Sunday, January 3, 2016

New 2016 Beach Belle Swimwear

In size ranges 10 to 24 - 26 and 26 to size 34!

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Not only that, I am finding new Tropiculture swimwear, Swim Sexy bikini styles, even Swim 365, (like their Swim 365 26-34 Black/Mint Skirtini Swim Set which also comes in the 14 to 24 size range!), which is in with Beach Belle under Classic Collection and new at S4A.

Here is a look at some of these new swimwear styles in sizes 10 to 26 and some in sizes 26 to 34 now at S4A too!

2016 Beach Belle Tankini swimwear styles

This is their new Morning Glory tankini top in a Cargo Shortini swim suit. If you click on this picture of it below you will find it in our choice tankini top sizes 10 to 24 and cargo swim short sizes 10 to 26.

This tankini top style is also available as a regular shortini, skirtini and just the tankini top.

These swimsuits, and tankini tops are also available in the 26 to 34 size range, as are some of the new blouson tankini swimwear and other styles now by Beach Belle!

 Beach Belle Morning Glory Cargo Shortini 

Their Sago Flared tankini style below also comes in top sizes 10 to 24 and swim briefs 10 to 26. This Sago print also is available in a regular and cargo shortini, skirtini and just the tankini top.

 Beach Belle Sago Flared Tankini 

So far I have not seen this particular print as a size 26 to 34 size range style…

However this mixed print Hesper blouson skirtini style below comes in both size ranges!

 Beach Belle 26-34 Hesper Blouson Skirtini 

These are just a few of the new 2016 Beach Belle tankini swimwear styles available, (for less!), currently at S4A.

Enjoy the extra discount soon!



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