Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Elomi Kissimmee Swimwear, some on Sale

I am finding Elomi’s Kissimmee underwire bikini tops and adjustable swim briefs on sale at Her Room, but in limited sizes…

Her Room has a few other Elomi swimwear styles on sale, but in even less sizes.

While these styles are not on sale at Bigger Bras, they do seem to have them in most sizes, and a nice discount, near the top left side of their pages: Elomi Swimwear at Bigger Bras!

Kissimmee Swimwear on sale

5/28/16 Update: This is just a picture, but you can use this New Swimwear Arrivals at HerRoom. One Piece, Two Piece, Plus Size and more link, where currently you can find it under Bra-Sized Swimsuits in Swim at Her Room. Now, (May 2016), full price 36 to 40E to HH, 42DD to HH and 44DD to H, in black as well as sky blue, a paler blue than this one below.

The swim briefs pictured are on sale for $55 and available in sizes L, 3X, 4X and 5X.

I actually looked at Elomi Kissimmee swimwear at eBay stores, and find the prices not much better than Bigger Bras…

Looks like this beautiful swimwear line is going to become harder to find…

I do like that Elomi has made the move from swim bras to wear under a tankini to actual bikini tops and bottoms!



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