
Also, Amazon has some of their print tiered tankini tops!
These swim skirts have two tiers front and back, to a pretty effect!

Here is a picture of just the swim skirt! These are also available, listed separately, in a medium blue and pink!

Their side tie swim skirt is available in sizes 18W to 24W! 

They also have more print styles in Cole of California Plus Swimwear at Swimsuits Direct.



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