Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Blouson and other Miraclesuit Swimsuits for Less

Having recently done a post about best-selling blouson tops, I was surprised to come across this Miraclesuit blouson one piece. As Miraclesuit is pricey, I also tried another approach, different than the one on my Miraclesuit page, approach to their full figure swimwear at eBay stores. Today I found 134 of these, starting at $22, (swim briefs), $22 tankini tops and $42 one piece swimsuits using this Women's Miraclesuit Swimwear New with Tags at eBay stores link and finding mostly actual Women’s sizes with it!

Miraclesuit Blouson One Piece Bathing Suits

If you click on its pictures you will find it too new for reviews and available in sizes 10 – 18, for $144. It is prices like these that make me look for styles new with tags at eBay stores.
That said, I have purchased and returned and exchanged bras over the years from Her Room without the slightest problem.
This swimsuit above provides:
  • Lightly padded hidden contour cups and non-adjustable straps for bust suppport
  • Of course it has Miraclesuit’s Miratex lining with 3Xs the control power of normal swimwear
  • Except this time it is modestly, or more loosely, hidden by the faux blouson top part of this swimwear style
  • This swimsuit’s drop-waist also elegantly elongates your torso! 
 I think the latter is one of the best features of the blouson style swimsuit or tankini tops!

About Miraclesuit at Her Room

Her Room, unlike Always for Me, only seems to have Miraclesuit swimwear in sizes without the W after them. I do not know if this makes much of a difference, but Miraclesuit Plus Size Swimwear at Always for Me tends to be available in sizes 16W to 24W.

This fauxkini, (looks like a tankini), shown above is one of the 17 Miraclesuit swimwear styles Her Room has currently that they consider to be full figure.

Both stores currently have some Miraclesuit with soft cup and some underwire styles. Both only have one piece Miraclesuit swimsuits in full figure sizes.

How I normally Shop eBay to Save

What I normally do with bras is find the style and size perfect for me at stores like Her Room for the first one. Then try to find more of the same, or similar, New with Tags, at eBay stores. This method has worked beautifully for me!

The eBay link shows Miraclesuit swim separates:
  • Tankini Tops
  • Swim Briefs
  • Swim Skirts 
 as well as one piece styles.
The way I have the page that link goes to set up it will show the lowest prices, including the shipping, first!

I always though, since I first became aware of Miraclesuit, that many women would enjoy the support and styling of their swimwear. The reviews at Always for Me of their swimwear styles say I was apparently correct.

The Price, however, can be a bit much and I am glad we can find their swimwear for less at eBay stores!


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